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Escape from Tarkov meets Space? Let’s dive in!
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  1. Has Doc finally found a new game he likes?!? Seems like it..

  2. The Cycle is basically Deep Rock Galactic, but PvP.

  3. HOWDY! I wanna see Doc play some Hunt Duos with his little friends! Come on, Z! Lupo! Lil Timmy boy!

  4. This was one of the best intros I’ve ever seen doc do

  5. How come no ones talking about how Warzones going to integrate with Vanguard and continue its battle pass and seasons through Vanguard?? @Dr.DisRespect We need the insider scoop.

  6. ITS NOT AIM ASSIST DOC! Its called cronus or a hack. Dont be part of the problem by not calling them out. CALL THEM OUT … and that includes Z.

  7. Been waiting on my cycle key for a week? Ball tease. I guess I’m not special lol at this point I would literally pay someone for a key 😝

  8. An outro amongst outros. I can honestly say, as a grown man, it takes me back to how PeeWee's playhouse used to make me feel as that show wrapped up that Saturday morning's cartoon lineup lol. That rocket powered scooter was everything lol. Oh to be a kid again 😢

  9. Love from Paranormal In The Funhouse tv series from network paraflixx

  10. Doc goes to war over mobile games, ends up getting a skin in a mobile game haha, NOBODY does it better

  11. Only the select chosen will receive beta access to the cycle lol. These are the same people allowed in the apocalypse bunkers -and the ones who will be given boarding access to the space exodus flights that leave a dying earth for their mars colony. You’re not invited.

  12. I have lost just over 62lbs. since March. And yes.. it feels INCREDIBLE!!

  13. What’s the name of the song in the beginning of the stream??

  14. Dealer inventory looks like a straight rip off from destiny.

  15. Doc it already made its only going to GROW from here brother aint no stopping it

  16. hopefully he graduates from his elementary game warzone and plays a real sim squad styled game.

  17. I legit had a huge problem with nightmares from that same movie when i was younger. Jeeeez. Thanks for the thumbnail 😂

  18. Game music sounds like they took a lot of inspiration from FarCry 5

  19. Doc I dare u to play controller with aim assist off 😄

  20. Enjoyed watching you and lupo today! Y’all a great duo , especially on games like tarkov and cycle here. Really enjoyed watching u play this doc, cycle is very interesting! Fun watching
    Lupo is a awesome dude and teammate 💪🏻

    Dope game play and song at 3:32:30 epic!

  21. LONG days and HARD work at RAM ranch says:

    Oh man can't wait to see what he thinks of the audio, I'm loving it

  22. Love it, Warzone deleted… can’t wait to see him back on it next week

  23. Doc shreds! His awareness and comprehension is second to none! No one does it like the Doc!

  24. Doc keeping the Doctober entry on the screen while talking to Timmy is funny AF!!…

  25. Dr. Disrespect. Sir! I am doing this ONLY for the club outta respect NOT RECOGNITION for the love of what you have created. Not to be FAMOUS!!!! VSM is INDEEED a way of life for most of us. I just want to add my knowledge and expertise to the culture you have given us all! THATS why Ive made VSM OG! My infamy has been delieverd the min the S1 was born and successfully flowered! And for all the growmies she is COMPLETELY stable! And one smooth smoke!


  27. 5:26:50  Doc you aren't made for warzone this game is made for pro players like zlaner. Doc you are a dumb player

  28. Aim Assist should be illegal. There shouldn't be console fps at all, Halo ruined the genre.

  29. Honestly this game has me interested! Waiting for a beta invite. It just seems like endless fun if the servers are somewhat populated

  30. Who’s out there stumblin’ in the dark!? State your business or prepare to get winged!

  31. Wonder why you needed Tim 🤡🤡🤡 he carried you

  32. Mixed with … chickens! …… BEST INTRO EVER!

  33. Love the Mars attacks so many people probably have no idea what it is and can't appreciate it

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