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0.001 second after Hu Tao banner release

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  1. I got her and c2 sayu in my first 10 pull (pity 60)but now i have to save up for xiao again…

  2. I got her with a single pull…I had 178 primos 😭

  3. I literally got her 5 mins after release xd

  4. Got her after just 1 day with 1 pull…….I was really lucky that day and im happy i got her

  5. В видео про геншин реклама про геншин

  6. I love how the Specialist is the go to song for banner wishes

  7. I saved up 62 wishes for hu tao and got c3 sayu, c3 thoma, diona, mona and hu tao I was so happy and i had 18 pulls left!!

  8. My first five star was hu tao! Just got her today. I won my 50/50!

  9. Lol I got thoma and hu tao my first 10 pull and then quit cause I know nothing about this game

  10. bro this is so surreal, i literally just got hu tao in a single pull
    not even a 10x pull just a single goddamn pull, it felt so unreal that i was just sitting there in shock

  11. I had the same luck but where was this luck when I wanted xiao😑

  12. My friend got her out of pure luck and I’m happy for them

  13. Are you sure you’re f2p lol the only thing ive gotten on the banner is c0 diona and nothing else : ( good luck too everyone else

  14. I got hu tao on my second try yo I'm so happy! 😀

  15. Literally me except I forgot to go to the wangsheng funeral parlour to pull

  16. I got hi Tao today and it only took 35 pulls I have no idea how but yea

  17. When you still can’t do a 10 pull for hu Tao- 💀

  18. i got her last night to C1 (didn't have her before i started playing during ayaka banner) after 140 wishes more or less and also my artifacts rolled reaaaally hot so she is now my most geared main dps. I hope i can gear my new supports (bennet and Thoma) and hopefully i can get to 3 star 12-3 soon!. Best of luck to each and everyone of you!

  19. My pulls were so similar to yours! I have this thing where I normally always get the 2 featured 4 stars and almost never the 3 one. Got Hu Tao <3, sayu and Thomas but not Diona lol.

  20. That was literally me pulling for hutao the minute she came out

  21. Y'all want to get hu tao? Watch "Info Tools Channel on how to get hu tao, I got her by following his step

  22. me who just farmed for 160 primogems so i can get 50 50 and i got her

  23. Me with 72pity but got keqing instead 😭

  24. Sadly I didn’t get her. But I got Mona instead

  25. Streamers pulls: Double five stars and the rest four star characters

    My pulls: 0:52

    i still got Hu Tao tho 🙂

  26. I actually think i was one of the first people who got her c0 on tuesday cause in my history i pulled her 18:01:43 And she released on 18 o'clock that means i was one of the first ^^

  27. the staff and thoma are all i really want ngl
    hu tao is great but her skill isnt what im looking for gl with your pulls everyone

  28. I have 17 primos, 21 pity and I got kokomi last so wish me luck even though this ain't looking too good for me-

  29. Lukyyyyyy I always try to get a character in the wishes 🥲

  30. I lost my house because hu tao c1 and staff of homa

  31. 170 pulls for c0 hutao and another 140 for homa, im crying

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