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1 good artifact = 100 pulls

GratisStatus? I haven’t heard that name in years
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Another very fun poggerz challenge in genshin impact. If I get a good artifact I have to do 100 pulls on whatever banner chat wants. get ready for part 2!


  1. is it just me or ur voice got even deeper today??

  2. Tojisfatjuicymilkycummyyummygoodtastyballs says:

    Looking for people who falls asleep to his voice

  3. What the words in red frame of ur hands?
    Is gratis or graris ?

  4. Not “Gratis” hoping to get bad artifacts- Meanwhile my Acc. having every single Pyro Character In Game and stil having no Crit Circlet 😭 HOW DID HE GET SO GOOD ARTIFACTS LIKE AHHHH

  5. ''OH NO, MY server. ITS BROKEN!''
    discord server breaking noises

  6. Farmed crimson since June. Still don’t have a decent set for klee

  7. I farmed the vv Set 2 Days and got god artifacts for 2 Characters (4Set for both Characters) jean and Sucrose

  8. You: I have very bad luck
    Me: I have a bad luck too wish get hu tao in 20th pull umm….. sorry?

  9. 6:38 What to brag about that, the question is, did you get a god artifact from it

  10. When u said no good artifact during the 1st run
    I actually did once

  11. bruh I got instantly banned for asking a question to an admin cuz I can't access the general chat or any chat at all in your server long ago

  12. So, no one can get good artifacts in this domain on thier first run?? Hmm 🤔, i got an anemo damage goblet which rolled into crit and em, and go a em sans, which rolled into crit, so… Uhm… Yeah

  13. I was farming an elemental artifact from that domain and I got a flower with it and then it ended up with 34% crit dmg at level 18 currently broke on mora so I won’t be able to level it up to 20

  14. I see, so this is how Genshin RNG works… Streamer Luck and Reverse Psychology

  15. "my luck sucks"
    Me literally with Jean and Kokomi

  16. 5:12
    "If it's a maiden artifact it's alredy counted as bad! *5 secs later..*"

    And that's how things went down.

  17. me realizing this is clickbait because there is no such thing as a good artifact.

  18. I have never seen someone so excited to get bad artifacts-

  19. That maiden headpiece was literally made for diona support

  20. gratis

    its been
    5 days

    since you still owe us
    childe (or hu tao) 100 pulls video

    gratis:f*ck off

  21. me wanting him to atleast save his primos for hu tao: cryingf

  22. By the power of math after 8 (10) pulls you shoud get a five star

  23. for rambow rolls it is the same I mean if you roll 5(10) pulls and 3(10) pulls it will stil work

  24. and for standart idk if that logic works

  25. What even is this, a genshin video or an ova kakegurui

  26. if mihoyo smells money they will do anything to get it XDD

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