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10 Weird Things In Genshin Impact – Teyvat Weird Stuff

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Some weird things i found in Genshin Impact Version 1.6
A short video, I hope you like it.

00:03 – Jean’s office.
00:28 – Aether.
00:43 – Horses in Mondstadt.
01:13 – Kids in Qingce Village.
01:42 – Overprice Glaze Lilies.
01:58 – Day night cycle in teapot.
02:31 – Weird hilichurls.
03:03 – Cooking during combat.
03:57 – Geochanter Fatui.
04:35 – Floating pillars.
05:03 – Aadelinde in Dawn Winery.

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  1. The game teaches you to Investigate instead of Stealing

  2. Okay Adeline, here's a real question. Where the f does you keep that steak? Did you keep it in your pocket?

  3. I found aether shadow in window to be a creepy thing

  4. Sorry for asking again but, what song is this? Is it from genshin? Or other?

  5. 1:57 well now in inazuma, you get to buy expensive af dandelion seeds lmao

  6. Jean's window looks more like another floor than ground floor. Going into a door doesn't mean the office is right behind the door, it might be up the stairs inside or something.

    Edit 1: The settings to change Day/Night in the teapot is for item placement only, time flows normally outside of placement.

    Edit 2: "these are perfectly normal animal steaks" … sus

  7. Hmm, maybe adelinde is like diluc assistant, as one of the comments says " diluc may kill people and adelinde just clean his mess " thats probably true and the steak that she gives to you may be a human meat??!!

  8. does anyone have more info on the adeline thing? im ok with spoiler if there are some involved

  9. no way adelinde would tell a secret room to a kid who can destroy and reconstruct a mountain

  10. traveler in the middle of a battle: hold on i need to cook a steak for my teammate
    hilichurls: 👁👄👁

  11. *Listens to Feita theme
    Ah, i see you're a man of culture as well

  12. so, the scammer that sells overpriced glaze lilies…

    back when the BP had a weekly mission to collect 100 local specialties of Mondstadt and Liyue (Inazuma didn't exist yet), I bought those glaze lilies because i was starved for specialties. I didn't have Qiqi (still don't), and Yanfei didnt exist yet, so searching for them was a flat-out pain.

    my inventory is littered with Jueyun Chilis, though. Fully ascended Xiangling, so other than cooking, they're kinda just there…

  13. That girls a cannabil (sorry I don't know how to spell🙂

  14. Is she making steaks out of guests' bodies?

  15. Yeah, kaeya is pretty good on lying, so… That's his reason to slacking off

  16. Ok so b r e a t h e s

    Adelinde is a kidnapper and she makes steaks out of guests which I have no idea if Diluc even knows, moco and hillie are talking about it cus one of them nearly encountered it and so Adelinde just gave the traveler MEAT FROM A HUMAN AaAeOOoOEUGgGhHHHH

    Also Adeline spooked me out 6:48

  17. Food over weapons heh~ also aether reflection is creepy… But I do like his belly button lol~

  18. About the horses…
    You know that not only the cavalry uses them right?

  19. Another one weird thing worth adding'd be the water in the fountain in Mondstadt (and in some place in Inazuma, but I don't remember where) not being freezable.

  20. The first weird fact is why I subconsciously thought that Jean's office was to the right from the entrance near when I started the game.

  21. I like to think that Adelinde is just Diluc's personal Assasin

  22. people suddenly disappear inside the mansion. then adelide bribe you steak so that you dont be to nosey

  23. lol the first thing that came to my mind after talking to Adelinde is that !webtoon/manga spoilers! diluc is a literal assassin and kills people around his winery during balls so he hired a maid to get rid of evidence lol

  24. 6:48 lol wtf this was not the first time I saw this. Sometimes when I am in the Dawn Winery and talk with these 2 maids, Adelinde just somehow appeared right behind or next to me several times. How can Diluc live in that place

  25. Feita ost from elsword, when the game was a normal mmorpg and not a p2w. Still a good song


  27. Holy fucking shit dude. The Feita Village theme hits me in the face. So nostalgic.

  28. A weird things in Genshin video using the BGM of Feita from Elsword…


  29. 2:35 i use those hilichurls to test DMG after upgrading something

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