$1000 worth of Eula and Albedo summons on viewer's account - Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

$1000 worth of Eula and Albedo summons on viewer’s account – Genshin Impact

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I asked my community if there’s anyone who wants me to summon on their account


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  1. I enjoy watching your summon videos. Hope to join your channel soon. More power sir.

  2. Lmao qiqi funny, when i get qiqi i will definitely main her

  3. it's somewhat refreshing to watch contents like this, since i could only afford to buy welkin moon

  4. Not the Qiqi curse being passed forward 😔 It's okay, we are all cursed at some point.

  5. Can i get primos big pp tenha? i just lose my 50/50 on eula banner. huhu

  6. Me gustan muchos tus videos Tenha, saludos!

  7. Pog content tenha, u always make me laughed watching ur videos..im happy now 😂

  8. I literally watch every single video of yours at its launch xD

  9. SO many wishes, I love your content, keep it up

  10. I just binge watch Tenha summoning while i eat lol

  11. Why do i find tenha's summoning sessions so dam satisfying/entertaining.

  12. Been following your channel since I started playing Genshin, and actually this is my first comment on your video, thanks for your work on making content on YouTube since I don't use Twitch, it's fun and I'm really enjoying your guide, showcase and others contents you made, there's a lot whale on Genshin ocean but you're my favorite one, keep swimming King.

  13. So leaving a comment will make me win giveaways….

  14. really nice video as always Tenha found you through Teccy!

  15. Hope your luck always stay up ✌️ peace man 🤗

  16. The f2p virginity part was hilarious the sound you made too funny

  17. Thanks for always creating genshin content!!! <3

  18. Welp. I like your video would love some primos. I never have whaled but I do get the welkin and battle pass

  19. So many characters to want! I'm very torn on what to do with my garuntee!!

  20. I just like to wait to end the end of the video to hear him say "adios" 💕 so Spanish

  21. Jeez Tenha's energy is just contagious, love the content keep it up man!

  22. Tenha in this vid is like Hippity Hoppity you're virginity is now my property.

  23. Since I’m at 28 pity with a 50/50 on my hands (and no luck) I’m trying to cheer myself up by watching albedo summons videos, Sad life :’D
    But great video,I always find the fact that genshin content creators wish for their viewers a super cool thing to do!

  24. no one wants him to roll for albedo/eula lol

  25. imagine getting qiqi while wishing another people to get qiqi.
    karma is real guys.

  26. I was thinking abt Albedo bt decided to skip for Ganyu. I had just gotten Hu Tao & I needed stardust so I pulled 10x… I GOT ALBEDO IN 7 WISHES. It was truly a Happy Thanksgiving lol
    (2 50/50 win in a row, I’m scared for Ganyu & I only have enough for one round T_T)

  27. Looking out for viewers on both platforms…… you are the best!!!<3

  28. All I want for Christmas is to pull Ganyu and my life will be set

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