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15 Common Mistakes You Keep Making In The Cycle – The Cycle Game

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15 Common Mistakes You Keep Making In The Cycle – The Cycle Game | Modix

These mistakes are made by almost all players. Even if you have been playing for months some of these tips will still help you! We are planning on doing one high-quality video a week and this is it! So if you do enjoy please let us know!
These are the biggest mistakes new players make in the cycle right now. Let me know if u have any questions let me know down below! Hopefully this cycle beginners guide, the cycle guide does help you!

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  1. What is the best loadout in this season?

  2. You're starting to gain subs faster, well done!

  3. Hi Modix, another great video!! You sure are improving at this!!

  4. Yo modix. If you right click on your video and click on stats for nerds you can see you have the avc codec… That's probably whats causing the pixelation in your videos. The easiest way to fix it for me is to upload all your videos in 2k resolution. YT will switch your codec to vp09 and the pixelation goes away.

  5. my guy, sometimes you pick up some shit and they tell you go put it somewhere or the tics will follow you, where's that place that i should go to in order to deposit what i'm carrying

  6. You should do a video using the Gorgon, barely see anything about that gun.

  7. Heyy I have a problem with my Map when I press TAB it is always blurred. Do you maybe know how to fix this issue? Thx in advance 🙂

  8. An important one: Newer players forgetting to use their Q/E skills

  9. Have you ever thought about doing a story mode video in sole? how to find the objectives for the story mode? just an idea.

  10. Great content my dude . Keep them going . Best stuff for the Cycle

  11. Hey Modix I just recently started playing the Cycle and I wanted to thank you for creating content for this game. It is a great game and more people should be playing it. Anyway I wanted to tell you an idea that me and my friend had for the game. Battle Royales are stressful so we thought it would be cool if there was a squad mode that was only mobs but the mobs were really hard to fight, like had double health and did double damage or something. It’s just like the normal game just without other players. I think it would be a good way to practice for normal matches and also do some stress relief. I think this would be a good video idea too if you wanted to flesh the idea out a little more you could talk about the possibility of a mode like this. Thanks!

  12. Also guys remember, you can use "n" to ping enemies for your teammates and "v" to access a number of different callouts. Also, if you place a marker on the map, your team sees it too! Use them please 😛

  13. Very good video Brother
    the truth served me

    Muy buen video amigo
    la verdad me sirvio muchisimo

  14. I generally agree with this video, apart from one thing. Getting your 200 weapon is NOT that vital to your success. For instance, I like to play with high risk-and-reward style. I usually start my match by getting a 100 crystal, and then rushing the nearest big objective (drill, zeal, uplink, drones), motsly the white velticite vein I love the white velticite. Not only do you get credits from contracts, but if you start the outer crystals, you can farm mobs, and get your 500 or even 800 in the first minutes of the game. On the other side, we always have one person running around the area, to collect smaller crystals, but also to watch out for enemy players. It they see some engaging us, we buy our 200 weapons. I think its not a good thing to buy your 200 just for PvE, but rather have it as a plan B if you get into PvP early in-game.

  15. The amount of people who attack me early game with a Pistol is shocking. I've got a Flachette Gun… don't charge me with a Pistol when I have a Flachette Gun.

  16. Constant self promotion is cringe as fuck, nice vid otherwise.

  17. Man I haven't played yet but I wanted to really use the pacting mechanic. I thought that is was a really cool idea.

  18. This games kinda fun I just started playing it today.

  19. Been playing for the last week the game…NONE i mean NONE of my companions except the one i went on discord USE the DAMN VOICE CHAT! or ANY CHAT!

  20. Someone can say to me now much GBs of free space does It take?

  21. Pacting in solos isnt negative. But I wouldnt pact mid to late game. If your pact mate early on is trash, dump the pact after you've created distance between the two of you.

    I end my games with anywhere between 320-370 vp almost every game. The trick is to open your map when you're pod is descending. Prioritize a route, making subtle changes depending on prospector prescense. As soon as your pod opens, kill all enemy mobs in the immediate area, then proceed to the closest mining point. When finished you'll have leveled your suit twice and should be able to afford your 200 cost weapon. Make sure you UPGRADE your weapons in the shop also! That extra dmg really help clearing mobs early on until you can afford your turret. Avoid shotguns on solos. Make sure you purchase mods for your favorite weapons in the hub after a match. Mid game you should be zooming around on your vehicle with your turret and 200 cost weapon fully upgraded. Pick a hotspot like a power generator and clear things in its area like gas, mining and dont forget to look for credits and chests in the camps. glhf prospectors

  22. i keep crashing also how do i equip my knifes?

  23. thanks fr the tutorial because i am installing the game right now

  24. waht are the rules of solos in this game?

  25. So I’m kinda confused about voice chat and how it works I don’t really know if my voice chat works or if it just doesn’t have voice chat but I keep hearing voices during my games which led me to this question

  26. hey I like this game a lot and I wanted to get in the discord server but Im not able to get the link.

  27. Lol I never pact. Having shield makes a BIG difference

  28. Modix what is up with the gameplay your aim is horrible dude.

  29. i just started this game but I end up getting killed a lot when im very close to the evacuation ship

  30. I personally have found that pacting can help you get a higher place and help you in pvp

  31. i think that number 11 is wrong becuase it higly demands on your team when its time to go to the evac and if ther is an cycle spike i would recomend to take the spike instead of the evyc zone especialy when you have wiped out most players in the lobby and still have your respawn because the u can split out and gain a lot of points in like the last 3 or 4 minutes

  32. love the video! i just started out in the cycle and these helped out a lot. thanks!

  33. To bad i cant play because the matchmaking is broken for new players

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