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15 Unexpected Facts About Genshin Impact

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15 Unexpected Facts In Genshin Impact (v1.6)
A short video for those who are waiting for Inazuma, only 12 hours left.

00:03 – Time in Genshin Impact.
00:39 – Double rainbow in Genshin Impact.
01:10 – AD
02:41 – Hidden sitting place.
03:01 – Sitting sound effect in Genshin Impact.
03:24 – The Gateway Of Celestia.
03:51 – Nelson’s little “balls”.
04:25 – Small slimes’ behavior.
05:13 – Hydro Slime and Wet status in Genshin Impact.
06:00 – Nonsters’ sound in Genshin Impact.
07:10 – Unusual Hilichurl despawn.
07:50 – Oceanid’s whirlpool.
08:35 – The best Traveler’s dialogue in Genshin Impact.
09:19 – Ganyu’s Elemental Burst
09:48 – Hidden heart in Golden Apple Archipelago.
10:24 – Genshin Impact Map designer mistake.

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  1. oh. nice Temple of Time bgm you got in the first sec of the video, insta subbed

  2. Omg the maple story music brings back memories….

  3. If those Monsters in Genshin Monsters have human voices that are just slowed down then it really is true when our twin stated that Khaenri’ah’s people turned into monsters of the abyss. It’s quite sad and terrifying to know how the attention is brought even to the sounds.

  4. Just like the opposite of Ganyu, Diluc's elemental burst will change dark sky or rains to change into normal weather during the duration of the burst. Anyone can double confirms this.

  5. pls dont call the children characters “lolis” as they are actually children and not adults acting like one

  6. soft music going on, suddenly RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  7. Yeah the first fact, i did notice because i put off going to mond right away

  8. Where is the cliff where you can see the wind streaks?

  9. Was the cliff sitting place patched in 2.0? I can't find it for my life, even the cliffs look different


  11. 3:54 thats shockingly rare, considering like over 90 something percent of all calico cats are female

  12. I’m not sure but that one dog in Monstadt has a sound of people’s panting instead of actual dog’s breathing sound😂

  13. >In the start of the game, time is stopped

    We all thought about the same thing didnt we

  14. Nelson doesnt have balls in-game… Thats nuts

  15. I just realized that the Unsual Hilichurl sometimes throw HOMU toys at us! (the yellow stuff toy) Now that's a Honkai Crossover!

  16. Did the unusual hillichurl throw a HOMU???

  17. What is the name of the song tho??? This is so pretty

  18. 3:04 the world loli is literally associated with the word p*dophilia and many japanese ppl have stated that its a p*dophilic term. im so done with this fandom.

  19. peaceful music. abrupt cringe commercial. next.

  20. The Oceanid thing happened to me in the early game! I was so scared that it's her usual attack and I'm just stupid and don't know what to do with it…

  21. This game is so beautiful man. I could cry…

    the scenery of course I'm talking about

  22. who’s lawachurl’s voice acter

  23. Maybe at the end of the game we get to go in celestia if we sit on venti's statue's hands

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