2.0-2.3 Inazuma Banners! + Release Dates | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

2.0-2.3 Inazuma Banners! + Release Dates | Genshin Impact

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  1. Nixo should do an ASMR video and I'll watch it. Love that voice mann

  2. I'm getting yoimiya on 2.0 and la signora and baal TvT

  3. Nah I like the difficulty so far. You don't want it to be too hard because then it's harder to get those free primogems.

  4. Please tell me xiao is coming 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. The video was so serious then nearing the end XD

  6. don’t you mean tohma? who is Tohama? lmao

  7. We won't get Baal until the second half of Inazuma is released, since the plot is playing her up as a villain. Getting access to her story and voicelines too early would spoil the mystery of why she's hunting visions, sticking them in an idol and not giving out Electro powers anymore. We got Venti right away because we learned who he was really early, and we got Zhongli because his voice lines and story did not spoil his plans with the Fatui and faking his death. But Baal is too complicated. We will get her after we have unlocked the capitol and main islands.

  8. I am sorry my ayaka but..I am broke rn and ur coming out early so see u in ur rerun

  9. I don’t think Ayaka is first though. MHY has been following the cycle of Pyro->Cryo->Pyro->…since the start of the game
    Klee -> Diona -> Xinyan -> Ganyu -> Hu Tao -> Rosaria -> Yanfei -> Eula
    Last is Eula (Cryo), so according to the cycle, Yoimiya will be next.
    But of course, MHY can change the order of the cycle.

  10. I just want hu tao. When her banner ended I started genshin ;-;

  11. i just sneezed like a beast send help says:

    im getting used to hearing nox say toe hammer and sacramouche 😭

  12. Pretty sure ayaka is coming second banner she is main char and yoimiya is like side Charakter u knq

  13. I was saving for ganyu. But she will take soo long that I think I can summon for someone before and still pull her .. I THINK … should I summon and who should I summon for

  14. Thoma is a 4 star pyro polearm not a 5 star…?

  15. If they want Inazuma to last longer then they should just release it in the next 5 years or so. lmao

  16. So Baals not anytime soon? good gives me more time to save for her

  17. Wow, waiting for Albedo is going to be ✨pain✨

  18. u are the only one who saying that Ayaka will be first other leakers admit that she will be second….

  19. Pretty cool i want to spend more time playing genshin and i think its not gonna be as hard as you are saying well at least for me lol

  20. I wanted baal but now I heard about la singora 😓 I want both

  21. when do you think Scaramouche will come? I think he will play a big part in taking Baal's gnosis since he is part of the Fatui and he has a lot of past relationship and lore with Baal

  22. Wait so ayaka will be the first banner?

  23. Well is hu tao going to get a rerun or nah?

  24. is it confirmed who is coming first though ayaka or yoimiya? x-x

  25. I watch leaks quite a lot, so I'm not against them. But why should mihoyo show any remorse for leakers and not kill their content asap

  26. so ayaka banner comes first is confirmed? how about her joining standard banner later on? is it confirmed too?

  27. I highly doubt Inazuma is going to be as hard as people speculate. If it's the case then tons of people will just drop the game altogether. Especially those who waited for content and are faced with ridiculous challange, yeah they will simply leave the game. Not saying that challange is a bad thing, just that it needs to be balanced. You can't crank the level of difficulty to 100 while it was barely reaching 20. Also there isn't as much whales as people think there is.
    Let's not forget that a huge part of the community is already treating the game as a side one, which means that it will be easier for people to drop it.

  28. why do I hear every time you say basically I heard Basi klee instead

  29. bruh your video is so misleading.. you literally saying a different thing in every video .. idk which one to believe

  30. 0:52 new banners!
    3:51 update release times
    4:10 character release dates (what u all want)
    6:15 new inazuma new with how hard it is to explore

    most of this is to help the F2P to prep for there fave characters! hope this helps and remember to leave a like if it did

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