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miHoYo releases the livestream for 2.1 showcasing new bosses like Signora, Electro, Hydro Hypostasis. New events like 10 free Intertwined Fates, free 5-star character (Aloy , bow user). Along with the update introduces Kujou Sara, Baal, Kokomi and two new islands – Watatsumi being one of them

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📌 Timestamps 📌

00:00 | Intro
01:50 | Fish Claymore
02:07 | Events
03:06 | Baal Showcase
05:07 | Kokomi Showcase
05:51 | Kujou Sara Showcase
07:23 | Banner Order
07:42 | Two New Islands
08:27 | New Bosses
10:10 | ALOY

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  1. Yep, this one of huge update ever, because they added fishing mechanic.


  3. What misinformation about Aloy? MiHoYo themselves posted this info few weeks ago that it's 2.1-2.2 for PS and 2.2-2.3 for the rest. If people are that dense that they can't read that's on them xD

  4. lets goo im gonna get whipped by signora

  5. You should watch the English one, it was more hype because of the dialogue.

  6. jokes imma use all my stance changing bow characters, yoimiya, childe and aloy and ofc bennet because why not

  7. I love Envi reaction when they showcasing electro Oceanid.

  8. For the Signora fight, it does make sense…Childe is obviously hydro, yet he transforms into electro at a certain point into his fight(which is the opposite element to his original). So, Signora, who is obviously cryo, if she goes into a pyro stage during a second and/or third stage of her fight, it makes perfect sense as it is the same as the Childe boss fight

  9. I hope I lose 50-50 if I get a 5 star pulling for Sara so I can guaranteed Kokomi.

  10. Envi i dnt know if you realize it but most of your viewers are english speaking… So it would be grt if you could give reactions to EN livestream rather than competing with other content creators and rushing off to cover CN livestream to see who can give the reactions first… You yourself dnt understand chinese i bet so what's the point?? The streams should be enjoyed rather than knowing the contents only

  11. Resetting the first time buyers bonus was literally the best move mihoyo could've made to separate me from my money, I'm honestly impressed.
    50 wishes for $100, that's BS and I'd never buy that rip off, but 80 wishes for $100, I'm much more ok with that, even if it's still a pretty big rip off in reality.

  12. Honkai players are more excited about Kiana(tuna sword)

  13. wish me luck for baal's 50/50
    and i wish u all luck too 😀

  14. Okay kujou sara is a tengu .. A japanese mythical creature .. Like
    Yokai something

  15. Xiao bankai= anemo pressure goes brrrrr
    Baal bankai = short but empress pressure is overwhelming
    Next bankai = who??
    Edit: the first low key bankai is noelle😅

  16. So will you be wishing for raiden shogun/baal

  17. why is there no mention about free polearm "the catch" in livestream?

  18. even though you barely got time to talk during the livestream it was still funny as hell to see you react lmaoo

    also im very impressed with how fast you edited this on stream lol

  19. Im just a guy who has a naughty grandma profile says:

    Finally i can have a harem for my razor, fischl baal lisa and diona(fbi open up).

  20. "She looks simple enough" 😂😂 famous last words

  21. I wish you all luck! But i know i won't get them TwT

  22. 1:51
    enviosity : OMG it's a fish claymore!
    community : lol so cool he's excited

    Tectone : "Fuckin fake trash reaction"

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  24. now i regret wishing for yoimiya after seeing baal

  25. Meanwhile Traveler using the OP dull blade


    Me: Hehe more bp exp

  27. Wait did he actually not see the leaks or just pretending that he didn't see the leaks

  28. I screamed so much when I saw la signora and scaramouche finally I get to see harbingers again and damn there laughs are so evil but sexy 😆

  29. I’m actually super excited to take on Thundernid, Hydrostasis and the literal Crimson Witch in 2.1.
    Let’s do this!

  30. this is just my opinion

    signora fail to take baal gnosis because traveler stop her. after traveler defeat signora, scaramouche come to save her.
    – why i think signora fail to take baal gnosis? because in the live stream they mention that baal using her gnosis, that means she still have her gnosis
    – why i think scaramouche saves signora? because in the last story pv it feels like scara is in the same area where we fight against signora

  31. Mihoyo fixing electro by making it look cooler.

  32. Sometimes I wish i can understand and feel what so called "genuine" reaction during every livestream just like what envi felt, but it's impossible for me to felt that even tho i try my best to not look at the leaks and spoilers, but they're are EVERYWHERE. if i really wanna avoid the leaks, i need to get the f off from entire internet ;w;

  33. Everyone Gangsta until Tabibito fought Raikiri again and used his special move "Itto Shura"! 😏😏

    Oops wrong anime 😂

  34. I am honestly hyped for this update for a very specific reason : PAYOFFS. The story of Genshin Impact so far has been mostly build up towards far away payoffs that hardly ever materialize. Of the many many plot threads that have been sown thus far, only 2 have been resolved (not counting side quests) : 1. We solved the crisis in Mondsdath by purifying Dvalin of his abyssal corruption. 2. We adverted the destruction of Liyue Harbor and foiled Childe's plans, as well as defeated him in single combat. That's pretty much it. Oh and I guess we allowed Zhongli to retire. That's it. Everything else has been set up and more set up.

    Let's see, what about the UNRESOLVED plot threads? There are so many, but let's just list those here that might get resolved in this update :

    – Venti got his Gnosis sucker punched out of him by Signora. Now we get to avenge him, maybe. Probably won't get the gnosis back but we're probably defeating Signora, which is a big step up for our humble traveller who was helpless to stop her back in Mondsdath.
    – "The stars are a lie." – Scaramouche. We get to meet Scaramouche again. Perhaps we'll learn more about his cryptic revelation? Or maybe he's just here to save Signora's plump and sexy defeated butt at the last second before we deliver the coup de grace.
    – Ongoing civil war between the Raiden Shogun's forces and Sangonomiya. That is probably getting resolved by the end of 2.1.
    – Kazuha's quest to revive his friend's vision. Also he's gonna spar with the Shogun at least briefly here. Hopefully he doesn't die.
    – The matter of Baal's mental state. Yae hinted at this during 2.0, and the "Eternal Euthymia" title of 2.0 was also a hint, but I don't think Baal's completely stable. Or rather the problem might be that she is TOO stable. Unchanging, unable to evolve past her obsession for eternity, trapped in a mental cage of her own making. We're probably solving that as well.

    Now I don't know about you, but that's a lot of story progression for one update. I'm here predominantly for the story in the end, so this will probably be my favorite update so far and for a while to come. The climax of the Inazuma arc of the story!

  35. Me when I see Fandango 'SKY IS FAKE' man:

  36. Genshin:*updates*

  37. It was lightning bat that also resembles the oceanid.

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