2.2 Tier List (Featuring Mtashed) Spiral Abyss 36 Star Ranking for Most Used Char | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

2.2 Tier List (Featuring Mtashed) Spiral Abyss 36 Star Ranking for Most Used Char | Genshin Impact

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  1. I wonder what Beidou's ranking was before Raiden Shogun came out. I imagine she's gone down a lot because of their ults not working together.

  2. I haven't used Beidou since Raiden Shogun came out sadge.

  3. My over world team is the most used
    in abys 😆.

  4. Ok now i get it.. why Beidou is so low here.
    Because 90% of the people who done abyss with 36 stars are using Raiden, and Raiden do not work with Beidou. So it speaks alot when it comes to data.

  5. Remember people were saying Kazuha is budget Venti

  6. I am surprised Raiden is that high. Everything else is somewhat expected.

  7. Love seeing people unwilling to accept facts. These characters ar most used for a reason. I’m looking at you Kazuha slandercucks🥰

  8. Since my characters are all cracked, Im pretty sure I can 36 star the abyss always despite it changing. Time to focus on aesthetics I guess

  9. What i dont like about this tier list is a lot of people dont have those chars

  10. Wait what? Razor nobody uses? He is my second team dps in spiral and he is very strong and dude i Chichi excels in healing bro and yes she sucks in all other aspects

  11. hmm…kinda makes sense why klee is lower most likely because of her clunky gameplay.
    i liked this tierlist.

  12. Thats a very big word saying "Objective" very interesting..usage rate doesnt mean how valuable a character is just food thought😉

  13. Diluc is very under used. He's still amazing in the spiral abyss, with numbers comparable to yoimiya. His Pyro application is also insane with him having 3 hits in his elemental skill and burst only being 40 energy cost

  14. This just show how few people actually do abyss, kazuha one of the lowest revenue banner is the most used character

  15. Hah funny cuz all the characters I use in abyss r from the no use or niche categories

  16. 4% people not using Kazuha be like

    Difficulty mode hard core

  17. I used Ningguang in abyss she's my main carry(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ got 36 stars too.

  18. The fact that i have all the characters in the most used bracket and still unable to clear 36 star abyss


  19. Taser OP haha it saves u so much resources too

  20. abyss pickrates have a lot of bias and mostly are just used to verify opinions, not as the proof itself. among these bias include self-selection bias, bias towards newer characters, bias towards copy / paste popular teams, bias against characters that are in a crowded niche, and bias towards accessible characters. it really isnt something you should use as an indication of strictly just power for characters.

    Also, that abyss data is given in a team format, so stripping characters to judge them as individuals is a super lossy conversion. Genshin is a team game. Characters are stronger or weaker based off of what teams your account can play. Investment matters too, particularly cons/weapons. And tier lists in general lack nuance- everyones account is super different, so a tier list that assumes you own most characters will always be misleading. Case & point is Kazuha vs Sucrose. Sure. Id say Kazuha is better (most of the time), but if you dont own him, Sucrose should absolutely not be that low on this list. Shes an excellent character. Shes just picked less due to a cramped niche.

  21. baal was somewhat underrated at first but now i have absolutely no regrets pulling for her

  22. I think this is a more practical way of showing hey these characters are up there among the best so if you want to 36 star abyss make sure to build these if you have them.

  23. Kinda surprise that raiden is that high considering how much shit she get from the community.

  24. For me Sence I only have one Kazuha and one Ei I need to save for both of their future banners. I need their c2s and c1s. After I get Ganyu and Yai Miko of course.

  25. Why ningg so low ;-; (i do know why, as a main ningguang, i know flaws, but i like her so much)

  26. Makes sense that those characters are at the bottom if the list only considers 36* clears. I feel like there's gonna be significant changes if the criteria is only 12-3 clears

  27. Aren't these the percentage of usage per owner? So free character like beidou and kaeya are gonna be very low just bc people have them but don't use them and this is why albedo and kokomi are so high. It doesn't make sense that 96% of people have kazuha, most people don't have him actually.

  28. I wonder how the numbers would change if everyone had all the characters. I think eula banner wasn't as popular so not many people have her, hence why the numbers are lower.

  29. 2:56 this isnt based on all floor like 9 to 12
    This data based on floor 12 only
    And only data based on *9 floor 12

  30. How can Kazuha be most used character when he was one of most skipped banners in the game? Seems sus.

  31. The following variables also affect character usages:
    Availability – Days since introduced
    Weapon availability – How many people actually have the weapon for that character, even F2P weapons requires to be built and different weapon have different ascension materials. Different materials drop from different mobs, some easier than others to farm.
    Artifact availability – Not all artifact sets are equal, and difficulty to farm varies. Also, some domains are newer than others so most players may not have a proper set yet.
    Character ascension – Different bosses, different difficulty.
    Weekly boss for talents upgrades – Same as above.

    As such, usage rate in abyss doesn’t mean anything in terms of how usable a character is to any particular player.

  32. It should be noted that characters that are free are in a way underrated here because everyone has them, including people that don’t actually care for them, whereas people only pull for limited 5 stars if they actually want to play them. So the fact that Xiangling is at 73% despite this is kinda crazy high

  33. Remember that the userates are of the people that have the character.

  34. A part of that 9.99-0 who used Qiqi and got 36*

  35. Oh no mama ning is very underated. I pair it with zhongli and it literally have a very high dps on flor 12 on par with baal national team on my account.

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