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2.3 Leaks Fix a MASSIVE PROBLEM in Genshin Impact

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2.3 leaks could change EVERYTHING for Genshin Impact!


  1. I just want a end game man. I hate "running out of content"

  2. I always thought Mtashed & Moga are the same person.

  3. There is a leak for 2 artifacts set
    1 is for kokomi with 2pc healing bonus and 4pc set corrosion dmg
    And the 1 is for itto
    With 2pc and 4pc def%

  4. this is great and all but i still cant use Beido and Raiden Shogun together…..

  5. I would love to have Def set for my Albedo and Noelle

  6. I actually sad cause i started farming heart of depth set for like 2 weeks for decent artis kokomi just to learn that they are releasing a domain which gives you a really good effect for her which will give you damage for the amount of heal you do, like why now when i already have a good set for her, now i have to do it again

  7. Even if they would release a sword with def% scaling, i really am not sure if i would want to sacrifice my crit raze/crit dmg coming from the 3star weapon – wouldnt that be a greater loss in terms if actual dps for albedo?

  8. Mtashed posting leaks! Sweet, giving encouragement to play

  9. The casual chair spin lol. You are a god. God bless they are finally helping my day one 5 star Albedo.

  10. Kokomi new artifact all negative stat become positive.

  11. I heard albedo will have another event sword for us, def??🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. maybe theres also an artifac fix for kokomi or for some other healers, as a way to deal good dmg while healing, wink wink

  13. Lmao na it’s all good tell us the leaks Genshin hates you it’s not like they would be watching you

  14. Me seeing leaks of Itto's required materials: FUC* YEAH!!! >:D
    Me seeing leaks of Itto's gaameplay: FUC* NO!!! D:<

  15. How can you get into trouble for leaking things that are already leaked…

  16. So I know we are getting artifact set with Def 2pcs and healing set for kokomi.
    Albedo is 2.3?
    New sword for him is coming out?
    Will Gorou be on Albedo banner?

  17. Every time I see someone show off their R5 Festering Desire, I die a little on the inside… regretting that I haven't yet been playing Genshin Impact when the Chalk Prince event was around… I want this sword BADLY, but mihoyo had the genius idea to lock it behind a limited-time event and I hate it. I'm lacking in good swords, so that sword would be a godsend for my team! I really hope they bring it back somehow in the future… which brings me to the problem with that rumored upcoming DEF-scaling sword for Albedo. It's gonna be limited again and if you miss it, tough luck! That's why I love what they did with "The Catch" making it available permanent to get and R5'ing it, instead of tying it to the Fishing event that can be missable again…

  18. man it would b so weird if Gorro scales with defense 2, either way, please Mihoyo 4 the love of god don't do what the leaks r saying. if u have any intelligence or sanity left, a grim prospect given the current banner, u will not fuck up again with Albedo. seriously, his first run was just after Zhongli, the god dam archon of his element and they play a very similar role in teams so that was 1 of their biggest fuck ups with the banners. if they do this again with another power creeping popular geo unit completing with Albedo it will ruin the viability of their sales figures 4 comparison even more because, news flash, this new def set is 4 Ito who scales off defense so people r less likely 2 gamble on 2 5 stars of the same element and same niche stat scaling forcing them 2 farm this new set at least twice, 3 if they r Noelle mains but ya she's the 1 getting power crept this time so. i'd have said it was 1 of their biggest fuck up in the game in general but then anniversary happened along with other recent drama.

  19. Albedo's new free weapon is confirmed, but its not automatically gonna be his BiS..if anything barely at R5. Depends on your build from your artifacts. So Albedo at Lvl 90 has 876 DEF. Sword stat is 69% of Def…so 876 x .69 =604. So my 2200 def Albedo will now have 2800. Sword passive is E is increased by 80% "of DEF". So if it's anything like kokomi's donut, this weapon's passive will add 2,240 flat dmg to my E ticks. With this weapon, I gotta lose my def% circlet for a crit rate circlet. With Harbinger of Dawn, I get both crit stats, and I keep my def. % circlet. You're gonna be trading multiplicative crit stats for additive flat dmg..it can go either way. Food for thought.

  20. I’m a albedo main and I’m f2p so it’s really a bitter sweet about the sword like (if he does get a weapon 😉) it’s not like I could get it especially with how bad the weapon banner is hopefully he will get a 4 star sword that will be good for him so I don’t feel as forced to try to get it

  21. My luck is so bad that i got 1 constellation for childe in 50 pull 🥲

  22. The 'rou' in Gorou is a long 'o' vowel in Japanese, not a 'ou' as in English. So it's not Go-rue, it's Go-rOH. The 'tt' in Itto is a long, hard /t/ consonant, so it's it-TOH', not 'iddo' in the typical flapped t North Americans pronounce. Sorry for being pedantic.

  23. Why nobody talking about queen noele. She's geo queen.

  24. for what min max??? this game is stupid easy and no content with rewards

  25. this is technically a wink wink mtashed video XD

  26. Disappointed with itto in-game model it's just the same body type with zhongli not buff at all like his splash art

  27. Imagine if all Genshin Impact content creators do leaks like this, stingy Mihoyo would be pissed.😂😂

  28. actually meta wise mona would use 4 piece noblesse because shes just a support not the damage dealer. They put thrilling tales on her too.

  29. they should've turned kitain cross spear substats into hp and my shield bot zhongli would be happy

  30. I can't wait for competitors for Genshin to come out… so Mihoyo can actually step up their work.

  31. The new artifact and new sword LITERALLY INCREASES ALBEDO'S DAMAGE BY LIKE 150%

  32. Not on topic, but I got banned from the Discord since I hilariously guessed the 2.3 banners.

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