2.4 Banners are huge, BUT do you want to pull on them tho ? | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

2.4 Banners are huge, BUT do you want to pull on them tho ? | Genshin Impact

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With the Yae Miko being drip marketed by MiHoYo at new year, you should really think carefully whether you want to pull this one or not.

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00:00 Phase 1 Character Banner
03:53 Phase 2 Character Banner
05:13 Weapon Banner
09:28 Considerations Before Pulling


Patch Version : 2.3

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  1. I am mommy collector. Next patch I have to sacrifice one mommy to get the other. To get mommy Yae miko, I have to let go mommy Shenhe. Sry cryo mommy.

  2. Why yt video recording feels so awkward on stream, but the video is actually so good. You should pay editors more

  3. Has 19 jade spears an says he's coping , earned a sub

  4. At this point I don't really want a new artifact set made for him because that would mean having to re farm all of his artifacts when he already has really good pieces and even an on set cup. A dedicated support would be amazing though. I've been running him with Albedo, Bennett and Jean and it's a bit awkward. His damage drops significantly when Bennett's burst expires or if I have to chase enemies out of it.

  5. Everyone talking about the banner and I'm just listening and can only hear the toy story videogame music in the background lol

  6. "i think you should save because Mihoyo realesed Yae"

    *Me an f2p player who is trying to find a way to get Xiao, Shenhe, Ganyu and Zhongli with little over 200 wishes plus Baal*: I Am 4 Parallel Universes Ahead Of You 🕺

  7. Bruh I'll say pull xiao then weapon banner because both of the weapon are incredibly good for xiao, xiao scales with atk extremely well, so if you can get good crit rate or crit DMG then calamity starts to out dps homa and max stacks jade.

  8. I'm gonna pull for Xiao because Anemo is my favorite element. I just hate electro characters I dont know why, I have Raiden still at level 20 and the only electro character that is kind of built is Beidou so I am going to skip Yae miko for sure

  9. I think Yae could come with Venti Banner, and Raiden probably be on Second Half with Yoimiya.

  10. mr ceo, please biru is already eating indomie KEKL

  11. Code: "Imagine pulling a character then pulling the other weapon"
    *Me with Hu Tao and Elergy: "Ha Ha Ha…."

  12. Yae is literally saying don't disappoint me children

  13. according to mihoyo, ganyu and ayaka apparently are too weak that they need a 5* cryo support to boost up their dmg.

  14. Fuck all waifus, I want the hobbit that is called Xiao

  15. my guess on 2.5, yae miko with raiden, kokomi (storybase) and venti (windblume)

  16. I´m not sure what to do I have 110 summons and I just got the jade spear from standard banner. But I don´t know who to summon. Xiao seems cool and fun on top of that I have jade spear but Zhongli is apparently a very essential support that I may need.

  17. fine with 4 star weapon? maybe before but the way things are goin even when i got staff of homa with my 3 crowned c1 hu tao and decent artifacts on my main units the abyss wolves were basucly impossable with how much health eva and anti cc for f*** who know y the hell, corrision sucks i ignore it cuz theres not enough dmg to get thru with a healer and im using strong teams like baal overvape team. i dont suck at the game either even if i use zhongli a lot and im not f2p i buy the bp and welkin so ye this banner looks pretty fricken gud to me, an almost gueranteed gud 5 star spear is better than the homa rerun that i gambled on.

  18. my little sisters account, her first five star was jade spear, then diluc and zhongli all within like 3 pulls of each other lol

  19. The first thing i heard in this video is Code HAHA joke and it ruined my day
    Jk lol

  20. You know shenhe might be a main dps…=p seems too farfetched with the weapon and all that she is off

  21. Shenhe is not Gorou or Sara. She does pretty good damage herself even as a support. Also her universal buffs are for everyone

  22. As a F2P Zhongli is top priority, Ganyu second. Build him right his shield will make all the difference.

  23. yae miko is probably going to be the first electro healer

  24. Weapon banner not that bad if you want xiao/shenhe, literally jade, calamity and lithic spear so unless you really unlucky, you can get 1 of them. Lithic also a very viable option for xiao and shenhe too

  25. I am guaranteed and I will still pull for Shenhe. Will still pull on 50/50 for Yae if I lose then welcome home Ayato or the first Dendro 5*

  26. I am in my 75 wish , who should I wish for ? , all of then are my favorites 😭😢😢😢😭

  27. My first and only DPS so far is c0 yanfei so I think I'll pull for ganyu

  28. Im coping hard on Shenhe being constellation heavy Smoge

  29. I'm just slapping wavebreakers fin on shenhe and calling it a day

  30. if kazuha rerun comes with yaemiko im gonna cry bc ill have to skip her and I've wanted her since inazuma came out 😭
    but ive wanted kazuha for longer aaa

  31. I think I am going to pull for zhongli, I think it would be cool because I also have raiden (double archon ) and bc I joined the game because I saw him and I thought he looked interesting!

  32. Imagine pulling for a weapon and not having enough primos for the character.

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