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20 THINGS TO CONSIDER FOR ALBEDO’S RERUN! Most BUFFED Character in Genshin Impact History?!

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Albedo is getting some MASSIVE buffs for patch 2.3! Find out what the buffs are and just how much they will impact him! Does this make him less


  1. I JUST LOVE HIM! HE IS SUCH A RARE BEAUTIFUL BOY! If they will just fix that hair!!! Still a beautiful boy

  2. Albedo has low impact because you're POSEIDON bruh. Ask dolphins, low-spenders, and F2P players and you will get very, very different answer.

  3. Instead of em buff from his talent i wish he had give some good buff to geo like res down or geo dmg bonus because he is mostly used in geo team more than elemental reaction team

  4. I got c1 when trying to get bennett lol. I am considering going for c2 but I literally have no primos. I'll see what weapons there are bc I'm happy w my roster of characters. I really need a crit or atk sword tho.

  5. Can't be more buffed than Xiangling, but he's a close second.

  6. I don't understand the logic. Having shit constellation does not make a character "f2p friendly", and vice versa, having amazing constellations does not make a character pay 2 win.

    Don't mixed up your fear of missing out with the actual value of no constellations character. F2p friendlyness does not correlate with a character constellations nor are they causative with each other.

    And honestly, the phrase "f2p friendly" becomes more annoying to hear by the day, because of people arbitrarily throw that phrase.

  7. 8:35 finally someone talks about the plight of constructs
    8:50 while you touched on it, you missed that even with a specific 5 star + resonance we're only allowed 40% atm, while physical is -115% , anemo -100% possible.
    fun fact: until inazuma after the "geo buffs" all geo characters actually ended up doing 30% less damage because all enemies after and including childe have 70% geo resistance.
    you also missed how a "full" geo team isn't capable of breaking elemental shields/armor, this is why itto's C2 was changed from 4 units to 3. mihoyo is aware of how dogshit geo is and this is a band aid fix.
    i'm fairly sure the new 4 star sword isn't going to be better than HoD, and albedo's C2 fixes his split scaling… you could say he's the first "early constellation power locked" character.
    and unlike tenten… you actually know what albedo does and why he's slotted into the hu tao team his burst gives EM.

  8. it's nice to see an actual showcase of a high invested albedo. most of the time i see these showcases, their albedo barely breaks 10k lol.

    true that albedo is not a speedrun character but he's one that can bring a comfier playstyle. there's a reason why his most used team is with hu tao and xiao. both of them have down time and having albedo's flower on field basically fills in their downtime.

    kinda sad that genshin's meta is only defined by abyss (deal high dmg within time threshold to win rewards) than pure survivability.

  9. Nope. His buffs won't make me pull for him… 'cause I already have him.

  10. I’ve suddenly got the urge to pull for this man but I’ve only 6k primos since I dumped 3 months of saving for hu tao and got everything including her C1 and homa

  11. Another pros: His burst is stylish and his voice is calm.

  12. I wish they release next season where ascension and talent materials drop rate is increase the limited character when you use it to farm

  13. I'm excited to get him and actually use my catalysts on his elevator

  14. I like how he said “speculation” for the weapon multiple times.

  15. albedo was a good support, maybe one of the best..
    buut i dont think i need him..
    and also hard to pull for him bacause the next banner might be ganyu or xiao..

  16. I'm planning to skip 2.3 banners to pull for xiao, ganyu and miko~

  17. Not sure if I'm gonna go 4 set of the new piece, my Archaic petra is super broken already lol.
    Probably just gonna take 2 pieces.

  18. Henrique Fontenelle Teixeira Henrink says:

    And above all that he seems to have an important part in the future of the story. And boy, did it feel good seeing my boy Kazuha on the Archon quest

  19. i got ninguan level90 c6 and zhongli c1 level86 how good can be albedo with that team ?

  20. I already have albedo C1, maybe I'll take albedo banner rerun.. Bcos Eula on d other hand needed a heavy investment to be a hyper carry one
    What u say?? Thx

  21. I honestly think that running a 4 geo team is going to be really fun. main dps itto, with zhongli, albedo, and gourou is going to be very satisfying. if your pulling for itto you should be pulling for albedo as well. If you have the mean to do so of course

  22. I have Eula and Albedo I'm basically just waiting for Itto

  23. how many considerations does it take to convince people to summon for albedo lmfao

  24. Well if i got him in 1×10 then sure other then that shenhe for me

  25. Itto? With my lack of primos in my account, Imma just gonna head in with Noelle+Gorou+Zhongli+Albedo

  26. I played geo and electro comp today in abyss and managed to 9* floor 12~
    Ning, Zhongli, Albedo n jean for healing and keqing, raiden, bennett n kazuha in 2nd half

    Who needs reaction when u can unga bunga with quickswap non reaction team UwU

  27. I'm just a guy who is saving for 2.4 banner :< because I have no primogem and already have "ticket" for the next 50-50 after I got c1 diluc

  28. I want him, but my priority is Itto as of now 😪

  29. I only have 40 pity, a 50/50 and 14 pulls 🙁

  30. As a massive meta slave, I'm only pulling for him because he's super hot and my ideal character in the game, then Childe goes next.

  31. I wonder if using an atk% sands with the new artifact set would help balance the split scaling a bit since it's already buffing defense. That's what I'm kinda leaning towards for a build once I get him so I can save the def% artifacts for itto (if I get him)

  32. My c0 f2p albedo does 17-20k every tick, I hope he does 30k with gorou and the buffs. TBH, 14k is definitely lowballing it. And my artifacts are kinda bad

  33. what's annoying is his skill can't be used on watery surfaces and gets easily destroyed

  34. ngl Albedo's story remind me of a certain artist who went crazy

  35. I really want mainly doggo though for my team Geo D:

  36. I don’t care how much cons he has I’ve been saving for a while now already

  37. I dont think i will pull albedo
    I cant miss ganyu because i have useless amos

  38. I’m so glad I accidentally got Albedo when I was rolling for Bennet constellations on his first banner.

  39. Im just happy that i can finally replace harbinger. That 90 percent HP restriction although not a huge drawback, is super annoying especially because of new anti-shield mechanics

  40. laughs in used my garanteed on him last year so klee could have her brother

  41. 20 things to consider, yes, but it leaves out the most important one: He's directly competing against Eula.

  42. no one ever talks about diluc’s plunge attacks and it makes me sad 🙁

  43. I'm happy bcz I'm gonna run a Xiao , Sucrose , Albedo , Zhongli team in future , so this buff is very appreciated from my side also my pity is above 70 rn , so i hope 10 pulls will be enough

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