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39 Cute & Hilarious Things With All Characters In Genshin Impact

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Will Yanfei turn into illuminated beast when she goes to sleep?

00:03 – Albedo English voice actor.
00:31 – Amber try cooking.
01:16 – Barbara and salty foods.
01:36 – Beidou and Furong.
02:45 – Bennett with the Harbinger of Dawn.
03:00 – Chongyun and Xinyan.
03:45 – Diluc and Venti.
04:07 – Diona and Margaret.
04:22 – Are you serious Eula?
05:17 – Fischl attack description.
05:33 – Ganyu’s waist.
06:29 – Hu Tao Baizhu and Qiqi.
07:17 – Jean’s wish.
08:14 – Kazuha sheathing and the Teleport Waypoint.
08:59 – Kaeya’s eye patch.
09:54 – Ayaka and the public bath.
10:20 – Keqing’s special dish.
10:42 – Klee and Bennett.
11:00 – Sara in Genshin Impact version 2.0 trailer.
11:16 – Lisa goes on patrol.
13:00 – Mona’s bad habit.
13:41 – Ningguang and Baishi.
14:52 – Noelle used to be quite plump.
15:27 – Qiqi’s hair.
15:46 – Ei and Gordon Ramsay.
16:01 – Razor’s belly button is very special.
17:02 – Rosaria and Venti.
17:20 – Kokomi’s name.
17:33 – Sayu and Yae.
17:59 – Sucrose and Diona.
18:24 – Childe Mr. Worldwide rerun Archon.
18:39 – Venti when opening treasure chest.
18:50 – Xiangling and Dvalin.
19:12 – Xiao and Wangshu Inn.
19:40 – Xingqiu and Chongyun.
20:09 – Xinyan’s royal fan.
20:56 – Yanfei’s antlers.
21:22 – Yoimiya’s Vision.
21:53 – Zhongli’s special dish.

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  1. 0:21 uhhhhhhhhhh
    he's Vietnamese anyways lmao (i'm also Vietnamese)

  2. everyone worries about Bennett holding a weapon that doesnt work for him
    Bro, Kaeya hiding that light skin is even more sad

  3. xinyan spilling the tea on chongyun to us

  4. "Jean loves reading romance novels and wishes she could experience the feelings in those stories"

    Jeliuc shippers: I'VE BEEN SUMMONED

  5. Petition to fix razors belly button ‼️‼️

  6. i always find that one of ningguang's secretaries is a massive simp for her funny lmao i was laughing for 5 straight minutes and then i was like "ha… haha… same" and she dares lecture us about what was it again? diligence or smth? she need not do that tho, even if there was no treasyre symbol on one of the choices, i would've picked "i practically worship ningguang" cuz… who doesn't? besides that, i REALLY want to know who's the luck- uhm, the one who tattoed ningguang ON HER THIGH

  7. That one dude who dislike the video is the dude eula talking about

  8. furong: Has crush on beidou

  9. Someone must stop Sucrose and Klee
    They're both scary as hell

  10. Doing the Moonchase event makes me realize Xiangling could possibly roast Dvalin

  11. Xianling want to taste a dragon now huh?

  12. Me:waiting for xbox version
    Also me knowing itll never happen 🙁

  13. As for 8:50 I think it's because prior to you leaving Tenshakaku, Kujou Sara defeats all the guards in the way and I'm assuming because their opponents' leader was gone, the Resistance managed to intrude into Inazuma City unopposed. It's kind of a stretch though

  14. Venti opening the treasure chest; thank barbatos! … Wait a minute 😶

  15. 2:55
    Laughs with Healing Bonus circlet and with HP Substats on other Arti

  16. I always interpreted the one about Chongyun as he loved the show and got was to into it, but didnt want to admit it to others lol either way thats funny

  17. i had a fun time staring at those belly buttons

  18. Speaking of Fischl, they changed one of her talents from "Lightning Smite" to "Undone By Thy Sinful Hex". It's hilarious that they really go all in with her chuuni style.

  19. So Ganyu has no Self control when she lose control

  20. Ganyu is like a little sister that you wish to spoil her rotten.

  21. I thought the rumors of ganyu being so wide it killed someone was a joke…

  22. I just realized that maybe Razor has an outtie bellybutton because it casts a show

  23. Yanfei probably sleeps on her belly. Who can blame her, it's the best sleeping position HAHAHAHA

  24. genshin adding lesbian subtext before men holding hands

    oh well
    we'll always have the cute Bennet and Razor cutscene during Windblume

  25. Im sure there are a lot of furong here 👀👄👀

  26. Wait…Yenfei has antlers? I legit thought those were like goat ears or something this whole time-

  27. Bruh xinyan's english voice is so cringe that I had to pause the video

  28. 8:53 don't you remember that Sara knocked out all soldiers of Ei's castle? Maybe Ayaka or Thomas sent a message for the resistance or something I don't know 🏃‍♂️

    Also it wouldn't be weird if they know how to use teleports. I mean katheryne could do it :p

  29. 17:45 The implication, of course, being that normally she DOES bite people who pat her on the head… which is still very adorable, somehow.

  30. Yanfei sleeping in face-down, hence the "not that big duo" because it couldn't grow properly.

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