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Here’s a few reasons why the 2.1 character banners are quite unusual this time around.
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In this video, GG reviews all the burning questions a lot of the Genshin viewers keep asking, things like synergy between Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara or which banner to go for Raiden Shogun or Kokomi. But besides the usual stuff you can hear about anywhere else, the video also delves into more serious speculations like the upcoming 2.1 update and how the upcoming characters will influence team building and even gameplay itself.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. Unfortunately I lost 50/50 on yoimia banner to a c1 jean, I think I'm gonna try to get Sara, maybe Raiden (I have mixed opinions on her).Then I'll probably save for Staff of Homa rerun.
    But I'm already farming everything for Aloy, hoping to max her out when I get her in 2.2
    Good luck to everyone wishing in 2.1 🙂

  2. MHY need to rework the entire elemental reactions system/mechanic once it for all… Im done doing the same OP reactions all over again, where is the fun on that? Any composition ended with the same frkng pattern… CRT rate need to be NERFED to the ground, 20 or 30% AT MAX should be enough, genshin need to be more dynamic…

  3. For me i have enough characters to beat anything in this game but my purpose is to get all archons and all harbingers idc about ganyu or anything else.

  4. I'm gonna pull for Baal because I like the colour scheme

  5. honestly i don't care what multipliers Baal'll have much like Zong Lee if she is under powered as one of the 3 Archons so far she will get a buff I'm 100% sure judging from Mihoyos characters intentions and pure business strategy for her Banner they want her to sell for sure in this patch + haveving the Archons be top tear champions for any team is basically there goal

  6. Can’t wait till someone makes a video having Kokomi crit for the memes

  7. Arcons are support but the bartender is one of the best dps in the game. lOgIc

  8. HolyMotherOfGod PleaseNoBUT MOM! • 58 years ago says:

    Right now I have 200+ primogems and not guaranteed. Wish me luck guys, I hope I get Baal

  9. I wish they couldhave gave everyone a welkin in anniversary x_x) /

  10. Collab with Horizon is just weard…ye it is ps4 game but still. Why we dont have i dont know….Konosuba collab. That do more sence.

  11. The only main reason I'm not excited because our mc using dull blade and how come Mc run like lightning speed 🤔
    They should upgrade the Mc tho.
    To run like lightning speed just like the mihoyo video made.

  12. I really want to pull for Kokomi to pair her with my Yanfei, however, I do want a character that provides an attack boost, and even tho I SUCK at using bow characters, if Kujou Sara's a good enough support I may pull for her.
    The issue is, because I'm near pity, I may end up ruining everything and getting Baal when I've been saving everything for the Kokomi banner.
    I don't know, it all really depends on the showcase, Baal looks super useful and I'm tired of using keqing, but I'm aware that if the hype for her is as big as it is right now, she will definitely end up getting a re run.
    Ugh, not to mention HuTao re run banner that I've been waiting for ever since I started playing.
    As a f2p I'm all over the place when it comes to pulling for characters cause I never know when to save and when to spend them, someone plz save me.

  13. Most people want her for her looks and i just want baal for her skills.

  14. Ngl, I can't wait for the whales and simps to build kokomi with 200% crit chance

  15. Hoarding 40k+ primos till now really has given me the luxury of wishing on Raiden Shogun's banner…otherwise, I would have skipped her and wait for Ganyu rerun… F2ps and low spenders really have to think outside the hype and stay cautious out here XD

  16. That 'beneficial' joke at 3:15 had me laughing aloud 🤣🤣🤣

  17. If I don't get Raiden On my pulls, ISWTG ima punch someone right in the face

  18. cant wait for people for farm for kokomi arti set and be like: "man im so done getting crit headpieces with perfect crit substats"

  19. Im not gonna be listening to this “kokomi shucks 😭😭😡😡” bullshit.
    People said ganyh would be cryo amber. People said zhongli was trash and useless. People said eula is trash. People said kazuha was useless. People said ayaka would be like a 4 star dps. People said yoimiya would be a trash dps. People used to think that bennet was a useless character that sucked.
    But now look at everyone and what theyd give to get them. Kokomi is NOT out yet. We haven’t even had her trial. If you want her, dont let this discourage you. Get your mermaid. There’s always, ALWAYS, a way to utilize a character to it’s utmost best capabilities. But you can never make a character who you don’t like playing, fun to play

  20. Any chance of Eula rerun this year? I want her. If not then I might pull for baal

  21. I can’t care less about Raiden Shogun, I want Kokomi ❤️.

  22. Wish when you have freemogems either farm for specific character and make them gem
    Simple F2P thoughts

  23. you know i just noticed something, but i wont say it…. who knows… if mihoyo finds out they may just fuck it up….

  24. if we get aloy for free then how about the constelations?

  25. im not sure about fish girl… but either ways…. i wont have enough primos after baal

  26. I’m saving for Kokomi cause I really like her and she just genuinely makes me happy. People are now hating on her and it’s kinda sad to see.

  27. Two adds in the first 3 minutes! Almost lost me.

  28. Turn on subtitle,
    Click 3:15

    … Bennett-Fischl??? Seriously 🤣

  29. I'll try my "luck" on this banner, if I lose 50/50, I will keep gathering until Xiao rerun

  30. In the CN community there is more theories, calculations and statistics regarding kokomi than baal. Because Baal is obviously great investment, especially for those who doesn't have venti or zhongli, while kokomi potential is arguably the most elusive character so far, as in more than meets the eye type

    As for kokomi, well the general consensus is if the player doesn't have any archon yet and can only get one of these girls, get baal, because consensus also regards Archons as currently the best 5* supports

    Because kokomi is tricky in terms of her potential, the trickiest so far. But there is some leaks in CN, and well, based on that, theories and calculations started to appears. Vaporize kokomi, according to them, deal significantly higher damage than any childe wildest dreams, like very insane in the range of 30k-50k (not optimal) dmg / s, childe is only much better in Q dmg (as vaporize childe). Optimally of course will be much much higher for kokomi but require insane luck in artifacts (as in you need atk%, hp%, elemental mastery, atk or hp or ER) as the four substats, luckily they are the more common type of substats. Of course xiangling, or yoimiya or klee is great with her (the latter two is unfortunately 5*)

  31. I’m saving up for kokomi cus of the fish

  32. Since I’m saving for Hu Tao now, I can’t pull for them but I’m very excited to meet the Baal and Kokomi mains when I farm!

  33. My next 10 or 20 pull should be 50/50 hard pity, so i plan on 50/50 baal im ive been saving up to guarantee a kokomilk for myself, im more excited to kokomilk on my team as a barbara upgrade

  34. My guess is Kokomi will have insane ATT and Att multiplyers it will probably be dope as he'll with no ICD

  35. Ha Ha Ha that BennyFischl got me, well done

  36. just wait and see, my kokomis artifact will be full of crit because yeah, my luck

  37. We have 4 hydro chars. 2 are 5 stars. We are about to get a third hydro five star, meaning we will have more 5* hydro chars than 4*…

  38. am i the only one that questions why all archons so far are god tier supports?

  39. Editor's Note: AVOID watching 10:03 if you haven't completed 2nd part of Inazuma Archon's quest – there's some spoiler footage. APOLOGIES, WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!
    At least this time when you lose 50/50 pity you can literally use a pity character Aloy 😀

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