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In this video, GG reviews all the burning questions a lot of the Genshin viewers keep asking, things like Hu Tao’s power level or which banner to go for Childe (Tartaglia) or Hu Tao. But besides the usual stuff you can hear about anywhere else, the video also delves into more serious speculations like the upcoming 2.2 update and how the upcoming character Thoma will influence team building and even the gameplay itself.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. Thoma is kinda broke cuz look at his attack the heck

  2. Me as a F2P player: What The F is Constellations? 🙂

  3. I want thoma but my pity is at 65 with a guaranteed limited my next five star…

    xiao pls come back soon, my self control is running out

  4. They learnt from experience
    -no more placing new 4* on skippable banner 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I can,t use bow and Hutao make me anxious… so… yeah

  6. Hu Tao C1 is a convenience upgrade, not much impacting dmgs

  7. really, I just came to genshin to get him loll

  8. I have a stray homa and a guaranteed on chara banner… considering I'm a light spender (welkin) I guess I'll get a hu tao pls.

  9. I just want Yae, dude. I'll roll for Thoma but 30 rolls max cuz I'm 40 rolls away from a guaranteed soft pity cuz I lost the 50/50 on Baal.

  10. why did i read "5 sneaky things" as "5 sexy things" lmao😭

  11. I'm on the fence on pulling for Hu Tao. It's a tough call.

  12. I'm sorry Hu Tao but I'm saving for Ganyu 😭😭

  13. ill go for hutao, then start saving for yae miko 🙂 not interested in mr wallet, but hes cool! id def get him if i werent a f2p

  14. Childe grew on me since Hyakunin Ikki, I'm at 58 pity 50/50, if I don't get him and Homa is in the next weapon banner, unfortunately, I'll have to skip him again for the third time.

  15. I want hu tao but I already got c6 xiannling and in need of hydro char who should I summon on?

  16. If homa will also in that banner, which one should i prioritize? C1 hutao or homa since i already have c0 hutao.

  17. Looks like I’ll be hoarding all my wishes as I wait for a Xiao rerun….

  18. I want c1 hu Tao but I also want the staff of homa

  19. Thoma is a 4 star… putting it out there

  20. I don't want Hu Tao so I'm pulling for Thoma. I'm also interested in Childe since I'd like a Hydro that I can use apart from Xingqiu. The pain of having to pull on both banner is real.

  21. Bad sales on global
    Bad cooldown
    Also got deathflag on lore
    Mihoyo really put Hutao banner for childe funeral 😅

  22. Just 1 question.. What happened to Aloy? She wasn't brought up in the 2.2 Live Stream, or other content creators. Is she still coming to PC or is it no one cares anymore?

  23. i want to try to get thoma but im worrying i might end up with hutao…
    hutao's a great character, i like her design and personality, but im waiting for eula. id always prefer the ladies, not the girls.

  24. Beta Players wanting c1 while here i am wanting Hoema

  25. Lol, Childe' having a rerun all of the sudden so now I'm not only gonna be killing abyss mages with Kaeya but also fatui recruits with Tartaglia 😀

  26. I never thought I'd pull for Childe so this entire week I'm rapidly grinding while flexing to TAR-TAR-TAGLIA LOVER OF SNEZHAYAN QUEEN

  27. I already have Hu Tao and Homa. Time to get her C1 I guess!

  28. 12k primos farmed and into pitty. should i pull for hu tao?

  29. It would be nice if you showed the banners that are coming up because i have no idea what your talking about, one is hutao and toma, the other one is just childe? Oh you put it at the end of your presentation, i guess most people already know, but it would have been easier to see it before because I didn't know.

  30. i lost the 50/50 for both of childes previous banners so ig mihoyo REALLY wants me to have him now

  31. Corrosive will insta kill hu tao in this version without a healer.

  32. Why I dont have to decide which banner to go for:
    1. I have Eula
    2. I have Hu Tao
    3. I dont have Broken Pines
    4. I dont have Homa
    In conclusion:
    I will pull weapon banner during Hu Tao Rerun
    If I am lucky to get both of them in 2 pulls (80+80), then I will try my 50/50 on Hu Tao
    So priority :
    Weapon Banner (Hu Tao) > Hu Tao banner > Yae Miko

  33. Pulling only for thoma to have someone who procs melt or reverse melt with my Ayaka

  34. just lost the 50/50 on kokomi banner …… oh well atlest i have garanteed [correct me if im wrong] pity on hutao banner. good luck to those who are wishing on childe or hutao 😉

  35. I’ve learned mystical art of golden credit card few months ago

    Im prepared🤝

  36. Though I already have Zhongli, I'm still aiming for Thoma. Childe will benefit a lot on Thoma since he has that pyro application on his burst as well and a shield, not the best shielder or pyro applicator but he can be a good partner for Childe on my second team

  37. Tohma: has passive for fishing
    Me, who got all rods, the Catch, and also Toki pages like years ago:

  38. Oh yeah I started playing genshin 55 days ago i do really want childe i know people are saying big skip and what so but am so happy that childe having his 3rd rerun cant wait to get him 🥰♥️

  39. Really excited to see how Thoma turns out in 2.2 update!

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