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There’s a few things you’ll want to know about 2.3 characters in Genshin Impact!
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In this video, I review all the popular questions a lot of the Genshin viewers keep asking, things like Arataki Itto’s power level or which banner to go for Albedo vs Eula. But besides the usual stuff you can hear about anywhere else, the video also delves into more serious speculations like the upcoming 2.3 update and how the new characters Gorou and Arataki Itto will influence team building and even the gameplay itself.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. On the bright side, Gorou can help boost c6 Xinyan's shield and burst with def and also makes him a good support for Eula because Grimeheart stacks with def too so Geo is still going to be helping others get big numbers

  2. As someone who loves the geo element, I really appreciate that Mihoyo seems to push the mono element / pure ego team. Geo is like the outcast element since you really can’t do any grand elemental reactions with others so it’s exciting so see how geo charas work in harmony amongst themselves

  3. My next 10 pull will be a 5 star and i would like to try for albedo (i wouldn't have him guaranteed tho) but i also really want itto, and I'm not sure if 7k primos (what I'll have remaining after the 10pull) plus free primos from the upcoming events will be enough to get another 5 star, I'm really indecisive right now

  4. good luck to all my fellow albedo wanters🤞

  5. 8:50
    Sara: Come work for the Tenryou Commission

    Thoma: Sorry. I'm already pledge my loyalty to the Yashiro Commission.

    Sara: I don't remember asking you to make a choice.

  6. While Dendro will takes a while to get their released characters, I hope Mihoyo will add some kind of update to resonance team buff. Something like a pure mono element team can do something extra more compared to duo element. If this can happen, then Gorou's team of all Geo chars can be something ridiculously strong. IF they do something about it when dendro comes.

  7. Personally, niche characters are great. It sort of pushed you to play outside of the meta, which encourage you to play different playstyle/team comps. As someone who can consistently 36* abyss, making up new teamcomps are more fun.

  8. It's a skip for me… I really like Eula but I don't need another main dps since I'm pretty broke after building my Hu Tao. Tempted to pull for Albedo but, I'll wait for 2.4 leaks before deciding.
    Good luck to anyone pulling though. May you get whoever you want.

  9. a bit more complicated in detail, but i would not recommend raiden and eula as a combo for most players as the rotation is quite tight to gain value out of.

  10. I've already decided to put Itto + Gorou + Zhongli on the team, but I am not sure who to put as the 4th member…

    I could go for Jean or Kazuha for crowd control, but they're the only ones I could think of. If there are no 4-element bonus, then… yeah, I'm not sure who to use hahaha!

  11. Itto Albedo Gorou + Noelle or Zhongli will be a pretty pog Geo team no doubt.

  12. So if they want us to build a whole Geo team they need to give us more Geos
    Ya we have enough zu build one team but a little more characters would be nice
    Sure they comeing 2 others but I think they should be more

  13. Me who only has noelle and ningguang since v1.0 and no Zhongli. Upcoming geo chars are basically useless for me, so it's an easy skip. Also mhy is only focusing on whale segment and satisfy them with op dmg. C6 itto with r5 signature weapon has almost 2.5 times dps compared to c0 with any other 4* or 5*.weapons

  14. Tbh, I’m excited for Itto to come, bc I want him and gorou for my mono geo team for Abyss. I already have a powerful dps for 1 team, but I lack a strong dps with good synergy for my second team. Right now it’s Ayaka, who is okay, but I really hate her sprint. Itto would be the glue that ties my geo team together.

  15. When you mainly want these characters just because of their personalities with their play style being a side thing

  16. I'm planning to pull for Albedo to build a mono geo team. I need a neutral element team where it's not reliant on elemental reactions and is not hindered much by the opponent's elrment.

    Geo will be relevant if they make a permanent content such as the Omniyouji Arena. Speed running like the abyss shouldn't be the META cause it favors certain characters wgile ignoring the strengths of others.

  17. Is it just me or does Itto now look like a 17 year old kid who has middle-school syndrome and hit the gym a bit too, instead of the buff 25 yr old we were all expecting…

  18. The good about niche units: they work really well for their niche, no matter how small 😮 You also dont really need to worry about getting every character on the off chance they become really OP in a specific role later on, because MiHoYo will make a custom unit to do that job in the future

    The bad about niche units: they're pretty much useless otherwise, unless you're into meme builds

  19. Legend has it that itto can kill any enemy with one punch.

  20. Yenfei kinda feels more like ningguang to me at least, as a yenfei main who used to main ningguang

  21. I'm waiting for new ocean hued clam artifact

  22. On the Albedo section you didn’t mention his new 4-star event sword Cinnabar Spindle.

    Here are its stats and passive:

    Attack: 454
    Sub-stat: 69% defence
    Passive at R5: Elemental Skill DMG is increased by 80% of DEF. The effect will be triggered no more than once every 1.5s and will be cleared 0.1s after the Elemental Skill deals DMG.

  23. Aether-Kazuha

  24. Double banners doubles primogems needed but we're still getting same amount every patch. F for every f2p and low spender.

  25. MiHoYo is copying Dragonball Legends Banner style….. but DBL has a waaaaay better gatcha system and more rewards currency wise

  26. I originally want to pull on albedo & gorou. But after your explanation, gorou won't be very useful in the team I planned to build. I'm thinking of building double geo (zhongli & albedo) and double anemo (kazuha & jean)

  27. Bennet is the most op thing in genshin yet everybody wants to habe a bennet 2.0 for every othet Element

  28. pity at 90 im trying to get hu tao and im at 81 pity and still dont have her

  29. int he past i give up venti in 70 pull lmao

  30. Itto paper thin bicep is so much disappoinment. I don't expecting too much but holy mihoyo… talk about lazy you deserve some trophy for that

  31. My TLDR: If you have and have built Zhongli and/or Albedo, then getting Itto and Goro would probably be worth it

  32. Itto will pair really well with Noelle as he covers her one weakness single target dps.

  33. I'm wishing on itto's weapon banner. Then I'll use that on Noelle

  34. I really think they're pushing the Mono Geo teams coz they don't react to other elements. Well crystallize but still… It's still pretty underwhelming. If you have mono geo teams, then they will have their own synergies.

  35. My problem with Gorou is he mainly buffs Defensive stats and not Geo dmg till 3 characters… It's like they are pushing Ningguang out of the Geo pack. I considered rolling for just him to round out A team with Ning and Noelle (I don't have Zhongli) but it doesn't seem worth.

  36. Honestly think Geo is the easiest to build simply because they benefit from DEF the most. Only problem is getting the characters for Geo team with cons while you have savings and investment already being worked upon other types of characters. And in rng gacha hell fashion…the artifacts you try getting for the ones you're already invested in keep getting DEF stats-

  37. Yeah, I'll keep waiting for Kazuha, Yae and Cyno. Don't play Geo comps and I have plenty of DPS units by now. That actually works out, cause I've been kinda feeling the Genshin burnout, so I might quit playing for a while…

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