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There’s a few things you’ll want to know about 2.3 characters in Genshin Impact!
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In this video, I review all the popular questions a lot of the Genshin viewers keep asking, things like Arataki Itto’s power level or which banner to go for Albedo vs Eula. But besides the usual stuff you can hear about anywhere else, the video also delves into more serious speculations like the upcoming 2.3 update and how the new characters Gorou and Arataki Itto will influence team building and even the gameplay itself.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. the thumbnail reminds of that umm black guy that goes "you should … NOW!"

  2. i want Rosaria in the event quest since she suspects Albedo

  3. Watching this video felt like you're biased to hyping albedo future sales, cause I didn't felt the same enthusiasm when you're talking about Eula. Felt like you're passively trying players to side to Albedo rather than going for eula banner lol. Bruh? Why so biased?
    Is Albedo going to give you paycheck?

  4. As someone playing since start I've decided to quit this game for minimum of one year

  5. Pulling for EULA and albedo, if I win all 50/50 I'm actually able to get c2 albedo though the chances are small. But it's pretty sad I don't have zhongli so I can't really utilize albedo to the fullest by the time he reruns it probably clashes yae/venti/kazuha.

  6. No one: …
    Not a single soul: …
    Gacha Gamer: "…Itto's skinny biceps"


  7. W the new geo changes, Albedo's talent that boost the teams elemental mastery is pretty much redundant

  8. I think I might just save for 2.4 banners (and try and get c1 hu tao in the next like 8 days). Good luck to anyone wishing for Eula, Albedo, and/or Itto!

  9. I’m legit hoping Albedo will get another rerun, cuz I’m pulling for Itto (I only have enough for Itto) :((

  10. all people: who I want to pull, should I..?
    me: its not about pulling character anymore, I just want to know the story from this game

  11. i keep reading albedo's banner as secretum scrotum

  12. Thanks for always making your vids as objective as possible~

  13. eula being runned in 2.3 is drastically changing my plans for my main account. as cool as itto is, eula's trailer was the one thing I was always seeing before I decided to play the game (besides qiqi's) and I wanted to get her then. originally, I wanted itto for the little bull. of course it wouldn't make much sense, so now that eula is gonna be around again, it's giving me a chance to not only utilize my fischl, but also get the waifu I was interested in before I even started

  14. whats really sneaky is the 4 upcoming characters that blow 2.3 out the water

    geo sucks and always will in this game

  15. I keep hearing people say albedo and Itto will be good in a party along with Gorou event though I only have enough gems for a 50/50 at getting either should I go for albedo or Itto I'm f2p btw.

  16. "Going deep into geo" yep that me even if I cant loose my guaranteed for Albedo I really wish he was after Itto

  17. Hey I've just learned from this video how to use albedo in oceanid.

  18. I am new to the game,less than 3 months and I really think I need eula💕🤩

  19. My itto, zhongli, gorou will be unstoppable, and I don't know who should I add to complete the team??

  20. My first 5 star is Albedo but I don't know how to build him. 🙁

  21. Im skipping and Eula Albedo for Itto bec my I want him to be my sub dps in spiral abyss when Xiao’s burst is not up yet.

  22. I'm gonna skip that geo claymore user. Why i dont have a good claymore so yes im just gonna pull on albedo

  23. I am going to be skipping both upcoming banners sadly. I am hoping that ganyu or zhongli get a rerun hopefully 🙏

  24. Mihoyo is definetly pushing the mono geo element team. for me, I already have a team of would be ninguang, noelle, albedo, zhongli and gorou could replace Noelle.

  25. I was contemplating on pulling for Eula. But pulled Hu Tao instead. Huhuhu

    damn, i should have know

  27. like i dont mind mono geo… but honestly… i'll freaking hate it if they dont change elemental shield breaking mechanics… like how the F will we kill abyss mages with those comps?

  28. i already have Albedo, so i think, will pull for Eula for her passive talent, i'm not really sure if i want Itto but i want the puppy for buff my geo characters

  29. Currently I main Ningguang with zhongli as burst sub dps and shielding with bennet and xiangling. I’m planning to get Albedo to make a mono geo team but that will depend on Gorou’s synergy for the others as well. Really hoping Gorou will be a nice addition 🙏🏼 but giving up on that attack buff might not be worth it 🤔

  30. 1:32
    What's that on your coat? A stick, not just a stick but a magic stick
    Let me poke your nose with it

  31. My Itto team is going to be: Itto,Zhongli,Gorou and Albedo….I’m ready

  32. prolly the most punned video of all time from the GG

  33. It took a country to have a rerun on albedo while Eula just dances her way through to get a rerun meanwhile childe will say "This is quite hard to come"

  34. I will skip the entire 2.3 banners, even the permanent one.

  35. I’ll pull for itto i already have Eula and albedo

  36. Zhongli – def shred
    Gorou- geo dmg bonus
    Itto- dps
    Geo traveller – increased crit rate and dmg plus battery
    I’m all set 😌😌

  37. I used to have albedo lol I don't think I want to pull albedo for ittou so had to skip it…

  38. Since i skipped albedo for xiao and hutao before. So now Focus on albedo, next will be venti. Didn't interest in other girl except eula, kokomi and raiden. Glad eula already c1. Probably will try to get yunjin since she is 4*

  39. When Mihoyo going to change Albedo hairstyle!

  40. I have 6663 primogems right now and I'm 10 pages in… I have guaranteed Albedo and I'm HOPING that I have enough to pull Itto. Looking for that mono-geo team comp frfr

  41. 8:51
    Sara: you think camera angles in anime are weird?
    Thoma Admiring the underboob and thighs: what do you mean?

  42. If only they gave him slightly bigger arms would’ve fit his banner art a lot more

  43. I guess MHY trying or pushing for geo is somewhat a test for Dendro. You only have burning and I guess physical damage from that.

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