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5 Things You Missed in Raiden Shogun Nightmare Character Teaser, Genshin Impact

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Character Teaser Raiden Shogun Nightmare Analysis & Hidden Things. This teaser had a lot of references to the existing lore of 2.0 which you may have missed before 2.1. The teaser is also very unique as it shows Raiden’s past, the things that have influenced her to be who she is. I hope enjoy the video 😀

Kitsune Saiguu Video:

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📚 Sources
Sangonomiya Chronicles – book
Mask of the Kijin – weapon ascension material
Hakushin Ring – weapon
Sacrificial Offering – world quest

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Yu-Peng Chen @ HOYO-MiX

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  1. I dont understand, if the snake is dead and the snake was like the animal of the archon, then it will revive or something like that?? Bc we have like 2 mythical creatures that are friend of the archons

  2. Yeah, Torachiyo, Kitsune Saiguu and the first Tengu from the Kujou clan

  3. Holy, raiden attack split island in half ?!!!!

  4. I must admit. Baal must've been devastated to lose her close friends. With their deaths lingering in her heart heavily, perhaps its safe to safe that the 'eternity' she wishes to place upon Inazuma is one in which she will never again experience the sorrow she went through previously. But if that's the case, doesn't that mean she is STILL grieving their deaths to the point of secluding peace and tranquility to the Inazuma populace. From my POV, isn't she just RUNNING AWAY from her pain then?

    No doubt, being an archon means living lifetimes watching people grow from babies and dying in their old ages which is, in itself, painful, and yet, she goes through with it because of Saiguu's last words. Perhaps, Yae is trying to tell Baal via the Traveler to 'move on' basically and to stop being held back by her sorrows of the past

  5. Dang why does i
    The story keeps getting darker and darker
    Someone turn on the lamp please 😭

  6. Raiden's trailer fits well with northland bank's theme

  7. Raiden: Lost all her friends and now is really depressed
    Venti and Zhongli: First time?

  8. It looks like that "catwithbluehat" works with mihoyo

  9. I think Sasayuri was the thing that was dear to raiden, when in the 2.1 trailer, it said that while making musoujin gorge, she lost something dear to her

  10. idk bout you guys but when it involves friends man I can't stop these tears

  11. If I wasn’t already a simp for Raiden before I sue as hell am now. (I love her Honkai Counterpart so I was already a simp)

  12. You’ve officially done it… I’m admire you too much now 🙁

  13. So baal want Visions to have enough power for stopping "time" in inazuma?

  14. One thing i am curious about is when she complete the vision i think she want to resurrect them its only my opinion

  15. just theory what if instead of achieving eternity as what raiden shogun wants instead she wants to use the statue to bring back her friends or go to the past to prevent everything that killed her friends that's probably why she lost interest on aiding humans and lost her self in the process of bringing them back

  16. I am so excited for the Oni maybe we will see her in the future cause she’s not dead yet I hope she becomes playable 🤩🤩🤩

  17. .. i mean … she dont want to die and state for eternity, because if she die the memory of her friend will too … D:

  18. Raiden Shogun had forgot the reasons why she remembers these freinds. Eternal is only time, no so for people sadly.

    "Your gift of memories is a path longer than the time stretching out ahead, dear Raiden. Crumbles of bones, flesh and blood as they end. Only in their memories do last forever. Fragile are these people, yet your love becomes a memory, that memory becomes your treasure." –A random Traveler from afar.

  19. Whos fire vision is dat?! who died?! 4:06 somebody got "GOT" tell me bro!!

  20. Totally out of left field, I wondered if the figure Raiden chases after in Nightmare is her mother, since there are bits of lore referencing Saiguu's mother as well

    I also wonder if Raiden's motivation for "eternity" is to preserve the Inazuma of her memories, before her friends died/left.

  21. The first time I watched the teaser where the scene baal runs to the girl my first thought is that her mother / the first electro archon . But your theory made me believe this more convincing to think that's her in the past than my first thought.

  22. Just teach her how to cook. It wouldn't be like this if she knew how to cook

  23. Can anyone please tell me the name of the music played in the background 2:57 min, I really appreciate it if someone please tell me the name of I am trying to search for it so desperately! ❤❤

  24. This give a lot of different meaning to when Zhongli said that if Raiden Shogun were to know about his death it will sttengthen her resolve

  25. I suspect that Raiden wanted eternity because she regrets losing her friends, and is scared of losing herself. She may also believe that this reality, 'the waking world' is not as it seems, and she seeks the eternity, the stillness that lies below the normal world.

  26. Actually at the part 3:09 it wasn't the past shogun that the current shogun chased after it, it was her twin sister, Raiden Makoto, the previous electro archon who died during the cataclysm.

  27. And now after doing the arachon quest we understand that the person she was chasing after was her dead twin sister.
    This game has anime serious plot twists!

  28. I think this was the first time a teaser had this much lore in it. They are usually very light and all around fun, so I had to make a video about this. Also, here's the Kitsune Saiguu video if you want to know more about Raiden: https://youtu.be/OYMDAeOojGQ

    Edit: 0:07 Sasayuri part is a speculation. I have made it based on the scene we see in Raiden's teaser where she is running on what looks like a white serpent's body which is probably Orobashi. connecting this with Sangonomiya Chronicles "Her Excellency's cherished tengu general, Sasayuri, was among those who lost their lives." and the next scene is him disappearing, I concluded Sasayuri. As the only time Raiden fought a serpent was Orobashi.

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