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There’s a few ways how you can stay informed and be prepared before 2.0 update!
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In this video, GG reviews all the up-to-date information we have about Genshin Impact 2.0 Update and how we can also base some of our estimations from past experience of previous updates. The topic discussed here will touch upon the philosophy of saving up on resources before an unknown feature gets introduced into the game. Also, some other time-sensitive things like artifact domains and the gardening as well re-roll systems getting impleneted next update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. Downvoted cus you said losing 11k exp but since you're getting an artifact back really only losing 7k.

  2. "if you are negleticing the siblings,maybe its a good time to use them since we are getting a electro traveler"
    me,a aether main : eh? i got you dude.

  3. if anybody has played trove, this is becoming trove. its not a bad thing, but a lot of the things they are implementing are parallels to things they do in trove. I wont be surprised if the substat reroll mechanic ends up being the same as in trove.

  4. In my opinion, not long ago Mihoyo quietly worsened artifact stats (perhaps just for the reroll artifacts idea). Practically every time I upgrade an item with 3 stats, I get Def Flat or Def% as fourth. CD or a CR is very rare now to get. It started to happen about 2 months ago (in my case, right after punching AR56). It wasn't like that before. I catch new characters and have nothing to wear. I have to look for old "garbage" in artifacts that I once obtained because they are usually better than what I get now.

  5. meanwhile lvl90 travelers

    am i a joke to you🤔🤔

  6. The best part about the reminisce artifact set is that we don't have to farm world bosses for the 2-piece glad set anymore.

  7. the electro characters i'm gonna use are Razor and Traveler

  8. I’m at 20,500 realm currency right now

  9. On the needing an electro char for Inazuma exploration, pretty sure Mihoyo stated that the puzzles will not be element dependent. IE any char can be used.

  10. also for the craftables….collect the electro crystals too. since we probably will end up needing them

  11. Don't put time-sensitive in the title if none of it is actually time-sensitive.

  12. Umm I don't think I need to worry about getting a electro character since I main traveler….wait fuck I need to raise them

  13. My traveller at lvl 80: hahaha it’s finally time for electro me to shine!!!!
    Beidou at lvl 90: I don’t think so little girrrrl you’re gonna stay anemo just fine and let me do the work!!

  14. I haven't done the teapot quest yet… I need a new phone asap but I'm gonna be late for 2.0 😭😭

  15. 3:18~ Yes I am neglecting the traveler for like 2 months, and for 2 months he is on level 86

  16. I'm still on the 1st floating realm right now on my main (alt is ar25 so no teapot)

  17. Gacha Gamer: "maybe electro characters will be as important as pyro is to dragonspine"
    Video: Bennett killing himself from top of a tree

  18. I like how in the middle of the video Barbara literally gets one shotted

  19. For burst supports other than Mona the new set is only a 10% dps increase (at high ER) compared to Noblesse so uh you decide if its worth the thousands of resin you'll need farm decent stats.

  20. The title of this video doesn't make sense.

  21. I can always get more artifacts, but who knows when will i get another good one, screw it

  22. Mihoyo said in the inazuma issues we wont need electro characters to solve puzzles unlike liyue and mondstat with the elemental totems

  23. The artifact reroll and weapon pity update is pretty useless tbh.

  24. The blue flower isn't from Inazuma, its the sea ganoderma from the golden apple archipelago

  25. So, basically they are adding more rng to an already messed up rng on the artifacts. Fantastic.

  26. Me laughing because traveller is my main and my first max character

  27. I’m not playing Part 1 of Inazuma. I’m waiting till Part 2 releases so I can play the Inazuma storyline in full

  28. i always have keqing in my party, so I'm not worried about easy exploration with electro characters, however i need to raise a cryo.

  29. This title is clickbait AF. Shame on you. Every single point mentioned is about upcoming stuff, nothing time sensitive at all. You know what you did.

  30. Hi, new player here, what are those silver coins. I'm AR 26 btw

  31. The gardening system is quite interesting.

  32. Exp points mean nothing if you don’t have anything good to level up.

  33. Lol you get enough plants in the wild to be wasting time and resources to plant them on the SP, with the waiting time it just doesn't make sense unless they will drop like double the materials

  34. And don't forget to mark down shit on the interactive maps

  35. I would sacrifice artifacts all day to get more, i dont care about the exp. 65 Fragile Resin are ready.

  36. “pick your electro character for easy exploration”

    my keqing after I still have yet to build traveler: you could not live with your own failure. where did that bring you? back to me.

  37. I'll skip ayaka I just want Baal and ganyu

    Edit: I am on pity rn

  38. The domain is just too efficient, even if the emblem set is not the best in slot to characters but you get to farm a farmable 2pc glads, or heck slap on 2 pc from both its stats either way.

  39. I have a feeling that bringing a electro char would be have a negative side effects instead. As we seen how that there were hunters who are hunting char with electro vision, Most likely bringing a electro char would trigger some enemies? Which would make it even slightly difficult cuz some mechanics also needs to be activated with electro

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