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69% of Genshin Impact players do not know this

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  1. I have all characters at 60 and ascended except all the geo characters at level 90 and traveler at 80 🙂

  2. If you think that 5% extra dmg is not worth it from simple lvl upgrade I'm really speechless…. of course it is

  3. I suddenly thught this was ten ten when I clicked it

  4. I think most of us know, ascension is more important than levelling. Level 90 is for character that you like only, similarly with crowned talent level.

  5. If it benefits those more with elemental reactions who are the best characters to level up to 90? All anemo? Etc? I'd appreciate the info 💛

  6. Main dps – 80/90
    Sub – 70/80
    Really like the character – all the way to 90

  7. I've just decided to not ascend beyond AR 50 and max all my characters main + supports to lvl 80 and ofc, explore Inazuma while staying at AR 50. Becoz beyond that if I want new characters, I have to ascend them all the way to 90 which is just wayy too much work

  8. Try the same thing but the monster is lvl 100, then you will see the diference

  9. Imagine having a c6 ganyu and not lvl90 her…I…

  10. "is it worth it to lvl up till 90?"
    Whale with R5 5 stars weapon and c6 5 stars character: nope
    F2p with R2 4 stars weapon and c0 4s character: yes

  11. All male characters are going 90.
    All girls are staying at level 1 to pick sweet flowers and mushrooms.

  12. the only lvl 90 character in my account: zhongli
    (kazuha on the way)

  13. How come people get excited over c6 lumine/aether, mainly streamers

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