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9 Things you Missed in “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves” Archon Quest, Genshin Impact

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We finally got a look at the thousand-armed, hundred-eyed statue that Zhongli mentioned about in the last Liyue quest. This video covers all other other interesting bits of lore that you may have missed in this archon quest. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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📌 Timestamps
0:00 Traveler & Archon Elemental Skills
0:50 How to get visions and can they be changed?
2:20 Archon’s ideals
3:49 Reviving masterless vision
4:39 Thousand-armed, hundred-eyed statue
5:08 The worthiness to get a vision
6:05 The smell of Earth, wind and stars
6:56 Lisa’s silence
7:24 Guhua clan prodigy
7:38 Conclusion

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  1. why is nobody talking about how paimon's sleeves look exactly the same as the foot of the 7 archon statues when upgraded?!

  2. What if the Archons themselves aren't giving out the visions despite ruling over their respective nations? I think its being given out by other deities residing in Celestia. The symbol on Paimon's outfit is the same when you venture through those ruins throughout the map. She must belong to that ancient civilization but also have some connection to Celestia and the Gods themselves.

  3. I hope the pyro archon is like a crazy guy with a burning volcano kinda personality

  4. Xinqiu must be chilling around some where

  5. imagine trying to find ypur brother and someone says:

    "you smell like earth and wind."

  6. My theory is that paimon might be the god that from the first scene

  7. I believe Lisa does ask the traveler to let her study their powers, and she wsa cursed or something and she decided to spend her live as carefree as she could because she gonna die sooner than most people

  8. Just realise Inazuma doesn’t have any advance technology, this make the country in Baal’s eyes will forever be like this

  9. Paimon definitely is a celestial being. She flies around with constellations coming off her cape thing. She might've been born from the stars or fell from the stars. There might be more beings like paimon in the future of the story

  10. We have only got until Inazuma. If they release other nations in order, next is Sumeru. I wonder what the dendro characters would be able to do.

  11. Anyone wondering what was the first background piano music that some might find eerie try listening to iskiereczka they sound so similar

  12. morax watching ningguang about to sell the vision
    morax: oh no you don't..

  13. So… there is a chance for kazuha to get second vision?! That was cool!!

  14. So basically
    Animo: America or freedom
    Geo: China three kings War?
    Inazuma: Japan – Tokugawa ieyasu?
    Or am I wrong?
    Pls correct me

  15. Could the scent of the stars that Kazuha used to describe Paimon's actually be something related to "Celestia"? and paimon knows almost everything about teyvat, it's like she studied it just to be the mc's guide… humu humu our emergency food is the most mysterious character in the game~

  16. i think that the statue is the "archon" that fought lumin and aether

  17. allso i think that lumine and aether are from celestia

  18. dainsleif might be paimons counterpart

  19. Isn’t Ningguang’s vision belonged to someone else who died, and then the vision ignited on her when she tried to sell it? That means a vision CAN ignite on someone else as long as a certain archon deems them worthy

  20. when we met our twins the last time, she said she has been finished her journey yet she wasn't with paimon anymore

  21. 6:14 This. I remember on that one Dainsleif quest where Paimon and the traveler were talking about home. Paimon mentioned about finding a place to always return to and call home with the traveler once they find their sibling. Paimon's kind of a mystery herself and it's kind of strange no one has mentioned about this scene since we don't really know where she comes from or what her story is. Paimon's totally ride or die for the traveler up until this point in the story so far. Could she have been just wandering before she was fished out by the traveler?

  22. Might I also summarise something that this amazing YouTuber recently wrote;

    The gods grant visions
    They have their own elements
    wouldn't that mean that… It's possible that there were many more other elements?

    against my theory is the sighting of Osial, the water dragon-thing buried deep underwater by the spears of Zhongli.

    We have yet to meet the water god, but I remember you also saying that Osial was a spirit.
    more similar to how Zhongli "Made" Azdaha.

    So… It's very possible that there are other Elements.

    Back to the Azdaha and Osial thing, Osial fought in the war of Khaenri'ah.
    There's two things I thought of; The water god Freed,Made,Or gave powers to Osial…Or Osial IS the water god. Childe would know more about that.

    Correct me or post more theories about this in the replies please. I'm only AR36 so I haven't seen much at all.

  23. Apparently an archon can grant a vision to anyone within his territory or outside it, but if the element is different from the one he commands the vision needs the approval of the corresponding archon to awaken. In short, a vision could change its original element in the hands of a new master.

  24. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Klee states that her vision was given to her by Barbatos, wich would imply that the Anemo archon gave her a pyro vision, tell me how

  25. Can we just take a moment and realize that the guy (who was friend with kazuha) died and we can never ever see that guy even tho he had a vision

  26. Ok here is my theory
    Paimon is probably a higher being than the archons or the goddess of time itself ( she can literally control time ) my second on is when you see dainsleif he has no vision but uses a different power ( like space and stars ) paimon also has the same resemblance to him .yea I was gonna say more but I forgot

  27. 06:56
    I could be wrong, but Lisa did express interest. Especially in the voice lines which may not be completely canon.

  28. The hundred eyed statue is the same as the domain ''start'' key when we enter every domain

  29. After the Venti Story Quest, we know that a vision bearer has the potential to become so strong and worthy of ascending to celestia. The Electro archon probably fears that any vision bearer in her nation can possibly turn into a Super saiyan and pose a threat to her eternal rule.. So, she is taking their visions away. And as masterless visions can be reawakened, she is taking them too, least someone reawaken them and become a vision weilder.

  30. so basically inazuma is the "hidden rain village" of teyvat

  31. Still convinced that Paimon is the unknown god or related to her.

  32. In the Traveler's voice lines, there is one called about Paimon's species. Give it a listen. It explains a lot

  33. I have a feeling that stautue of wings with eyes will be another tough weekly boss like Azhdaha and Tartaglia.

  34. What soundtrack is this from? Inazuma leaked osts?

  35. Im just so sad about kazuha’s friend being dead already. Damn the potential of having a tall handsome electro samurai with a freaking cat was cut way to short. Mhy bring him back 😭😭

  36. theory: if paimon taught us how to use elemental power in the way we use them, then if somebody else like venti or zhongli would have taught us then our power would be different

  37. I have a theory on why baal doesnt give more visions(its probably being paranoid or something)

    If i remember correctly Lisa said that visions grants great power for those who have it but as spider man film said with great power comes greats responsibilities(sorry for this random thing) in this case Lisa think that this visions has a big price to be paid and when you save mondstadt cuz of dvalin you and venti speaks about you being the 5 wind or something like that but you refuse and he tells that those that died having an vision becomes semi-gods themselfs but celestia also have their owns rules whose archons needed to obey as seen on the second part of the zhongli mission where you seal again azdaha,we says he made a contract in celestia to never speak about khanri'ah but with who? So my guess why baal declare the vision hunt decree was to protect her people from this "price" and for the storm she is doing i think is not meant for the people but its a barrier to put celestia away on that island…

    And if my english is bad i am sorry its isnt my mother language and writing long sentences is awful for me

  38. Paimon vision is same like Dainsleif? Cosmo?

  39. You forgot something: the two hardworking students of a new clan might have been scammed by the Archaic Lord of Lightning who claims to be an adepti. It’s highly likely due to the amount of money they pay and the techniques they have learnt which coincide with what this npc is teaching. He’s near the jueyun karst teleport waypoint, and he also has a disciple standing beside him there.
    This means that adepti scams are probably more common than we think. Hopefully we get to expose this guy and tear down his shady business.

  40. I remember Lisa saying that the power one holds when having a Vision will be mirrored back to them, something like karma. Maybe the Raiden Shogun took away the Visions of her people to avoid that and preserve eternity. Yet it still contradicts the fact that Raiden Shogun is willing to kill the very same Vision bearers for what she calls "eternity"

  41. Kazuha says we smell like stars as if he smelled the stars before. Nasa really be sleepin on Kazuha

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