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A Better Escape From Tarkov? The Cycle Frontier

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This game has so many great things about it and nearly no negatives. It’s something that if you enjoy the Escape From Tarkov play cycle then you should at least give this a try!

0:00 Intro
0:24 What is this game about?
3:00 Secure Container
3:39 Tasks & Trader Reputation
4:02 Hideout & Upgrades
4:30 Crafting
5:33 Positives About This Game
8:30 Negatives About This Game
11:14 Outro

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  1. This looks and played so much unlike Tarkov, why this comparing is even a thing? Lol.
    Minecraft hardcore servers also had thing for losing loot after death, is this a Tarkov-based game too? 😀

  2. I’m not going to lie, it looks terrible. I don’t want an Apex themed Tarkov. I want Tarkov to be Tarkov without the issues. I just don’t see this pulling away the hardcore realism gamers.

  3. End game should be more maps, with deadlier enemies. Better loot.

  4. Looks like a apex ir destiny mod. I hate destiny.

  5. Why are there so many angry people downvoting this? lol

  6. If you want to enjoy life and not wish harm upon strangers, literally any game is better than Tarkov.

  7. Who's behind you ?? Ohh it's you.. okay good to know

  8. I requested it because its you lol and it looks fun

  9. Don't trust them they are called yager they just want to see us suffering more

  10. negatives for me would be the artstyle, I completely despise the fortnite character look. Also gunplay loots kinda super basic.

  11. So hyped for the full release of this game! Been watching you play it on twitch all day lol.

  12. in regards to end game. I feel the same way about tarkov. its not really anything to do. I got bored after only level 30 something. I know there is more to do. but nothing that can hold my interest. Hoping this game has a more enjoyable loop than tarkov. I love Hunt and have 2.2k hours in that. havent stopped having fun in that one.

  13. This game seems pretty cool. Almost like Destiny and EFT had a baby, based on some of the comments I've read regarding proposed endgame content.

    I'm always cautious with F2P games though. They all start out by saying "monetization will be strictly cosmetics", and then become very Pay2Win as the developers try to make their cash grab once there is an established player base. That's usually the time I end up moving on from a game.

  14. Always enjoy your videos. But you always seem so serious.

  15. Got my invite, time to crack straight into it.

  16. This game is basically a different gamemode from "the cycle", which had hacker problems and was extremely dead in OCE, so if its running the exact same engine and cheat shield (which looks like it) then this will die pretty quickly

  17. Magically, Nikita will speed up development of Tarkov. Lol

  18. But but pestily this is childs play pestily.

  19. That's a no from me.

    While competition is good, this really doesn't look like it to me, free to play is usually code for 'filled with microtransactions' , average animations that don't actually look like they're doing anything in particular and it looks more like they tried to make a no man's sky/craft survival game but threw in the extract genre.

    If you liked destiny or apex it'll probably be up your alley.

    *Apparently it was a battle Royale? Can someone say cash grab?

  20. 4,000 hrs in Tarkov… I want to know 1 single thing. HOWS THE NETCODE?!?!?! 🙂

  21. Anyone else running into server issues. It loaded the tutorial first time I opened it. But now when I start up. It just goes to server error. Friend gets the same?

  22. in my opinion i think this game genre is gonna kick off and get a massive over saturation like the battle royales. Tarkov will end up not being the most played of these because of how difficult it is. If activision made something like this or tarkov they would bring in more players just because it holds your hand the whole time. Although theres always going to be a strong tarkov presence just not the bigges

  23. While the sci fi angle isn't my sort of angle I hope it goes well! I know certain types of people really dig this sort of thing. It just does absolutely nothing for me personally.

  24. "Dont wanna sit there playing tetris" haha yeah after buying tarkov a week ago mid wipe; this resonates well with me. I just became too frustrated by meta gear chads running around with M4s and meta ammo whilst I'm rocking an iron site Akm with garbo ammo. So you have to hide and wait and shoot someone right in the face while they're standing still and hope they're alone.

    BF and cod are popular because you go in, clap cheeks, and dont 'lose' your real life time. Why don't they introduce 'lockers' so you can put gear sets in them? So if you die you can just go into a locker and quick equip a whole loadout in one click.

    Or introduce a zombies mode map with along with scavs to make the game a little more chaotic. It is post apocalypse after all. They have the money to introduce this idea.. they're just not reinvesting the capital they've gained back into the game anymore it seems. The game's a cash cow with the $140 game purchases people will make just for a quick 3×3 secure container. All in all its a great game but it's a huge time commitment for a lot of regular guys who have to work for a living and aren't making real life money in their sleep so they can play this game 24/7 instead.

  25. Cycles did something.. this battle Royale was atrocious 3 years ago. About time they fucking did something.

  26. Funny, I played this when it first came out and none of my friends were into it. I thought the game had a lot of potential and was fun, but definitely helps when you have friends with you.

  27. Isnt there game named cycle already out?

  28. Wanted to play this game, but with the massive promotion it's getting it's going to be swarmed with cheaters now when it finally releases.
    That's a rip.
    As for the "Jeff" reference, it's probably from Half-Life Alyx, there's this annoying creature in that game that cases you around.

  29. It’s like Tarkov and satisfactory had a baby

  30. Sooooo an Apex-Tarkov-Destiny love child? Sounds interesting. I shall request a key! 🔑

  31. This does look pretty cool. What made EFT unique was…well, how it plays. It's not just another "BR" so this is taking a lot of positives from all of the good BRs out there. And there is nothing wrong with that. It's a compliment to the devs really.

    Thanks Pestily for the video.

  32. My person thought is it's got some major positives to the same game genre that EFT can learn from and hopefully develop on and both games are extremely enjoyable for the genre! I've been waiting for another game to be similar enough to jump across to when Tarkov becomes dry and this could be a nice spot to sit!

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