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A new type of FPS game – The Cycle gameplay + First Impressions

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The Cycle game is interesting. PvEvP-FPCQS?! Having fun with friends and explaining mechanics. Check out the game here – Video Sponsored by ‘The Cycle’ Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Just found out about this game. Is this Firefall? It seems like Firefall.

  2. what happends when you die you respawn or you got drop back in a new game ?

  3. Great design. Color palette is nice. I like it. Looks fun.

  4. This game actually does look really really …. crap

  5. Triggers me you didn't deposit those 50 mushrooms =/

  6. stfu and tell me if its just another battle royal -_-

  7. man im tired of all these battle royal games.

  8. the best part is that it has the feel of warframe fortuna which is awsome

  9. why does the hud look super different than the one on epic games store

  10. This is like Escape From Tarkov+Destiny 2 +Apex Legends+Borderlands+No Mans Sky

  11. Fun fact i didn't know there is an outro bcs i never watched the whole vid until now

  12. I played the game and I enjoyed it, I mean, u can play with ur friends and u can kill players as well as game generated AI. Thats kinda cool for me.

  13. Looks like firefall and will probably fail like it.

  14. Its not new type at all, we had Firefall years ago

  15. I want someone to make a Escape from Tarkov/Warzone(Battle Royal) style game. It would be cool to see all the players on a MW Warzone sized map competing for loot and fighting each other along the way. There is still so much room to improve on the BR genre but Devs are too afraid to take chances anymore.

  16. This game is like a hot pot with too much mixes in it .

  17. thanks the the video, might try out the game! 🙂

  18. This is literally the canceled MMO Firefall…damn i miss that game.

  19. I hear Spec Ops: The Line I'm automatically interested

  20. Just installed this! Super fun to play, specially with your squad. Very good graphics and its free 😀

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