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A WHALE Let Me Use 500 Wishes in Genshin Impact

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Can I get him C2 Hu Tao? Can I get him the Staff of HOMA!? Let’s see what we get with 500 wishes
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  1. Me when i saw the thumbnail : Tectone lost weight ?

  2. You are at that point that even when you finally get what you want but you cant even be happy. The whole experience is just so draining and exhausting.

  3. It really hurts in my heart to see him spending 500 wishes just wasting on Hu Tao 😖😖

  4. Chongyun doesn’t have a constellation he has the whole universe my guy

  5. This is the most visual representation how a gambling addicted person behaves during gambling. A rollercoaster of emotions, pep talks and sudden predictions that THIS is the one but 2 seconds later its all forgotten… dont use money on such games if you dont have it.

  6. Mihoyo REAAAALLY needs to divide wishes for weapons and wishes for characters, you know, like in MOST OF THE GACHA GAMES SO FAR!! (And yeah, im saying it because of THE EVENTS!!)

  7. Reasons why i havent come back to Genshin Impact explained in a 23 minutes video

  8. 6:39 when the teacher ignores my question
    8:16 what I do to the teacher when she ignores me again
    12:00 when my best friend answers the question for me
    18:41 me thinking about what my best friend did yesterday for me

  9. what 50/50's and good artifacts drops have in common?

    .. they doesn't exist

  10. DUDE SING MORE; make a vid with genshin but with singing only 😀 yippie yay oh yah yey xD

  11. Mtashed dumb game mihoyo but u still spend 1mil dollars

  12. Yo bro Jean is fire! Passive healing and extremely pog charged attack
    But Hu Tao is sure better for pro gamers such as ourselves..

  13. Okay I admit I didn’t know he’s good at singing

  14. Watching this after seeing you cry on your video when you went F2P feels so wrong.

    I know this is not your account but still.

  15. At this point we can all just believe Mihoyo hates all of us-

  16. I remember when hi Tao got her thing I did 5 wishes got her 3 times but my friend spent months of grinding and 1500$ and never got her and it pissed my friend off so much that he doesn't talk to me anymore.

  17. I swear, wvery time he said "LET'S GOOOOO"….
    I kept hearing, "LIKE SCOOOOOOB" XD

  18. Me: has a whole five-star teamMy sister friend: Are you a whale?Me: no I am just lucky

  19. What was that reaction when he get jean if i just get a 5 star im happy

  20. Me who didn’t get Chongyun until around AR 48: w h a t

  21. Seems like this guy really likes to make others so jealous!
    Alright u have billions of wishes 😒

  22. The whale call had me cackling- I saw the gold star and was like- “Dude I am so gonna whale call from now on-“ and then it ended up being Mona and I dieeed laughing-

  23. Alternate title: man screaming for 23 mins

  24. After getting that first hu tao, i wouldve stopped 😛

  25. a dude complaining for 23 minutes straight about wasting money while not even spending his own money.. we reached peak humanity.

  26. Wish for me too, only thing is I have 30 primogems

  27. That was rough… Mihoyo not doing justice to poor (in luck, not in money) guy.

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