Acey Muni - The Cycle (Prod. Bigzy) [Music Video] -

Acey Muni – The Cycle (Prod. Bigzy) [Music Video]

Acey Muni
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The Cycle is out now on all digital platforms.

Any object which resembles an illegal substance is merely a prop and should not be taken literally. No actors were harmed in any way during the production of this Music Video. Please do not try anything you see at home.


Videographer – SMTV
Khadija – Maria Lidze
Abdullahi – Ahmed Ibrahim
Ayesha – Karishma Karpal


Khadija was a girl with a good heart
She had a bright future with a good start
Getting all the grades in her classes
Looking pretty in hijab and her glasses
And there was never alcohol in her glasses
But things change cos the time always passes
She wanted to be peng like them other girls
So she gradually started taking off her clothes
Her hijabs coming off now you see her hair
You never saw her around now you see her bare
She’s going parties cos the guys always want her there
Now she’s alone in their rooms and there’s no honour there
She started drinking yack now she’s getting drunk
And all them other muslims saying she’s haram
Pushing her away cussing her alot
They’ll never understand how bad the struggle got
Instead of making her dua
They’re making her feel like she don’t wanna know islam
The alcohol went onto smoking weed
The smoking weed went onto snorting coke
Now she’s all alone how’s she gunna cope
She really got addicted to getting high
And once up on a time she had a lot of white
She went to sleep and never woke up alive

Abdullahi was a ‘mali from the ends see
But he was struggling to make ends meet
His hoyo never smiling when you see her
She tried her best to raise a son the miskeena
9-5’s not enough he didn’t want a job
He started making p’z off of selling grub
But he was greedy so you know it never be enough
This is the same guy that used sali at the mosque
His muslim friends went and cut him off
Cos they don’t wanna be around the risky drugs
But hold on what’s them lights from the window curtains
He knew that is was feds he was even certain
They raided his yard and took all his doe
You’re under arrest you ain’t staying home
Cos a little girl died and we’re more than sure
We have reason to believe that you sold her coke
Now he’s in jail and he’s all alone
And you know them jail thugs they don’t like no banter
Cos word just got around that he killed a girl
And now he’s bout to know the meaning of a flipping gangster
They caught him is his cell by surprise
Poured boiling sugar water down his eyes
Now Abdullahi can’t see cos he’s blind
Haram money is the devil in disguise

Ayesha was a lovely Pakistani
And I promise she would cook best biryani
But she had a little issue it was tragic
She had a boyfriend she was struggling to manage
Because he promised her he only wanted marriage
But he also wanted sex before it happened
So she told him that he has to keep on waiting
And he told her that it’s calm yeah he’ll be patient
They would love meeting up and dating
Linking up for cinema on late tings
They planned a little motive to the shisha lounge
And then her boyfriend said he wanna bring Ayesha round
Because his family ain’t home so it’s a free yard
But Ayesha man she’s really on her deen hard
So she told him if I come then they’ll be no haram
Her boyfriend said of course b that’s more than calm
When they got home all his boys were there
Ayesha and her man were chilling up the stairs
In his bedroom where there’s definitely no one there
But his boys came in the room and it felt very weird
Now she’s kicking and she’s shouting cos she’s very scared
And her boyfriend held her down like don’t be screaming
Ayesha got raped by 4 horny men
You know it’s called haram relationships for a reason


  1. Yo this ting is the realist tune I’ve ever heard !!!!💯💯

  2. This is whats actually happening, talking generally but in particular about us Muslims and how we've changed. Man's speaking facts.

  3. This would have been way better with vocals only/no instruments… Remember that musical instruments are also haram and I fear for you that rap will lrad you exactly down the path youre describing her… Baraka Allahufeek

  4. Whoa!!! This was Deeep. Keep it up bro 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥

  5. Bro be real
    May Allah protect our sisters from this mad society

  6. this is actually really good wasnt expecting it

  7. bro if you made this with nasheed it would be so much better akhi

  8. This is true
    We all so attracted to this dunya when we need to remember that it's temporary and we will all die
    Life is a test
    But Satan wants to get the best of us. He makes things look beautiful in our eyes
    Plus whatever haram we do it doesn't last for long. The pleasure we get doesn't last long.
    Every hardship comes ease
    Let's make dua for the Muslim

  9. The ending gave me the chills. Thank you for raising the awareness this generation needs.

  10. fr ppl dont see how hard it is for hijabis….
    hit diff

  11. The khadija actor looks pretty familiar I think she came on that episode with like chunkz Harry yung filly n them😭

  12. How’s dis got 86k dis should get a lot more .🔥🔥 deo

  13. So what I have gathered from this is, Ayesha didn't want anything sexual with this guy. However it's her fault she got rxped because she's in a haram relationship?

  14. This is very true all haram things always come back to u Ik this is deep but it’s a sign that allah (swt) will forgive for accidental sins but the ones on purpose have a way of coming back to u (from experience)

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