Adventure Rank 60 Cost Me $$$$$ | Here's how much | Genshin Impact -

Adventure Rank 60 Cost Me $$$$$ | Here’s how much | Genshin Impact

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  1. I'd agree with the resin refreshes on artifacts. For F2P / low spenders, I think it is more worth it to level characters and talents as high as possible then farm domains that have good transferable artifacts like Noblesse, Emblem, Remi. My Xiangling is so centre to National Team and she has a mixed set but really good substats. And I 36 star clear with just that!

  2. The earliest time I could reach that is probably May 2022. Congrats Seka!

  3. @sekapoko — challange roast my ps4 $500 lazy casual account

  4. My heart broke when sekapoko said than niguang is not worth :((

  5. Wats on ayaka right wrist ?? Why is it glowing thing ,???

  6. we need more clamwars in general we only get polearms xD even tho i like them

  7. Congratulations for reaching AR60 Seka🥳🥳🥳

  8. Congrats on the 60. I appreciate the time you put into all 3 of your accounts. it really means a lot with all the effort you put in to help us. I hope you take a break soon, say hi to Jake <3

  9. you need to work more on friendship exp broo

  10. Awesome insights on resource management, Seka! TYVM

  11. I hated every second of Barbara’s Hangouts. Tragedy that you had to play that. I would have just waited for the resin.

  12. Started playing actually playing when Raiden's banner arrived (was AR5 since release), I got c6 Raiden, Kokomi, HuTao and their corresponding R5 weapons. Most of my 4 stars are c6 except for the standards and some that hasn't been featured yet like Razor. Overall I feel I had spent around 4-5k dollars since then. If I probably did started way back in release it might had been close to 15k as well IMO. Minus the resin refresh that would probably be 2k? I don't stream by the way. Just playing by myself or with friends. I'll probably reach AR 60 late next year.

  13. That 1 primo is the only primo that F2Ps will never get unless they sacrifice their primos for resin, which is essentially no F2P players

  14. My Noelle is higher level than you.

    That's, that's all i can say😶

  15. Ganyu,venti,zhongli,kazuha,reiden rerun when?I need my account…specially ganyu,zhongli,(venti/kazuha)…

  16. This looks great. Thanks for the amazing work and advice!

  17. Mihojo suck wharvare these rewards they really are a bad company

  18. Regarding the resin refreshing, the first refresh is very high value. Everyone with welkin should be resin refreshing once to increase their progress by 33% for ~20 bucks a month. Don't refresh all the way, obviously its a bad move lol

  19. Genshin is so f2p friendly compared to my previous games like summoners war/7ds. I used to spend minimally a few thousand per month on the game. Mostly because I didn't have as much free time to play but still wanted to stay ahead. With travel being tougher and now the only game I play being genshin, I literally have saved so much money. It's been feeding my new addiction which is food and anything related to it. Particularly red meats.

    I used to only go out to nice restaurants for meals or bringing my parents/friends out. However, ever since I stopped spending thousands on games, I now have an overwhelming amount of new cooking appliances and toys. I have an unhealthy amount of knives, I'm always changing fridges and I'm looking into building a new large freezer in my basement to hold blocks of meat… My family used to say I should stop spending so much on games but now they rather I spend on games. My doctor also prefers the gamer me versus the now fat and food lover me.

    I feel happier now although I'm much unhealthier (according to my doctor/monthly bloodwork)… I always thought gaming was bad and spending on games was bad, but now its ironic to see people ask me to go back to spending on games LOL

  20. Beidou's my fav character as well lol, I'm sill a little salty over the fact that Raiden and Beidou don't work together

  21. i peronally only do the first 2 or 3 refreshes. the last 3 are just rediculously expensive

  22. I just reached AR 58 last night as a low spender

  23. Is there a new updated artifact route? I saw envi's but I think he said he just went where he remembered them to be

  24. What’s that blue thingy on ayaka’s wrist?

  25. Take about 62 weeks or lesser depending on new updates. after reaching ar 58 to reach 60. F2P

  26. How about convert it to Primogens. 🙄😳🤣

  27. "Just count every R1 of a weapon as 100$ so every R5 is 500 and so on…"

    Me who went 300 just for one Homa R1: right….

  28. You better give me some if your weapon hahah i only have 2 5* weapon hehe

  29. They really couldve given you a 5 star weapon of choice for AR 60.
    its literally over a year long effort and a one time thing so its not something that could be exploited.
    Everyone inevitably gets 5 star characters due to pity, even banner characters.
    But f2p players will have to sacrifice alot to get a single 5 star banner weapon.
    Throwing every player just one at AR60 wouldnt be a very excessive thing to do.

  30. Not liking Childe explains not liking Harp… cuz that bow is really great on him.
    Doesnt give you the biggest burst but the extra Crit and the bonus AoE damage on his melee attacks makes it probably the best weapon for a sustain dps build…
    At least it feels like it does more damage, if it doesnt the margin is negligible and Ive just been lucky with my crits when experimenting.
    Either way, calling ot "not worth" is a massive stretch if you play as Childe.
    Especially considering its about a million times easier to get than any other good bow.

  31. I hate these artifacts bruh. I have so many zero level artifacts that could potentially be good and it's stressing me out because I know I need to farm specific artifact sets for specific characters to make them better but my mind is unable to do that until I roll all these artifacts and clear out the shit ones.

  32. Funny thing is. My first and only 5 star weapon is skyward atlas. I can only use it on barbara and i dont use her so thats cool😊

  33. I hate artifacts farming so much… it's really because I now have NOTHING special to do that I'm farming them more. And because I only have like 200 something of them. Still get the rewards I want from events just fine. A bit short on DPS on Floor 12, but whatever. Abyss is annoying to me too.
    Stil could build most of my characters just fine. Only Lisa and Diona I didn't really build because I don't find them fun to play. Even if Diona is an amazing support, if I don't have fun and don't want to play her, there's no point for me.

  34. congrats on AR 60 best part f video was opinion on what was worth it and what was not

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