Aether's Voice Actor Pulls for Ayaka (Featuring Ayaka's English VA) | Genshin Impact -

Aether’s Voice Actor Pulls for Ayaka (Featuring Ayaka’s English VA) | Genshin Impact

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Here we are with our first pulling stream of Inazuma – welcome the newest Cryo character and eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan, Ayaka!

Joining us is Erica Mendez, Ayaka’s English voice actress and a longtime friend of mine. We’re just going to chill and roll for her girl (in hopefully, a minimum amount of Primogems). May Genshin Impact yet again be easy on my wallet.

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  1. ………..bruh, how she gonna drop that shes Gon's VA so non chalantly?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Damn Zach that's impressive not only did you get Ayaka but you were able to get Mona in the same banner lol. Very impressive and I am just in awe that I'm currently comparing Erica to Bernadetta and it is night and day. She sounds so chill!

  3. 2:44 he definitely read a youtube comment or some random twitter post where something he worked on "had no emotion" and he's been salty about it ever since xD

  4. Soo there’s where my luck went when I was pulling for Ayaka. Honestly, seeing this hurts

  5. When I only get to play her on the main story…. I got my first ever 5 stars character during her banner I thought it was her… but mihoyo made fun of me giving Keqing instead…… why mihoyo? Why?! Lol. But keqing is still good tho. So im fine with it… but I want heeeer! The struggle of being f2p lol.

  6. 24:00 Zach Aguilar, master of the Art of the Pendulum Wish. Winning and losing a coinflip pity in the same 10-roll is the hint to the sacred art.

  7. 41:07 don't worry zack, I choose Lumine as the main character, so you speak are the villian there.

  8. 41:18 idk man, aether is turning more and more into an asshole as the story progresses, you might be in luck if the abyss shakes up the game with a dichotomy of vision bearers and some other form of class.

  9. My friends and I ONLY play arams in league now. Normal summoners rift is just unbearable. But Pokémon unite for the switch definitely is a fun alternative, quick and fast paced games, should definitely give it a try

  10. Hi. I hope that you continue making content for Genshin. I think that you do a great job in Genshin Impact. The livestream was fun, so don't let anyone get you down. ^_^

  11. I was working when the 2.1 live stream happened so I missed it but I understand a lot of turds have been bashing the english cast for it. Don't listen to the hate Zach, you guys all do a fantastic job and that's all that matters. I hope this bs doesn't discourage you from continuing to interact with the positive parts of the community. Take care man.

  12. Wow it's like gon and tanjiro, the sweetest protagonists playing together❤

  13. The English voice acting in this game is actually good. I enjoy it a lot.

  14. OMG her natural voice is soooo different with Ayaka's. The power of voice acting is amazing.

  15. So you’re telling me Ayaka is GON from HUNTER x HUNTER. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?

  16. No one.

    Zack: “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

  17. It is BS how everyone thinks Zach is sus.

  18. i just found out that u voice moon carver what-

  19. Darn it I missed the stream. Anyways I’m subbed to you cuz u voice tanjiro and tanjiro is my favorite anime character of all time 🙂

  20. Sorry ganyu your cryo section got replace

  21. Erika Mendez? The voice actress of Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, Akko from Little Witch Academia, Ai Habara from Detective Conan, Randall from Scarlet Nexus, Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia, Megumin from Konosuba?

    It's perfect. It's all coming together.

  22. now you have the next new 5 star charakter garuanteed

  23. Mihoyo decided to give me luck by giving me Ayaka and Chongyun with only one 10 pull but makes me spend all my primos and not give me Kazuha

  24. I always want to know.. does khoi and zach are like.. broken broken? Never see each others playing game anymore..?

  25. Zach, you may consider upload this "İnterviews with VAs of Genshin İmpact" to spotify apple music etc. as podcast.

  26. I spent $200 to get Ayaka and got Qiqi instead :)))))

  27. Wait raphtalia shield hero seems to be right

  28. Spam Aether Booba in this comment

  29. Man its funny in genshin this happens after like 80 pulls and me in honkai getting 2 s ranks at 10 pitty

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