Albedo, The Forgotten Prince [Genshin Impact] -

Albedo, The Forgotten Prince [Genshin Impact]

Lily Aquina
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  1. I don't really look into his kit or anything
    I just want him because he's sucrose's teacher lol

  2. Depends on my pity state at the time he isn't a character I would use the guaranteed on but if I'm on 50/50 I will roll for him

  3. I will pull for him, for sure! And he won't be a support in my case, he will be my DPS 😄

  4. I wanted to get him but the timing is just awful. I just got tartaglia and I was saving for yae and I'm not confident at all I'll win 2 50/50

  5. they did me so dirty by putting albedo and itto one right after the other. i'm just going to cross my fingers and hope to god that i'll be able to get them both. (ayato too even tho he won't be geo)

  6. He’s been an integral part of my team ever since I got him and if 2.3 is featuring all geo characters I can’t wait to see what comes out to buff albedo

  7. He'll be completed in 2.3, I always use him in abyss and he is one of my well invested character. Though I'll grind his artifacts from scratch again next patch. If I'm rich, I definitely will c3 him on his rerun. But nah, gonna buy milk for my son.🤣

  8. A little bird told me ALBEDOO would get an r5 free weapon next patch

  9. I got him in my F2P account's first 4 pulls.

    He's my luckiest pull so far and I love him for that💕
    Absolutely love his synergy with Kazuha!

  10. Hehe my albedo does more damage than yours🥴

  11. Oh yeah, I definitely gonna roll for him cuz I play Ningguang. Doing Abyss or anything else I have to pair her with Zhongli. I need him in my team lol

  12. I started playing at the tail end of his banner and couldn't get him

    So I'm absolutely going to try to remedy that during his rerun, even if it means skipping Itto

  13. I have zhongli albedo the abyss is fun with them

    Watch as i roll gorou and itto my 4 geo mono team will be complete

  14. I’ve been saving for Albedo for a long time, he’s my favourite character both gameplay wise and aesthetically, now I’ll have to skip my second most wanted character Hu Tao for him but it will be worth it. Thanks for this video, it is rare to find gameplay of Albedo and I enjoy it a lot 🙂

  15. My triple crowned albedo will be ready to be c2 (or c3 if I can) and for the new sword!!!

  16. Wanna get him since i failed get Zhongli so hope my Pity still hard in next banner after try get Thoma

  17. The issue with Albedo is that folks see him tied to Zhongli an double Geo outside of which he isn't 'meta' according to theory crafters still I find him quite viable and very convenient to play with.

  18. If the next two banner is Itto and him, I’ll definitely skip Itto for him. He’s so elegant

  19. Ofc gonna pull for him at his first banner i was skip him for xiao but got diluc instead :") now im at guaranted and still farming primo for him hehe 😁

  20. Even if he is rare I'm not interested to get him. He is good alchemist.

  21. gonna get him, not because of the gameplay or anything. It's just a way to simp Khoi Dao. The king of Vietnamese representation XD

  22. I've used albedo a lot since i barely managed to draw him before his banner left. I also use his sister as my main pyro dps so i'm glad i got him.

  23. I got him by accident, and i have no regrets building him :]

  24. I am reeeeeally looking forward to 2.3 for his dedicated weapon and the new artifacts sets
    Ma boii u will get a re-build and become even more powerful TwT <3

  25. I've been waiting for an Albedo rerun forever, so I'm definitely picking him up when he does arrive.

  26. Haven't got Zhong Li, but really good addition with my Fischl/Beidou/Noelle/Albedo

  27. The only thing that prevent me to use albedo everywhere is because he is "not great" against bosses, other than that i love the guy, hes the best.

  28. …, i'm not into Geo so far Nigguang is the only that i want to build and well Zhongli if i get the future (of he have a rerun)

  29. I got him on my Ps4 account
    I got a better laptop some time after his banner so now I'm just waiting for him
    I miss Albedo

  30. I'm 100% pulling for Albedo since he has been one of my favorites for such a long time, i've even skipped all the banners just to save for him. I know for a fact i will use him regardless if someone says he's not great. I'm sure most of us can agree there is just something special about Albedo that we just don't know yet but love.

  31. I skipped Albedo the first time cause I went all in for Tartaglia and Zhongli already and had no more primos. It was a tough choice to skip him but I told myself the next time he comes around I’m going for c0. If he comes next patch that is what I’ll be doing on top of c6ing Gorou 😳whichever banner he’s on. I’ll probably raise his EB cause extra easy damage and EM buff is not bad for stronger crystallize but I get why you’d keep it lvl 1. It’s just i May want to take him into co op so I want his kit to all do something lol

  32. I want both albedo and itto, so I’ll prolly roll for both. But I think I’ll prioritize albedo since I believe he will take longer to come back

  33. Personally I don’t have a reason to get Albedo, as a F2P player who started maybe a month or so ago I don’t have many primo gems to my name. I already have plenty of support units, and while Albedo does do a lot he dosent support what I have in mind for my team.

  34. The funny thing is, when he came out initially, I felt his c2 was a crucial part of his kit( now I know it isn't really but its nice to have) so I got him at c2 against my better judgment. I don't really regret this since I really wanted him for his design and that geo is my favorite element in the game. Flash forward to today, I have all geo characters at max companionship and still just enjoy using them.

  35. I loved him since December and still love him. He is a solid member of most of my Abyss runs and i constantly keep searching for the perfect artifacts for him so i can perfectionate him to his maximum. His presence in my box and for my gameplay is almost on par with Zhongli, i really hope his playability will increase with the arrival of Itto and Gorou

  36. Not that I plan on doing abyss, but with bleeding now being a thing, I'm pretty glad I accidentally got Kokomi. She's such a good healer and makes Ganyu freeze left and right. I'm still not interested in Albedo, but he always seemed pretty decent at least. Itto got my interest though!

  37. I surely want Albedo, the thing is can't go for him i'm a F2P so i have to save all my primogems….

  38. I want to get him because i couldn't in 1.2 but it will depend on the banner. My top priority is my boi Gorou so it will depend of the banner where gorou is and the primogems i have left at that time. At least 2.2 is going to let me farm some freemogems.

  39. I like how albedo works but i haven't zhongli and i dont know how can he fit in teams i use besides noelle, who is other character i dont use (but i should do it because of her c6)

  40. I have overbuilt my albedo, he has 1.7k def, 226% crit dmg, 67% crit rate, 2p archaic petra, talent 5 10 6

  41. Albedo is good. Idk why days ago I got involved in a debate that albedo is worse than geo mc, idk if its true or not

  42. My Albedo is doing 12-13k per tick so im all good. Not the max potential damage but still good at 200% CD and 50% CR using HoD with random ass artifacts set.

    Can't wait for new artifacts with 20% def. I probably going to be able to get 14-16k damage now and those with OP set probably over 18-20k without any geo resonance.

    I hope his re-run is not near Yae miko cause Im going to try to get his Constellation 2. Well, at least 1 con for this re-run.

    Screw having shit tons of character, with how tedious farming is and lack of material reward in event, I rather have cons than new character.

  43. albedo was my guaranteed 5* in 1.2, i really wanted him because of his design, interesting kit and he's just so smooth and easy to play with.
    i like him so mush that i don't care about meta ganyu or eula or hutao and that's why i skipped them and do it again
    funny story that i wanted to get zhongli in 1.1 and right after him albedo, but, u know, 50/50

    yeah, i know that after getting ayaka and ei, i switched out my chalk prince out just to play with them a bit, but that memories of happiness that i was getting using geo and the waves of emotions… i decided to return him back and never put him away
    yeah, mb i don't use him in abyss 12 floor, but i'm gonna do it after i got itto in my roster

    month or so ago i updated his old artefacts, even got lucky in farming geo set and got wonderful pieces, and my precious geo alchemist can go up to 20k damage with lvl10 blossom
    no, not gonna remove him again

  44. Already got him :D, always pair him with zhongli and another random dps

  45. I remember I was dipping into his banner for Fischl constellations I believe, and I ended up getting Albedo and being upset that he took away my guaranteed I was saving up when I was nowhere near pity. Heartbroken at first, but ever since that point he’s been a wonderful level 90 member of my roster and I’m so glad I got him that day even if I wasn’t initially thrilled. ☺️

  46. Hey Lily, does that team function without zhongli, replacing him with bennett? I don't have zhongli, at 50/50 got my C1 Keqing on Zhongli's banner.

  47. the albedo story for me is such a KEKW moment that I'm inclined to share here. Aight so I dont remember exactly the details of the 4-star units included in his banner, but I know for certain things went like this.

    Zhongli was underwhelming as fuck and I only aimed at Waifu when I started Genshin (Day 1 player) so I couldn't care less about him when his banner dropped. However, since I'm so close to pity and I really want those 4-star Constellation in Albedo's banner, plus if I had to choose between Zhongli and Albedo, I'd rather have Zhongli (remember, my ultimate goal is Ganyu – not those 2). So at the final day (yes, final day) of the Zhongli banner, I hit my pity and got him.

    Well there we were. Pity 0, got Zhongli, and Albedo's banner started. My plan was to blow my load until the 60-70 range to get the 4* while ABSOLUTELY AVOIDING getting Albedo. If I were to get a 5*, I wanted it to be a 50-50 loss so I can guarantee my Ganyu (I already had Amos at the time, but nobody knew Amos was her BiS). What happened next was just fucking insane.

    I got my first Albedo in first 2 10-pulls. Well ok shit. 20 pity down the drain. Let's continue pulling. Next 10-pull, hello another fucking Albedo. I was in disbelief. I had never been that lucky before. I'm already 30 summons in and my pity counter is still 0. I was pretty mad tbh. I blew the rest of my load which was another 2 10-pulls. AND HE FUCKING SHOWED UP THE THIRD TIME.

    Urgh. I didn't feel anything cuz I knew gettign that much 5* is a blessing. However I had nothing left for Ganyu (long story short I still got Ganyu so twas ok). I decided to build the guy cuz I had to farm for Zhongli anyway and those 2 use HP% and DEF% artifacts. He kept getting better artifacts by the day cuz copium arti from others. The fact that his BiS is a 3-star weapon helped a lot too. Im running 2 petra and 3 off pieces with a stat pretty close to yours. He was actually one of the first to get Bond 10 in my lineup (i have 22+ Bond 10 units now).

    All in all I must say that he has been my first, only and best happy little accident. He only appears in Abyss where things get tough, but everytime I need him, he did his job. He's sitting at 1-10-9 cuz C2 allows me to do DMG with his Q.

    Hopefully my story helped someone to decide whether they wanted to get him or not. Thanks for the video Lily!

  48. my only problem with albedo is you can't use his E when your fighting the oceanid, like mihoyo why????

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