ALL LEAKS 2.3 - 2.5 Banner & Event CONFIRMED & SPECULATED -


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Genshin Impact 2.2.-2.5 leaks including new banners, events, reruns, characters, weapons and more.

Honey Impact
Waffel / Candy Team

Ocean-Hued Clam Artifact Set:

Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact Set:

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  1. Stop complaining about her pronunciation, she said it like that and that's all. There's nothing wrong in it, she just said the names different from what you like, stop hating and laughing. Actually that's how asian people say the names, so it's not wrong either.

  2. xiao and Ganyu rerun in 2022 its a mistake in the video cope up

  3. REALLY doubt we’re about to wrap up inazuma and focus on sumeru so soon lmao. how much time didn’t we spend in monstadt and liyue? we are far from wrapping up inazuma.

  4. Stop complaining about her way to pronounce names. That's so rude

  5. Shoot Ganyu and Xiao at the SAME TIME!??


  7. im ready for Xiao lol i have enough primos

  8. The pain knowing that Eula, Ganyu and Yae are near while my primos are depleted from Hu Tao Banner

  9. Hey, I hope this doesn't come out in a negative way.
    I just got recommended this video, and I see you're pretty new to making Genshin Impact videos.
    I would recommend to not make videos about leaks, as Mihoyo has sued people over leaks.
    This happened about 5 months ago.
    Or at the very least put you in their "do not work with" list.
    I hope you continue making Genshin Impact videos, as we need better content creators in this community.
    Gl, have a good day.

  10. It is possible that Ganyu and Xiao will have a coexisting rerun banner similar to Eula and Albedo for 2.3, and that Kazuha may get his rerun in 2.5 with Yae Miko.

  11. It should pronance as Shen-He(r). It means magical crane, now u know why people r saying she is the human form of cloud retainer.

    Please learn to pronouce Character's name properly as this the respect they deserve. Not many content creators do this. but if you do it would make you look a lot more professional. Wish you channel do well.

  12. This is to much information, let me process that rq..

  13. Ok but lk, wheres sumeruu ;-; also, new characters r great an all, but i feel like they aren't giving enough love to the ones that we already know of, I mean, yae hasn't even been announced but itto, someone I've never heard of, is coming next banner,, I mean, ittos fine but stilll

  14. What if Xiao and Ganyu got rerun together like Eula and Albedo?
    I wouldn't want it as a f2p tho

  15. Ganyu and xiao double rerun is too powerful

  16. I can't picture myself going back to liyue in 2025 at 7.5 genzZZzzzZhin

  17. i would love to have yae as like a healer electro, we have water, frost, wind and fire healer but no electro healer >.< I left out geo cuz it rly is more just like shield stuffs ykno

  18. I am definitely looking forward to adding Yae in so she can pair with my Raiden ^_^

  19. Hi, so recently they announced a new system where they could be doing 2 reruns simultaneously, how do you think this will change the current speculations and such that you have about reruns? (will characters get reruns a lot sooner and such) And more specifically do you have any speculations about when Ayaka will be getting a rerun? I'm saving for Mistsplitter currently but I really want Albedo, so I just need to make sure I can save enough wishes for a Mistsplitter if I get Albedo

  20. Fuck all that character, I'm ready to wait for the jester pedrolino banner

  21. 2.4 will probably get Xiao AND Ganyu together like Albedo and Eula

  22. I will actually cry real life hydro tears if I do not get Xiao. My bank account will too

  23. Since mihoyo has decided to start doing two reruns at one ganyu and Xiao will probably rerun together!

  24. bruhh i want yunjin and xiao… i was hoping for them to be on the same banner 💀

  25. If 2.3 is albedo and eula , 2.4 could be xiao and ganyu then will 2.5 be kazuha and ayaka

  26. God the way you say these names gives me a headache. If you’re going to make videos constantly saying the character’s names, at least try to say them properly. Obviously i can’t expect everyone to say their names correctly or even semicorrectly, but if you’re going to build a channel off of something like this it’s the least you could do.

  27. The way she pronounces Itto and Albedo is slightly annoying.

  28. sacaramouche is not playable like la signora lol

  29. so the cry baby albedo wanters is happy now hahah the ganyu simps and xiao simps crying on the corner .
    while albedo simps and eula simps evil laughs
    that doggo should be a pet -_- rude mihoyo
    albedo's new skill XD he became childe's lost brother lol
    he can use cryo wtf

  30. sigh time to start farming for xiao and ganyu

  31. 6:35 shenhe is cloud retainer, her name in Chinese means god of crane and cloud retainer is indeed a crane bird

  32. "Albedou" I'm so sorry – I found that so funny-
    Edit :ok I've watched the whole video id just like to say congrats itspakion you wanted to pull on albedo and ganyus re-run there you go

  33. Hu Tao burried my primos and Im trying to save up for ganyu copium for ganyu to be in 2.5 so I can get Ganyu

  34. are the eula and albedo banners combined, or separated but the period is the same?

  35. "Electro characters need more love!"

    Where're my hydro characters at? There are only 5 of them and 2 are capable of being a dps. X) From what I know, by the way.

    But giving some more screentime for the electro characters? Agreed. Except for Fischl, in my opinion. I don't want to listen to her all day… ._. Probably the best to listen to Oz's translation, because her "stories" really bores me! >_>

  36. Thanks for all the love on this video! Next video on Itto is coming soon! Let me know what else you'd like me to cover in a future video! Really interested in doing some lore ones too 👀

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