All New Features in Genshin Impact 2.3 Update -

All New Features in Genshin Impact 2.3 Update

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All the new features added in Genshin Impact Version 2.3 “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms”

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📌 Timestamps
0:00 Specters nerfed
0:42 New artifact locking in domain
0:56 co-op team fix
1:17 Specters kill optimization
1:55 Rifthound knockback reduced
2:16 Floral Zither music changed
2:30 Razer Synapse support
2:44 Thoma idle animation improved
3:11 New Yanfei, Sayu & Sara idle animations
3:39 New Nobushi stagger animation
3:58 Beidou tidecaller fix
4:14 New max DMG limit
4:32 Gliding motion waves removed
4:46 Corner bug in domains fixed
5:02 Wood collection fix
5:16 New photo frames in serenitea pot
5:58 New time record furnishing
6:38 Paimon as companion in teapot
7:12 New artifacts & domain
7:45 New gadget
8:12 New Alcor teleporter
8:22 New weapons
8:34 New version 2.3 limited-time event
9:09 New story quest
9:27 New hangouts
9:39 New boss
10:09 New recipes/food
10:24 New namecards
10:31 New books
10:42 New stardust feature
10:59 Cryo exploding barrel fix
11:13 Lumine fishing clipping fix
11:21 Catalyst pages optimized
11:29 Raiden voice lines fix
11:41 Electro compass mora fix
11:51 Thunderbird lore fix
12:01 PS5 notice
12:11 New 2nd banner
12:23 Eula, Thoma & Albedo lore changes
12:31 New characters Itto & Gorou
12:48 Spiral abyss 2.3

🎵 Music
Yu-Peng Chen @ HOYO-MiX



  1. Was hoping for Eula attack animation would get fix.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks the animal-catching feature gives off Pokémon vibes?

  3. what glide waving effect? can't see it bc i don't know which it is lmao

  4. I always i-framed the specter homing attacks by dashing towards it, and it seems like this habit is gonna change soon

  5. Floral Zither is fixed

    But it's still hideous 🤧

  6. 10 million is my normal attack damage and if I use burst it will surely exceed 20 million. So they got scared and capped it to 9 million lol.

  7. Since I use Albedo and any bow user I don't have much of a problem about Specters lol

  8. Wha…why they neafed spectre? They are the easiest one to fight with and now they are just some flying balloon….
    Maybe next time it will be a enemy that just gonna blow up itself and drop all items when player get near it.

  9. Me trying so hard tro get the inazuma layout in the teapot
    Also me: turns a the inside of a mondstatian house into an inazuman house

  10. I would rather they nerf spectres flying off to heaven rather than nerfing the homing attacks.

  11. yanfei's new animation is super cute thanks mihoyo 😀

  12. kinda sad that they killed off the damage showcase category to replace it with parkour showcase instead

  13. Yesss they finally nerfed Specter's attack 😭

  14. I appreciate these typed of videos, because, in all honesty, I don't really look at mihoyo's "patch notes" 😅 Seeing them in a video format on what was changed and added is really nice

  15. I only found one book at the book store. Am I missing something?

  16. Because I'm currently maining Beidou, that change to the rifthounds is gonna make my life a whole lot easier

  17. Finally, I've been waiting for this. 😅 Your explanation are more details and easy to understand… ❤️
    The other yt channel are not really interesting when they show this new Things on new update

  18. There are a few new books lying around on the open world too, I found at least 3 in the village that granny komeki is in (I forget the name)

  19. I still hate spectres so much I always need coop when I need help with them

  20. can anybody further explain the glider's motion wave pls? i cant really understand it

  21. A little thing, but fishies in the open world have swimming and escape animations/routes instead of idling in one place and attempting to flee by swimming in a straight line in a set direction.

  22. Did anyone notice the change they did to the crystal mining route? It feels like a different pattern in both Mondstadt and Liyue areas.

  23. so ps4 users wont be able to play anymore unless they have a ps5?

  24. The adventure rank needed for event is 20 was soo useless cuz you need 15+ more for albedo's story quest 😂

  25. 3:11 She's showing me how much Noctilous Jade I gave her

  26. The spectre nerf was really good
    I had to do i frame dodges but still get hit by their homing attacks because it just swerves back at me immediately

  27. Thank god they finally nerfed that damn specter 😩 that was so annoying

  28. also, idk maybe this is just my feeling, Bennet elementals skill have a different voice, its the same speech, but just in a different tone, I use him sooo often, that once i hear this different tone, I thought my game broke 😂

  29. You never found this yet ..find all 6 locations of Kama And Sumida … one is lyue in front of gift shop 2 is monastat library still looking for the other 4

  30. They need to pay you for all this work you’ve done you are truly a blessing thank you hope you had a amazing thanksgiving day

  31. So far they nerfed 3 enemies that weren't hard because kids found it too hard.

  32. why can't they give the homing attack to the bow character so that they can be more usefull

  33. POV: you have zhongli and never noticed the specter homing attacks

  34. Now I can't get shenhe cause I'm on ps4

  35. The spectral's homing attack hit more accurate than Yoimiya's normal attack 😅 in the past. OwO

  36. i feel like its so dumb they set the maximum dmg to 9m …

  37. Honestly, I don't necessarily care about the homing thing that the spectres do, yes it does get annoying from time to time, but I'd rather much appreciate it if they were to nerf the certain height they fly to, Its especially annoying if you exclusively use melee characters.

    But overall it's a somewhat good patch if I do say so myself, that's one less annoying thing removed from a very annoying enemy.

  38. Not me getting teary eyed while watching because of Ruu's song 🙁

  39. The spectres was literally a tanky Mi-24 hind, equipped with hi-tech ATGM 🤣

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