All New Features in Genshin Impact 2.4 Update -

All New Features in Genshin Impact 2.4 Update

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As always there are a ton of things changed and added. Here’s everything you need to know. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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📌 Timestamps
0:00 New lip-sync for hangout series 1
0:30 Spiral Abyss center platform fix
0:57 Spiral Abyss party setup screen opponents
1:11 Enemies moved
1:37 New diona voice in hangout EN
2:05 new gift mail box
2:35 New crafting and forging UI
3:23 New map switching
3:45 Katheryne voice improved
3:59 New monsters
4:29 Primordial Bathysmal Vishap
4:53 Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap
5:15 Bolteater Bathysmal Vishap
5:34 Bathysmal Vishap Herd
6:04 Pyro Abyss Lector
6:47 Cryo Specters
7:08 Pyro Specters
7:28 Electro Specters
7:45 co-op improvements
7:54 New furnishings
8:21 Speedy Rhythm furnishing
8:56 custom sets in teapot
9:22 Shortcut wheel customization
9:41 Rifthound whelps in mondstadt
10:09 New recipes
10:29 New wildlife- ray and unagi
10:45 New fishes to fish
10:59 Sacred sakura level maxed to 50
11:22 quest nerfed
11:31 New ningguang and keqing outfits
11:48 New world quests
11:56 New commissions
12:04 New archon quest
12:16 New hangouts
12:28 New namecards
12:40 New region enkanomiya
12:58 New key sigils
13:20 Ghostfish
13:43 new phase gates
14:00 new day-night mechanism
14:31 New achievements
14:44 New characters yun jin and shenhe
15:00 New publisher
15:07 Spiral abyss 2.4

🎵 Music
Yu-Peng Chen @ HOYO-MiX



  1. idk if u guys knew but the lip sync thing actually already works for the opening quest. all the dialogue from mondstadt’s archon quest is lipsynced, and has been for a while even before 2.4.

  2. The tab that lets you switch from region to region is lowkey a lifesaver, fanning my mouse from Inazuma all the way to Mondstadt and Liyue is such a hassle. Also Enkanomiya is very interesting, tons of 500iq puzzles.

  3. the thanking voice of Katheryn is actually available in JP ever since idk. I find it weird that English Kath doesn't have that in the first place

  4. I met the ghost fish earlier today and I think that was the highlight of my day

  5. 11:22 guess I wasn't the only one who thought that battle was way too hard for a random world quest, lol

  6. That ghost fish thing is the most beautiful Enkanomiya mechanic I've seen

  7. Good thing they changed the difficulty of The Fang if Watatsumi cuz it's hard

  8. They need to fix their camera movement during fights. When fighting hill side, the camera sometimes moves inside the grasses which make it impassible to play properly. It doesn't even moves to other angles if we do.

  9. Excuse me can you make next spoiler about another puppet of ei in next update weekly boss?

  10. More 2.4 features : delay and slow render in some devices although green ping

  11. I’m sorry but Mondstadt rifthounds is such a shitty idea.


  13. I did the Fang of Watatsumi 3 times.
    1st, I set the wrong team. I was not expecting there'll be lot of waves of enemies.
    2nd, one of Hilichurl shooter fell off the cliff and it wasted my time.
    3rd, almost not made it, barely 2-3 seconds left maybe.

  14. Noooo why did they add rifthounds in monstadt it was my safe haven :')

  15. Finally it's synced to the language not Chinese

  16. I feel bad for new players fighting these Rifthound

  17. im going to date noelle again just because her lip sync

  18. Hope we can pet animals.. dogs and cats oneday
    Even with just simple animation will be ok for me

  19. i want that new lip sync for story character quest and archon quest, maybe in future

  20. 11:22 why was it nerfed? I thought it was okay? Use the electroganas to help..
    I’m not kidding. And not trying to sound boastful but I legitimately don’t remember struggling with that. I can vaguely remember standing around waiting for more to spawn in

  21. 12:45
    Actually, the Archon Quest isn't required to get in; just the pre-req world quests.

  22. god damn i thought the lip sync was the thing of 1.0

  23. Wow ofc they lip sync the series 1 hangout events right after I completed them

  24. Ngl the Enjou is the chillest person affiliated in the Abyss so far

  25. As a playstation player, I am gonna switch the position of battlepass so that I won’t keep going to the wishing screen and almost doing a 10 pull.

  26. AH ALSO i don't think its mentioned in the video, do you know the two men in liyue harbor talking at the end of a bridge. We used them because their space is very small and because they're talking at the end of a bridge when we jump, our characters dive but we actually can't because that two men

  27. Is it just me that still hasn't gotten Zhongli's dream solvent and bamboo shoot soup???

  28. If you change the voice to Chinese the lip sync is quite accurate I think.

  29. *Looks at pyro lector's true damage mechanics*

    The devs are going to wreck their brains, coming with wacky and gimmicky combat mechanics by the time we get to fontaine.

  30. The people who proposed an idea with cryo specters with water surface is a devil incarnate.

  31. i didn't know that the spiral abyss floor wasn't flat

  32. thank u always for posting this every update!! i love seeing the changes in video format and always look forward to ur videos every update hehe

  33. Whats the track in thr beginning of the video? Its really good

  34. The quest : nerfed
    The players : didnt bother to charge the stone anyway
    Also the players : acK wHy So HaRD

  35. Thanks for the video!
    Song list? please.

  36. The new specters are so cute 🙁 Honestly loving them. The hydro ones would always have my hate though.

  37. 12:49 "To unlock this area, you have to complete all Inazuma Archon Quests till "Omnipresence Over Mortals""

    This is incorrect! I still haven't even done "Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow" or the pre-requisite story quests to unlock the ability to start it, and I was still able to enter Enkanomiya!

  38. idk if it was in the previous patch, but yanfei's new idle animation has more sounds

  39. 3:51 it was before though. But it was sooooo quiet and barely hearable. They updated it to be louder

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