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  1. Unfortunately… yeah she is. Been a big disappoint but not everything about the game can be great.

  2. Fun facts :the one who's make a research about Aloy is Alice, Klee's truebirth mom 😌

  3. now shes given to all platforms!! still needs ae 20 tho

  4. if you ever want to know more or want to know how to play a character, watch their collected miscellany

  5. No, that wasn't an inuendo at the end. The narrator is Alice, Klee's mother (Klee is the small bomb girl). You'll learn more about her later, although I'm not sure how much will be covered since some info was through events


  7. What great timing for him to find out this because the 2.2 update drops today so the other players that are not on PS4/PS5 also get her

  8. you'll got her today dude… some trivia…the ones that narate aloy's story was Klee's Mom

  9. i'm in 5,010 view's im the 5,007th view

  10. As also a player that recently finished hzd, im hyped by having a character from another game into another!

  11. The game you play the original aloy is different in genshin…

    Each character have its own Single elemental vision

    Aloy has ONLY Cryo (Ice/Snow) Vision.
    So every time she release her elemental skill/burst its always cryo

    Not like…fire bombs etc etc.

  12. Idk if you can get aloy in 2.2 on PlayStation

  13. Ah the voice over for Aloy's video is an in-game character named Alice. She is Klee's mother (Klee being the kid that uses bombs). The bomb line was meant as a subtle lore line to indicate who the voice belongs to and gives us a little bit more on Alice's character (who has remained for the most part a mystery).

  14. the voice in the background was probably Alice, mother of that child in the end

  15. Wait y'all just now getting her I thought everyone got her like a couple weeks ago

  16. If you play on PC or Android, she is available until the 2.3 Update next month.

  17. The lady narrating is klees mother Alice besides the traveler shes the only one know to travel to other worlds. She could possibly be a future character and is very powerful from the way the game talks about her. She also the writer of the the travelers handbook that you use that has all the monsters and domains in it.

  18. pc players : where aloy ? (literally next month)

  19. The person doing the narrative is actually Klee mom. Too bad you can't do the story the explains it because it's lock behind a 1time event but there probably videos on it.

  20. I know you want to take it slow… But don't take it too slow, Aloy will only be available until the end of this last update. If you haven't got her by the time Version 2.3 is live, she'll be gone.

  21. Hope you get her soon
    Would love to see you play as her 🔥

  22. 7:56 The Narrator is Klee's mother Alice who taught Klee how to tinker and create bombs using explosive alchemy. Alice is the person who wrote the Teyvat Travel guide so it's right that she gets to narrate about this little Aloy Bio.

  23. I can't wait to get her on PC, another character to play around with 🙂
    Fun fact, the the voice u hear in the ability trialer is Klee's mother Alice, she showed up in a prequel event to inazuma, she's apperently a centuries old sorceres

  24. She's cool, but her ascension materials are the worst. I wont be using her for a while lol

  25. I love your reaction to the Aloy intro character videos 😂✨ You could see his eyes lit up from excitement

  26. Just letting you know she is garbage 😆 🤣. I had her quite awhile now

  27. hippity hoppity your property is now my property says:

    im sorry to say this but i think a lot of people forgot about aloy, maybe except playstation players

  28. Aloy is 3 star character… She's damage awful…

  29. Do you stream in any platform? Because I'd love to see you play genshin live 🙂

  30. I mean you can level up to 20 easily in one day if you wanted to spend some hours in Genshin

  31. That's cool! With your current characters, a team with Aloy, Rosaria, Traveler, and Noelle would be great! Aloy for long range battles while Rosaria and Traveler for close range. You can have Noelle as your shield and healer. Noelle has comparable party healing abilities, depending on her defensive stat. Her Elemental Skill, Breastplate, will form a Geo Shield around her, and her attacks will heal the entire party while active. You can build up Noelle's attack stats for larger scaled group damage or build up her defensive stats for better healing.

  32. Speaking of hunter, I hope Mihoyo have a collaboration with fromsoftware and allow 'The Hunter' of Bloodborne in Teyvat.

    I'm pretty damn sure he'll paint Dragonspire in red.

  33. owhh miss Alice mention last traveller before Aloy was centuries ago so can assume she was talking bout the twins 500 years ago woah

  34. hey man can u react to the collected miscellany of all the characters? most of the characters have a teaser, demo and a collected miscellany. The collected miscellany is pretty much like this one where the narrator explains how the character's in-game mechanics work. Thanks.

  35. please please PLEASE watch the miscellany videos then you'll get better look how to utilize everyone as team. good comp and artifact is good when know early in the game so you don't spent too much on stuff you wouldn't even use till late game

  36. Hey, you should also watch the character teasers! 😀
    They're quite different from the character demos, they're short animated videos that show a little more personality and even some world-building compared to the character demos. Ah! Another thing you can react to is the cutscenes from windblume festival and lantern rite festival as those were seasonal events that will most likely have different stuff to do next year.

  37. It is cannon that genshin, marvel, dc and Fortnite exist in the same Universe

  38. if u want to quickly get to AR20 go do all the archon and story quests they give the most AR experience.. do your daily commissions too… and go open all the teleporters and statue of the 7… opening chests and completing dungeons give u some experience too but not as fast as doing the archon and story quests…

  39. the easiest way is to reach ar12/16 first since you get to do daily commisions and play multiplayer

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