AMAZING NEW BUILD! Updated Albedo Guide - Best Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact -

AMAZING NEW BUILD! Updated Albedo Guide – Best Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact

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Albedo got a bunch of indirect buffs with the new content released in patch 2.3 alongside his rerun (new weapon & artifacts), as well as the nearby release of Gorou & Itto. This video covers his best build, playstyle & more. Enjoy! ▼ OPEN ME ▼
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Elemental Gauge explanation (last sections of the vid) by Zajef77:

Shoutout to Zajef77 (friend and math guy):

I’m happy to finally update my Albedo Guide, it’s been way too long.
I appreciate likes & subs a lot ty

Initial Info (0:00)
Talents & Playstyle [Detailed] (0:47)
DEF vs ATK for Albedo (4:48)
Advanced Info & Tips (5:47)
Artifacts [Sets/Stats] (7:06)
Weapons [New Broken Weapon] (11:15)
Constellations (13:35)
Team Comps (15:02)
Overall & Showcase Info (17:43)



  1. With all the corrosion happened in teyvat, and soon Abyss, Harbinger of Dawn is a No.

  2. Please review kokomi’s new artifact set as well T-T

  3. I Have C2 Albedo is Geo Dmg Goblet or Defense Goblet better for C2?

  4. good video as usual but lemme give a bit of criticism, you talk too much and tend to repeat yourself a lot.

  5. would double geo double anemo really work? for some reason all of the banner 5 stars I want/have are geo and anemo, so asking for myself :O

  6. Thanks for the build but i don't have zhongli so should i use geo aether or ninguang C1 please tell i use childe with Xiangling and Bennet so should i swap Bennet with them? I

  7. I will like to know which is better the new 4 star or festering desire cuz both increase element skill dmg but festering increase elemental skill crit rate which might be better

  8. Is your old ganyu build up to date? I am Guaranteed to get a ganyu when she reruns and I want to start farming

  9. Ah I just thought about this can I use atk% sands with him if I use the new set and cinnabar to balance his damage between his skill and burst

  10. What should my 3rd character be in a Childe+zhongli + albedo


  12. Can I use a defense goblet temporarily while I farm more of the new artifacts? Got a defense goblet on set that allows me to run a broken off piece defense sands

  13. Anecdotally, for anyone curious the difference between spindle + husk vs max invest 2NO 2Petra Harbinger for me (with pretty terrible subs on husk) was about 8k damage per E tick. Fucking massive

  14. I still haven't found a single Crit Damage or Chance Circlet for the Husk set, using Def primary for now… I wonder if Def primary circlet will be useful on Itto…

  15. My current 4 piece tenacity albedo does 10-12 k with hod and 9 – 11 k already with the spindle thats only level 60 r2… the weapon is insane

  16. PSA: With mihoyo introducing corruption Harbinger might be a lot trickier to use in abyss since that would make albedo lose his hp even while off field

  17. How do you already have such good artifacts from that domain? I'm literally not getting anything good from that domain.

  18. finally got albedo this time, thanks mr socks for the quick guide as always! the albedo zhongli xingqiu hutao is my new fav team it's so good

  19. Not related to the video but can qiqi use the new healing artifacts?

  20. Thank you for the guide! It's gonna help my Albedo out alot! I hate to be a pain but do you plan on updating your Ningguang guide? My gf doesn't have zhongli or Albedo so she's planning on building her Ningguang, no offense to other content creators but their guides aren't as good as yours. 😅

  21. What is the optimal crit damage to crit rate ratio with def as main stat

  22. Guys he said in the end of the Video that his artifact are bad hey listen sir the amount of damage u r doing rn with albedo even my main dps is not doing that

  23. is the new set any good if you have albedo on field a lot ?

  24. After potential leak my albedo will do some bing chilling damage

  25. I have a question, I scrolled through 86 prayers, that is, I need 4 more prayers before the 5-star subject, but I got a 5-star sword on the 82 prayer I have to reset those past prayers, go no?

  26. Missed opportunity to say the cinnabar gives a nice amount of defense at lv90.

  27. ive been hearing tenha saying that the constelation of albedo 4 does not work for xiao for like 2 months now is it really true?

  28. Bro i relly need help. I have 65 guarantee pity. Is it worth to summon albedo for my geo xiao team as i have ninguang in his place or should I wait for ganyu rerun🙂

  29. So. . . How viable would a Def build Qiqi with Cinnabar Spindle be?

  30. I'm using him with C6 Ningguang and Noelle, and the amount of damage is actually insane. Gorou cannot come soon enough

  31. The way I use Albedo is just pure defense.

    I just E skill normal attack x2 E skill normal attack x2 xD.

    Gonna try Geo only team to see how well it goes xD

  32. Me main team for almost a year has been Childe, Zhongli, Albedo, and Bennett. The aoe is just incredibly fun.

  33. Will u make a video about the new healer set and which teams is it useful

  34. This new set is very difficult to get mann
    Pls if possible tell what 4* artifacts we can use on him

  35. I got ma boi Albedo on 117 pulls and I feel so invincible with him on my main team of Xiao and Zhongli even though he be just 1 1 1 talent. 2.4 defense already when I haven't even leveled up 4 of his bis arti, only def sands lvl 20 🤯. It took me months to even reach 2k def with Noelle.

  36. Me still debating if i want to pull on albedo or eula, i don’t need either tho.

  37. Yesss I've been waiting for your guide! Reliable as always, thank youu

  38. Ittou – Albedo – Gorou – Zhongli would be nice… especially if it's c4 Gorou since he technically becomes a healer at that point.

  39. I realise Gorou can't be a normal team member yet, but we've seen what his abilities are from his Hangout battle. So why aren't we talking about how Gorou's ability to suck in crystals will make Albedo's C6 much easier to take advantage of? As long as Albedo's skill is reacting with something, you'll pretty much have a permanent crystallize shield.

  40. I was absolutely bussin when I saw cinnabar spindle, double crowned albedo with no regrets. Thanks man

  41. I just won the 50/50 again So this really helps. Thanks Mr. Socks!!

  42. I'm so jealous of the artifacts he already has.. Like wtf

  43. Was waiting for this! Thanks for the Albedo guide!

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