AR57 IS INSANE! (Genshin Impact) -

AR57 IS INSANE! (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we (me and my great-great-grandfather’s father’s ashes) are finally hitting AR57. What waits for us?
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Outro Music: “City Breath Control – Halcyon Lounge”



  2. Mitachurl is one of the best 4 stars, up there with Bennett, Ninguang etc.

  3. Can someone explain to me please ? 😡 i don't understand i'm ar30

  4. Those rewards are ass…🤣🤣🤣

    Btw your editing skills are impressive

  5. What? not even fragile resin?

    or is Moga trolling us?

  6. When he placed that mitachurl
    Me: oh, a pet???
    The hirichurl starts spinning

    WaIt a MiNuTe

  7. 1 mora, a 5 star dish, 1 damaged hilichurl mask, a 3 star artifact, and a mitachurl. very nice rewards

  8. The fake items literally have me wheezing 😭😭

  9. who played genshin starting 1.0 or 1.1 update
    its really long tbh, just the feeling dont compare it to other games

  10. Actually this rewards is better than the real one 😀

  11. why is nobody talking about deformed bouken da bouken in the thumbnail

  12. Why does bennett other eye is like that lmao

  13. You shouldn’t play Genshin impact on stream or vids bc its kinda like a story and it spoils the game for newcomers bc 70% of newcomers of any games watch yt videos on it

  14. I saw an ar 57 the other day. I forgot it was possible

  15. the one that was bugging me was he called zhongli zhongli not john lee or geo daddy like bruh what happened

  16. Fun fact: The timer that appears when you finish the domain actually also counts the entire time before you started fighting (from when you enter the domain to when you finish the fight.)
    I hate this so much

  17. I just got a Genshin add and A DENDRO IS COMING OUT IN INAZUMA UPDATE

  18. 7:54 Mogawty is actually Chef John from Food Wishes, confirmed

  19. Edited and commebts probably being deleted

  20. according to my calculations it would take EXACTLY 101 days to get from 55 to 56 (no resin recharge or anything) with just doing all your commissions and domains everyday

  21. Wait-
    I forgot about slime condensate and chunks. Wtf. I checked and I have like 593- tiny pieces

  22. me who still sits on 50 cause can't be bothered to deal with harder ennemis :intresting

  23. What happened to bennet's eye on the thumbnail 😂😂

  24. I’m only 1/3 of the way through ar 56, also just co-oped with an ar58 person

  25. I'm halfway through 56 and I'm questioning everything now.
    What is the purpose of leveling up anymore….

  26. I thought I’m the only one who like Kazuha so much, Turned outs every single guy i asked about Kazuha, All of them Love him. cuz he’s so brokennnn as fuck

  27. Is nobody gonna talk about bennett's eye in the thumbnail

  28. I did now realize that Bennetts left eye is much tinier in the thumbnail

  29. Wtf..
    Meanwhile on AR59 Katheryn : Go to hell.. No f rewards
    Quit this game.. You can consider it

  30. they have no compensation for loyalty, damn it mihoyo

  31. Lmao i didnt fell for that its obviously a edit

  32. Therapist: Describe depresion.
    Me: Not getting some FREAKING PRIMOGEMS

  33. me, hanging out in ar45 and waiting to wish on wolf's gravestone: interesting

  34. Anyone else notice that his bennett now gives exactly 1111 atk boost?? That's pretty cool

  35. what is going on with the thumbnail 😭

  36. I actually was confused by the adventure rank reward until I saw the hilichurl. Like "wtf, not even a 5 star artifact and only 5 mora?!" I checked my game as I had i on and laughed my ass off.

  37. Not sure what AR57 is insane but I've been this for a while and nothing has changed shrugs

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