Arataki Itto (C0) and Noelle (C6) Damage Comparison | Genshin Impact -

Arataki Itto (C0) and Noelle (C6) Damage Comparison | Genshin Impact

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A quick comparison of damage against a single target enemy while running the same equipment with Noelle and Arataki Itto.

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Couple N – Butterfly Wings

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  1. Itto has greater dps but can only be main dps but Noelle is a team healer and shield user, I think if you already have top tier dps build up Noelle is better choice.

  2. I pulled for Itto because he looked cool and I have a C0 Noelle. Plus, I needed a Geo DPS anyways.

  3. Itto could have done even faster if he was crowned and if he did some attacks beforehand for the stacks 🙂

  4. just want to point out, Noelle's raw dmg part took advantage of geo resonance while Itto didn't

  5. Have been maining c6 noelle for a while and i am very in love with itto he is so fun to play, also a c6 gorou makes the number pretty to look at xD

  6. Cryo regisvine is a weak target for comparison. It is too weak for the current characters.
    You could do signora instead because even other 4*characters with decent build can kill it pretty easily.

  7. They might be similar, but she'll never be able to do 100k every normal hits like Itto (no matter what build)

  8. Noelle better if it is about worth it to cuz no need to spend money, after 1 year kf playing u most likely got c6 noelle anyway

  9. They're both really good. Noelle can shield and heal and Itto can do big and fast dmg

  10. everywhere compare compare and compare. theyre both diff dps. why compare? and u suppose to charge when u have stack on itto.. not normal attack.

  11. First round noelle had geo res on her from shield, meaning without buffs her damage is lower.

  12. fix skip itto…waiting for xiao c1 🔥🔥

  13. Noelles crit rate and that scuffed itto comparison with noelle seemingly always critting, yeah in the situations that you make their times as close as possible they do look almost identical

  14. Next time wait untill gorou's banner effect dissapears cause itto's stats are very misleading that way. My artefact stats were a bit higher than yours so i was like how is that possible, then i added Gorou's flag DEF bonus and my stats were higher than yours. Nice to see original stats without any bonusus.

  15. Pulling Itto because of his kit: I sleep
    Pulling Itto because he beatboxes: Real shit

  16. Me who uses both noelle and ittou in the same team lmao

  17. Everyone is talking about Itto attacks are fast but why noone is talking about Noelle have wider range and shield plus heal, so both is good in their place.
    If you wanna talk about Itto's advantage about his speed then you should also talk about Noelle advantage too.

  18. can you do c6 ningguang and c0 itto comparison?

  19. noelle :
    + can heal
    + def to atk
    + can shield over other characters
    + wide range attack
    – slow animation and attack speed (both normal and charged)
    – need to be C6 to be good dps, otherwise just decent sub-dps
    – cannot fast solo due to ER issue

    + can taunt enemies (the cow a.k.a ushi)
    + fast attack speed (both normal and charged)
    + def to atk
    + passive talent focusing dps
    + can solo cause have no Energy generating issue
    – need stacks mechanism
    – reducing physical dan element ressist upon burst

    conclusion :
    both are just good, but as u can see noelle need to be C6 to be fair as itto, while not every player have C6 noelle, even high player AR like me who already play since 1.0 but i only have C1 noelle, luck is needed here. that's why itto can be alternative for C6 noelle and noelle C6 can be alternative for itto. noelle is easy to play, just buff her > shield > burst, while itto at C0 need to stack atleast 3-4 before use burst to saving burst duration for more Damage per second potencial.
    But actually itto mechanism isn't that complicated, u just need to summon ushi and then hit enemy every 2nd and 4th hit, every hit that ushi get will gain 1 stack and when it flee/destroyed it gain another 1, u don't need to worry about attack animation because itto normal attack animation is one of the fastest claymore normal attack peform in this game, at the 4th hit he can immediately reset to 1st hit, not like noelle razor diluc etc that their last heavy hit are have long time animation to reset back to 1st hit, so u can use dash cancel wisely.
    after using burst u can use skill again to gain more stacks while in burst state, and perform charged if already have full stacks (5) or do 1 more hit before performing charged attack if u still have 4 stacks, after performing last charged hit, use dash cancel animation and do normal attack to gain stack, in burst state every itto hit wil gain stacks, so it just fast to perform charged attack again, usually i can do 3 combo charged attack in one burst duration. once again i would say that itto mechanism isn't that complicated, if u already have him and play him, he will very easy to play.
    and u can do team comp zhongli – itto – noelle c6 – gorou, for more dps and fun xD but in this case your gorou must have almost 300% ER so he can cast burst for every itto – noelle rotation.

  20. Nice showcase when you dont skip last noelle's attack xD

  21. Itto obviously deals more damage since he is designed to be a main dps. Noelle is a jack of all trades, can do multiple roles but can't excel at a single one.

  22. At this point, it's funny seeing stupid posts saying Noelle is better than Itto

  23. Itto took almost the same time because ult animation lol

  24. Yea but Noelle won't die and Heals my whole party and can apply a shield to them when's she's off field if they drop below a certain amount. The Maid wins! I'm glad I got Redhorn. It looks great on Noelle 😀
    feel free to like Itto more, even if he's wack lol

  25. The main difference is, Itto has his cow doing 3 noelle attacks worth of dmg 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Me who got Itto for his abs.

    Hmm… yes interesting.

  27. You can get c0 itto easier than c6 noelle

  28. One more point in Noelle's favor is that her burst last 1sec longer per enemy killed, up to 10 secs, and that can make her burst the longer one in the game when fighting waves of mobs.
    Anyway, both Itto and Noelle C6 are very good geo DPS, each one with their own style.

  29. You have used Noelles Burst too soon. I have seen people make this mistake alot with Bennetts ult as well. If your Ult snapshots and you swap and use it insta, chances are that the effects from Gorou, Bennett and other buffers like that are not yet applied and thus you lose out on alot of damage. Same is true for Itto. Actually shocking how little people know about that, but seeing that I have 7x AR57+ Accounts, I should know 😀 Bennett C6 BTW makes this very obvious, cause you gain the pyro infusion at the same time the buff is active. Go ahead, test it out.

  30. Not much of a difference sadly. If you are already bored with your C6 Noelle and wanna enjoy the shiny new animations with a slight upgrade to DPS boost, go ahead and pull for the FOTM Itto.
    His JP VA is awesome btw.

  31. Sad thing is, getting C6 Noelle on purpose might be harder than to get itto, and still she's doing less dmg. I kinda wanted her to be my main dps and got her last constellation just last week. But I just can't deal more than ~18k with her? That's just sad. 🙁

  32. Itto is good but Noelle will always be my favorite to play as

  33. this soundtrack remember me about bgsound Ragnarok 2D..

  34. I didn't believe Itto was ganyu level during the leaks, but, now, I do. As someone who has stacked c0 ganyu with almost god-like WT set, my itto with decent artifact set feels easier to use, and deals more damage in a short amount of time

  35. Its quite supprising how little the gap between them is.

  36. dude your noelle is insane what the heck

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