Archon Quest "The Crane Returns on The Wind" Reaction! | Genshin Impact | Lorie on Twitch -

Archon Quest “The Crane Returns on The Wind” Reaction! | Genshin Impact | Lorie on Twitch

Lorie Megistus
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My reaction to the 2.4 Archon Quest from Genshin Impact!

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  1. I really like your reaction, you were truly into it, thanks dear, and YunJin's performance was so touching.

  2. I just wanna say that I find it really relaxing when I see you eat during these long quests it makes me feel at home and feels like I have a sibling that I can play Genshin Impact with 🥰

  3. Shenhe's diet is just like Ganyu's, mostly flowers 🙂 liking your new set-up Lorie hope your relocation went well

  4. actually u missed conversation with Qiqi, Xiao, and Keqing

  5. i like Shenhe and her bluntness and suppressed violent urges, as a person with anger issues and on mood stabilizers i can somewhat relate when my patience starts to run thin, thankfully i have been able to restrain myself

  6. i would like to have asked her "so…… do you and Beidou have any sort of romantic history, romantic feelings for each other or anything of the such? you did say we could ask you anything"

  7. This really was the best archon quest i am going to be experiencing, really worth it at all but cannot forget all these hard scenes that went directly in the bottom of my heart, for example that Shenhe story in that village, hurts a lot for real. The scene with Beisht also holyyy shiitt goosebumps all the time, Ningguang such a badass, a 4☆ character did more things than a 5☆ after all. Regarding Yun Jin's Performance is the loveliest thing i am going to ever hear and also i am in your side Lorie, i also cried, it touch my feelings so hard. Last but not least everything was so good and on point, Long Live Genshin Impact and Their Epic Archon Quests!! ♥️

  8. 1st off ningguang is out here with the most overpowered abilities and not a 5 star rip.
    2nd her skill reminded me of Gilgamesh from the Fate Anime lol.

  9. Lorie: "Please stop hurting children, Miyoho, I beg of you."
    Miyoho: "Hi Lorie. Let me introduce our next Harbinger Dottore"

  10. Yun Jin's eyes are hypnotic. Especially the close ups in her hangout event. I keep getting distracted.

  11. Did someone notice there's a blackspot on the upper right of the middle screen lol

  12. Ningguang showcasing shes the best dps 4star 😂🥳🌸🎊

  13. The beauty of this quest is how it got me to care for Shenhe more than i thought i ever would. After the couple of other reserved characters i didn't see her as much of an interesting character even with her tragic past. But the way they handled her interactions and reactions she received from those around her, it really felt like she became a new person i wasn't expecting.

    I love Shenhe and Yunjin a lot! Hope to get her someday when i figure out who the heck can be my Cryo dps for her to support. (Side note: You can enable a permanent Auto in settings so you wouldn't need to bother with remembering to do it during these quests)

  14. Imagine handing Shenhe a joint and she just eats it

  15. Also dang you managed to find Qiqi who i missed, but you missed Xiao whilst gathering the ores for Master Zhang. I wonder if there was a last person who was supposed to foreshadow the danger in the sea..

  16. Is it just me or is Paimon’s voice even higher than it was during the major 2.3 story event?

  17. before, i wasn't actually too attached to shenhe's character. mainly because her clothes are too revealing but i didn't mind at all. even so, i'm still interested in knowing her backstory but now that i've done the quest and tested her trial out with my ayaka (which buffed her to do 29k per tick with her burst— no food buffs), i'm TOTALLY going to get her. your reaction is amazing though! i have the same reaction as for yunjin and i'm glad you also like her and think she's pretty. she's the main reason why i'm excited for 2.4.

  18. It’s kinda hilarious how Ningguag set up Osail’s wife to get jumped by her girlfriend and subordinates 💀

  19. "Mihoyo stop hurting children"

    Oh boi, you will have a field trip on Enkanomiya's lore.

  20. As someone of Chinese descent, I’m glad more people are getting to experience the magic of Chinese opera

  21. Not me getting emotional again watching others get emotional during these scenes ;__;

  22. Help i just finished this and my archon quest is totally gone

  23. lol there's a little bit of black smudge on her screen. At first i thought it was mine, i was trying to rub it off but it won't come off, then i realized after i scroll down to see it was her vid lol

  24. I got her weapon still debating on her herself. Cool character though no pun intended.

  25. 1:14:48
    Ningguang: now that is an interesting question
    CC: now that is a wasting question


  26. That final cutscene screams ✨WOMEN✨

  27. Hold on did Lorie not see xiao??? Someone from twitch pls answer me

  28. "Mihoyo don't hurt any more children"
    Dottore: allow me to introduce myself

  29. Archon Quest in this game is overrate i give credit for dev if they make inazuma Quest good but they can not because CHINA problem.

  30. Was waiting for this. I love how genuine and honest your reactions are!

  31. Why is game voice volume so low compared to your voice? You ear blast me every time you talk and I barely can hear the characters.

  32. When I played this quest, the game crashed right as Yun-Jin was taking the stage during the final cutscene. Gave me a damned heart attack! I nearly shat myself in fear of the game classifying that as "Quest Complete" when I re-loaded into the game. Luckily it didn't and I got to see the whole performance.

  33. She wasn't planning to kill him… probably. She plan to shove the wine up… ahem, the other orifice instead.

  34. You should react to genshin minute show

  35. Ok hears my tidbit Her father was a complete idiot even if he did successfully bring her mother back with Shenhe's "sacrifice" you think his wife would stick with him after hearing what he did to their daughter? He'd still lose both of them

  36. Hihi friends!! If you were in the stream the first day I started this, my internet was cutting in and out so some parts in the beginning might be missing but my mod and I tried to get all we could! Hope y'all enjoy <3

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