ARE 5 STAR WEAPONS REALLY THAT GOOD? 5-Star vs 4-Star Weapon Comparison & Review | Genshin Impact -

ARE 5 STAR WEAPONS REALLY THAT GOOD? 5-Star vs 4-Star Weapon Comparison & Review | Genshin Impact

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5-Star Weapons are good, but just how good? are they worth the primogems & the terrible weapon banner rates? In this video, we will find out through a showcase & calcs. Hope this helps!
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— Useful Resources & Calcs showed in video —
Shoutout to Zajef77 for weapon calcs:

Thanks to Xiao Mains for the Xiao Weapon Ranking:

Thanks to Zanto & KeqingMains for the Beidou Weapons:
Zanto’s YT :

if u enjoyed i appreciate likes & subs ty
lack of videos recently, been busy and this one took a LONG time to make sure everything was accurate, especially because a lot of showcases tend to be misleading and I wanted to avoid that. Hope you enjoyed!

might make a wavebreaker fin vid maybe soon since a lot of people have been overrating it btw

Initial Info/Intro (0:00)
How I will be testing 4 Stars vs 5 Stars (1:52)
Hu tao [Homa vs Deathmatch] (2:41)
Xiangling [The Catch vs Homa] (4:59)
Xiao [Deathmatch vs PJWS] (9:05)
Raiden Weapon Calcs (11:20)
Beidou test [Serpent Spine vs WGS] (12:00)
Testing Results [from this video] (14:05)
Calcs done/Weapon Rankings [IMPORTANT] (14:24)
Other Example [Childe] (15:13)
How Good are 5-Star Weapons Overall? (15:39)



  1. THAT EOSF ER sands…i would trade 2 Mona's and 3 weeks of Resin for it!

  2. What about the Wavebreaker's Fin? It is not included in the poleaarms ranking. I got it recently, and it looks great

  3. Wonderful calculations, lots of insights here. Particularly we see that many 5 star weapons are actually not as substitutable compared to various 4 star alternatives. It does put into a new light the criticisms levelled against a weapon like Moonglow. You got to consider the average improvements of many variations between 5 star and 4 star weapons before calling a weapon trash.

  4. Hello, Zy0x. Can you make a video where you discuss “future proof” characters? Consider c0 to c6 units like Xiao, Ganyu, Mona, Bennet, et al. I would love to hear your opinion about it.

  5. Now just a video for c0 5 star characters please xD

  6. Deathmatch is a 4 star weapon that is not a free to play friendly weapon

  7. The current weapon banner is really good, all weapons except for Painslasher would significantly upgrade my account. Of course, 40 pulls in, I got 3 Painslashers.

  8. "Although usually a character's best five star or the one that was designed for them is typically their best by far"

    F for Vortex Vanquisher

  9. Another great guide friend! but for me I'll only try to get the 2 broken 5 star swords jade cutter and mistsplitter since I have most of the swords characters in the game.

  10. I pulled for Hu but only had two 4* Polearms. Favonius Lance and Dragonspine Spear. So I pulled on the weapon banner too and got Staff of Homa XD

    Except for about 10 pulls in March, I’ve never pulled on the weapon banner. You can’t believe how excited I was seeing new weapons and the almighty SoH xD

  11. I don't pull in the weapon banner, but if I wanted i will pull cool looking weapon like Homa or amo's bow

  12. I've made over 700 weapon invocation wishes, not one was a 5 star

  13. Can anyone kindly send me some primogems. (UID= 844891033)

  14. Can u please make a video of how to build Chongyun as a main dps ? Your builds are honestly god tier

  15. hi! i was wondering if you could mayhaps make a video (one day) about 5* character cons and are they actually worth it? no pressure or anything i just think your vids always have a lot of insight! ty as always!ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡

  16. can you do a video comparing the battle pass weapons and which one is most worth it in your opinions?

  17. There's also the Lithic Spear, which, at R5, is essentially comparable to a R0 5 star weapon, if you have at least 3 Liyue characters on your team

  18. truthfully the only weapon that I needed right now is 5 star crit dmg sub stat claymore for my Diluc …once that happen he will be god tier

  19. excuse me mr socks (thank you for the informational video) can u pls mark your new 4* weapons as read, thx

  20. Yeah the 5 star weapons are great but if you dont have at least 200+ summons it doesnt guarantee shit so imo weapon banner is a scam

  21. first time wishing on the weapon banner and i got homa ahh how nice it feels

  22. I lost 3 Homa pities from wayback Hu Tao's 1st release so I stuck with a R2 Dragonsbane Spear and my Hu Tao still does 60-70k vapes per CA. min-maxing Artifacts are more important than weapons imo. Now I got Homa from the rerun and every vape'd CA deals 70-80k.

  23. the new weapon bow and polearm 4 star watatsumi at higher refine can beat almost all R1 5 star on burst dmg character

  24. For me mistsplitter is just overpowered.
    My fav char is Ayaka and failed the 50:50. But I wanna try to pull it again.
    It’s good on so many chars it’s not even funny. With BS and that weapon. Ayaka shreds. Especially if you snapshot her ult.

  25. Yeah, I built my hypercarry C5 xiangling with R5 The catch. 4 set emblem. Tonnes of ER%. C1 Childe, C4 sucrose, C2 bennet. Only 123% critDMG tho. She often do 40k-50k vapor dmg with her pyronado in a perfect rotation. Very big number for a 4star character and a 4 star weapon. I don't regret building her. Very recommended (especially if u have childe)

  26. Very good video ! I've waited for a video like this but I am F2P so I have only craftable weapons and Blackcliff weapons. It would be a great a second video with these weapon. Great job as always !

  27. I think we need more Crit Rate / DmG 4* weapons. Its always Atk / ER / Em

  28. Imagine if Weapon Banner works similarly like Double Rerun Character Banner 😛

  29. I fiel like 4 star weapons should be great general options for anyone. And 5 stars should be best in slot for a specific character. So you only spend primos on 5 star weapons if you want to maximize your favourite character.

  30. Before anyone criticize me.
    READ –
    I don't have good 4 star sword
    Fav and sacrificial are used by benny and xinqui respectively.
    Kageuchi is used by jean when she is sub.
    But when i need a main dps there's no good weapon i got so what do I have to use
    Mistsplitter on traveller/jean/benny/Xinqui. 😑
    And yes my artifacts are sh!t.

    Bows well i got quite an amount of bows
    Literally i got only fischl C1 (and only her Artifacts are good.)
    I have sacrificial and fav. bow and stringless.
    But what do i use on her amos bow…. Yes i use her a dps bcuz rest of the bows doesn't help me much…

    My luck is so bad u did not either of the latest 4 star polearm or the claymore.
    On xiangling/rosa
    I have to use homa bcuz my rest of spears are bad! Or r1 at best. Only r3 spear i got it fav. Lance and the catch. But when i need more damage and on the team mostly xinqui and benny r there huge sources of E.R. how can i go with catch whule factoring in my sh!tty artifacts!

    Don't even talk about claymores and catalyst weapons,
    the best i have are
    Sealord and F A V O N I O U S CODEX!

  31. I find it funny seeing comments talking highly about the PJWS, I got it in early January and it just sit rotting in my backpack until Xiao got released lol.

    Something similar happened to my other account. Got Amos' Bow in like early december and I was like wtf mate until Ganyu came out.

    More related to the video itself, if you're f2p/budget, only go for 5* weapons that are versatile and not super specialized. That was why the Jade Cutter got put with the donut lol.

  32. HAHAHAA OMG I had no intention to get Staff of Homa because I only had 500 primogems left after I spent everything on getting Hu Tao, but after few days of getting her I decided "meh I might as well pull on the weapon banner" so I did single pulls, first one was some catalyst and the second pull was the FKING STAFF OF HOMA BUAHAHAHA.
    I never pulled on weapon banners before but this was just beautiful.

  33. If you are an f2p
    5 stars are godlike.
    You aren't gonna have deathmatch.
    And you ain't gonna have resin refreshes.
    Elegy with C6 diona is extremely strong for my comps.
    I pulled on weapon banner and got homa
    It is gonna save me months in the domain. No regrets.

  34. Just recently pulled Homa at 18 total banner wishes and I'm still in slight shock lmaooo

  35. I got staff of homa on my second pull (just single pull)

  36. Generally a good video but really annoys me when people call the weapon banner a scam. A lot of weapon banners are bad and makes little to no sense to pull on them but I wouldn't recommend pulling on weapon banners in general unless you want both featured weapons or you're rolling for the 4*. I see a lot of players refuse to pull on weapon banner because so many people have told them it's a scam and it's honestly quite sad. Just be smart about which banners you pull on, it's as simple as that.

  37. Man idk why but my r5 dragonsbane did more damage than urs with only 60-180 crit ratio
    On raw vape i could at the very least 49k

  38. Ah yes, 4 star weapons can be enough especially B@tT/3pAs5 weapons

  39. Evil Zy0x be like it is a must for all the 5 star characters in this video to be running their best in slot weapons

  40. Sometimes I go for weapons because out of love for a character and wanting the best for them. For example, I got Childe's bow only because I main him and I really wanted him with his bow. For Hu Tao, it's just that it's hard for me to imagine playing her without the Homa, and you know that Homa is Homa so it's worth to get. And I tried to get Eula's weapon during her first run but got the Aquila Favonia, something my Bennett appreciates but I do not. Oh, and I got Ayaka's sword out of luck and accumulated pity.

    The problem is that I'm starting to fear that I may become too ambitious trying to get more than I should from both character banner and weapon banner. Like a burning desire now screaming to me to get those weapons, even when there are good 4★ options.

    Well, if that desire keeps on, and also because I like those cool weapons, I should try getting them during a rerun, but gets me afraid the fact that, for example, I didn't get Yoimiya nor her weapon and I may try to get both during her rerun. Dx

  41. Gotta add, even with 5★ characters with their 5★ weapons, good artifacts, leveled up talents and good team comps, I can't still get 3 stars at Abyss 12-3.

    It's not only a matter of what you have, but how you play. So instead trying to get the best things, one must try improving themselves and their skills as a player, 'cause having the best is useless if you don't know how to take advantage from it.

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