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Ayaka Live Gameplay Test Run | Genshin Impact 2.0

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Good luck to all pulling for Ayaka! She is cool! I will be pulling for Ayaka!!

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  1. I like how her attacks are infused with cryo after her sprint

  2. English voice is terrible sorry, go for Japanese.

  3. Lost my 50/50 to jean….

    I whaled in order to get my beloved ayaka and got her

  4. Hold up! Her attacks are infused with cyro after her sprint or elemental skill?! What in the foolishness

  5. $25 ready, Guaranteed ✅ 50+ ✅
    I’m ready for Ayaka hell yeah

  6. So many people dreamed for this moment. To bad i dislike ayaka

  7. I lost the soft pity on the 5th 10 pull,, got diluc instead,,but what I really wanted is ningguang and yanfei constellation..so im gonna keep going.
    Update..im on my 7th x10.guarantee pull,,but should i ?or should i save it for baal??.. though i really want ningguang c6 constellation ( ayaka not really for me)

  8. I was 50/50 and she came 💕 i dont even care if she is c0, i just needed to have her

  9. Rip for people who dont have enough storage

  10. its all fun and joy until i got electro ayaka

  11. So many people get hyped for her
    And im one of those but i decided to pass because i need a GOOD dps

  12. I dont have enough storage 🙁
    Can somebody help me😧🪓

  13. Bruh she not even strong like ganyu hutao xiao or eula , all she has is good design and her powers just like standard 5* characters at standard banner

  14. Got her and her weapon . but gonna bench her for long time.. bcouse meterial

    now i can flex my sprinting technique to people dont hve ayaka hahhahah what is swimming?

  15. holy shit that combo, still download the update…

  16. Why her sword 100% elemental, while keqing must activate her skill first

  17. Ayaka weak tho. She can never compete with Ganyu… can't see any situation where she can fight better than Ganyu.

  18. Her new voice lines for her E suck so much lmfao

  19. Pulled ayaka and her weapon for 10k primos. What a luck

  20. The nights in the dream hold hands holding hands

  21. Who ever said she will compare to xaio, or ganyu have lost their minds, she isn't in the top 5, no joke my kazuha is stronger, I was going to get her this morning on my second account but no way, I know power or meta doesn't matter but for a dps and with 0 support, shes pretty trash :/

  22. my ayaka is hydro for some reason i think its a glitch or smth🤪

  23. Maaaan… I really loved Ayaka and i wanted to get her from the start of the game but my team really lacks a good dps to cheese whole game. But from the looks of it so far it seems like ganyu is a better candidate for that spot… Idk anymore. Maybe i should skip. Mihoyo did ayaka and us dirty by stalling her for so long and then releasing this… I'm disappointed

  24. i dont care about anything else, i just wanted to use her sprint on water

  25. Basically freed up one slot for my melee cryo team now i can fit both bennett and an electro battery for superconduct.

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