BANNER BREAKDOWN! | Kokomi & Jade Cutter & Everlasting Moonglow | Genshin Impact -

BANNER BREAKDOWN! | Kokomi & Jade Cutter & Everlasting Moonglow | Genshin Impact

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IMO, everlasting moonglow is too niche to be worth for jade cutter


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Intro 0:00
Character Banner 0:38
Weapon Banner 5:53
Final Thoughts 11:44

Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)

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  1. I want xingqiu for the ult so i can get wet and i can do electro without needing to keep on switching chars

  2. I wish all of u who pull weapon banner lose and get useless donut catalyst thingy 😁😁

  3. is it worth getting c2 xingqiu on shop or pull on kokomis banner? im guaranteed and i dont mind using it on kokomi but i would love to save the guaranteed for ganyu

  4. 2:15 i promised to my self not to lvl up beidou untill she is C6 AHAHAHAH

  5. What are the chances Yae is an electro catalyst healer that can use Everlasting Moonglow?

  6. When I get Kokomi she’s getting thrilling tales 😂

  7. me just saw the description and see kokomi can walk on water

  8. I'm about 30 wishes away from 50/50 so I'm trying my best to get waterboi!

  9. Bait for what? They have better fish-themed characters coming in 2.2?

  10. y’all i ruined my pity…i’m broke homies i spent all i had on baal i wanna cry😭😭😭😭


  12. man seeing the jade cutter on the weapon banner made me tear up a little,I can’t risk getting kokomi’s weapon when im not even pulling for her :-:

  13. I was desperate for Raiden and definitely didn't want kokomi, but I was near pity because I got Kequing the first time raidens banner came (lost 50/50)
    Farmed a hell lot and got Raiden finally, with just 3 days left on the banner 😁

  14. Yes!! I want kokomi. And the 4 star character is bad!! I hope i win 50/50 early 😭

  15. Mihoyo hit me with the Kokomi vibe

  16. I just lost my 5050 for the weapon banner, idek why i rolled on that scam banner lol but now i got an unforged so i guess im pulling on this banner to get more consts! yay…

  17. I've been playing since February, and I am trying to get at least C1 Xingqiu, he only came home once from Eula's banner. Also C5 or C6 Rosaria would be nice, she's C4 now and I sometimes use her, considering I have the primordial jade spear on her, she's a nice DPS with that
    Actually, as a physical Kaeya main I'll try to get C6 Rosaria, it sounds incredible for him, I already have Raiden, who is an awesome support for him, but C6 Rosaria would also be a superb addition

  18. Maybe i'll get the jade cutter

    For my future lovely characters or my fav boy traveler

  19. No Matter what happens…..I WILL NOT USE THE MASK!!!!

  20. tbh i think i might get kokomi since i didnt get baal like a single legend from pull yet but i will still pull for kokomi because she is cute 😎

  21. is Kokomi a healer? I need to replace my Barbara

  22. Can someone explain why normal attack damage increased by 1% max hp isnt like just broken as hell on everyone? 20k hp characters would deal bonus 200% attack on normal/ charged attack. That sounds nuts, even if youre trading it for an att% substat?

  23. I’m not summoning but get luck to everyone out there

  24. as a kokomi wanter ill be pulling on the weapon banner cuz its a win-win situation 4 me lool

  25. Jade cutter is tempting but Childe bow is even more tempting

  26. Everlasting moonglow is the worst 5 star weapon yet, HP substat lmao.

  27. Since I'm a new player might as well just pull for her bcuz I got no 5 star other then baal

  28. @Xlice i salute u 😭 finally some youtuber who never trash talk my kokomi

  29. rosaria will fill that gone crit she will give your kokomi crit back on the flash when u got support rosaria :3 so kokomi got rosaria on her back guys hehe.
    you can ran both rosaria and hutao
    with kokomi they give you crit
    When kokomi drain her own crit if u main kokomi
    Pop rosaria's burst she will give your kokomi she will give back her lost crit . and play Hutao as sub dps
    if your going to main kokomi
    hutao give crit . after her Burst up time is gone.
    just swap hutao back for kokomi iam not sure what hutao buffs when u swap her back its either crit rate or cdmg .
    on the other hand rosaria i think
    give u a crit rate buff.
    when u pop her ult swap back for kokomi your kokomi have crit rate again boom .
    then spam E . and charge attack with kokomi .
    Burst last and swap back to Hutao and then quickly sawp back to kokomi then swap her back .
    quickly pop rosaria's Q and then sawp back kokomi quickly .
    and just keep repeating the rotations

  30. Thx god she suck at last i can save some for ganyu rerun🥺

  31. my friend got it on her second wish right after it got out, i want to kill her 😀

  32. respect to everyone who skipped raiden shogun to save up for kokomi. i salute you.

  33. I love you man but when you say Beidou's C2 is not as important that hurt me. Her C2 is her absolute best constellation and in multi target situations it can be upwards of a 100% damage increase as the lightning strikes can bounce between the same mobs.

  34. they fucking baited me into going for jade cutter and of course i hit two moonglows before i got jade cutter lmfao

  35. I did a single ten oull on weapons for Stringless. I got it. Im not touching that shit again. Id fucking LOVE primordial Jade Cutter for Kazuha. But I cant risk getting that catalyst. It fucking sucks. It only works om Barbara or Kokomi. So. Nah

  36. I want a refinement 5 Rosaria. You are literally the only player in the world who call refinements for constellations lol.

  37. I’m so sad because I lost my old account that join when genshin just started 😭

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