Before You Wish for Raiden Shogun | Genshin Impact -

Before You Wish for Raiden Shogun | Genshin Impact

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If you are on the fence about whether or not to pull for Raiden Shogun, this video will go over some pros and cons of the character so you can make a more educated decision for yourself.

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Intro (0:00)
Disclaimer (0:45)
Discussion (1:32)
Early Findings (5:43)
Weapon (6:29)
Constellations (7:12)
When should you pull? (8:02)
When shouldn’t you pull? (8:34)
Summary (9:01)
Outro (10:35)

Writer: Artesians
Thumbnail: xf3
Voice-over: Doug
Editor: Zeitraffer

Music Used:
Track: Chime – Lifelong [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. The good thing about Raiden is you dont have to C6 whale on her to get more than 50% boost. You can stop at C3 (or a must stopping point).

    Her first 3 constellations absorbed all her big pp numbers that you usually get at C1-C6. Unfortunately absorbed including some C0 numbers.

  2. For a second I thought I was watching a skillcap video

  3. Dude sounds like one of those American commercial guy.

  4. Mihoyo: gamers, we are gonna announce the va for the next harbinger:

  5. I lost my 50/50 on her banner . I'm starting to feel good about it .I'm saving my guaranteed for ganyu or hutao rerun .

    How can i never watch your videos?

  7. How would she work with kokomi? I think they would work well in the same team.

  8. why am i watching this even though i already got Shogun in 2 rolls

  9. I think her strength lies in her ability to unlock comp that won’t work traditionally (though most of them not meta) due to energy constraints.On top of that she acts as a “lubricant” on the energy department for most meta teams without a significant lost of damage.
    This might be very valuable for some people
    On the other hand people who have well established team probably won’t see that as a value

  10. What is good energy recharge percentage for Raiden Shogun to become best battery in teams with 80 energy cost?

  11. "Before You Wish for Raiden Shogun"
    oh crap I already did… without any second thought

  12. What is your opinion on the Electro element and how it affects Raiden's overall value?

  13. Looking at the sales numbers, the title of this video should be "After you wish for Raiden Shogun"

  14. I think you did a decent job of highlighting why people should be careful if they are on a primo-budget vs. what they should expect (and how much investment might be required) if they decide she is a unit their account needs. Good job guys, I know how toxic the community has become. It is hard to be honest without facing a wave backlash from people that only want their biases confirmed. I thought this did a nice job of not being too over the top and landing in a "fair" place.

  15. You forgot to put "Booba archon" in the Pros category, that's the main reason why you should pull

  16. Can you say FATALITY in a video? That voice 🔥

  17. May I ask with c2 and engulfing lightning r1, how high is her dps compared to the meta dps we hv currently?

  18. Does the Favonius lance proc during Ei's off-field elemental skill?

  19. C0 Raiden and C2 Raiden with Engulfing Lightning are 2 completely different units and that's a big problem. First one is rotation extender with good energy recharge utility, second one is incredibly strong burst support with even greater energy recharge utility. I hope Mihoyo won't continue with gating so much of 5* power behind early constellations.

  20. The main question is, why would you even have to CONSIDER going up to a C2 just to remove such a heavy burden from a 5* and an archon nonetheless when others do their work just fine while while being at 0 cons and arguably even being better at it.

  21. Too late I've already summoned a almost a week before this video

  22. Already pulled her, but this is a great guide for thinking about the best team for her. Can't wait for the X minute guide for even more detail.

  23. wait why is this video loading like forever, where I can watch other videos on 1440p O_0

  24. I pull her for fun 😘
    Mybe Hu Tao has Xinqiu
    Ganyu Has Mona, Diona & Venti
    But, sometimes i can borrow Xinqiu or Mona for her.
    Or mybe Raiden can replace Xinqiu or Sucrose in national team 🤔
    For me she is good, because i have Engulfing Lightning 👀

  25. I got C1 raiden along with mona in just 50 pulls good luck everyone

  26. Theory crafters have a hard time calculating the viability of Raiden

    Translation – floor 11 and 12 mobs are mostly electro resistant enemies, with high and low tide to compliment Ayaka and Yoimiya

  27. Too late bestie, she's now level 80 and I am now a proud Raiden haver

  28. i just got her yestday with 1 pull so in a way she better then all my other chr in my game and i never ever pull a 5 star so she my 1st one she out dmg my 4* wolf boy who i was main the hold time which do not get me wrong i like he kit but i need to mix it up a bit before it get boring as hell

  29. We need doug's weapon wishing footage on the next video

  30. is raiden C2 and raiden C0 can be categorized as a different character altogether? for example, raiden C2 can be built around her eating field time better than C0.

  31. Holy crap, the cadence of your voice reminds me of Lemmino

  32. I think this is a decent overview of the character. There are lots of little advance considerations that are missing such as early ult cancel, synergy with freeze comps, and how she works as a sub-dps.

    I do think people are sleeping on Ayaka x Raiden pair since they work extremely well especially at later constellations (much better than Eula).

  33. Thanks KQM, this is a really objective & neutral video.

  34. I disagree with the point "wants to be place in team with 80 cost burst"
    I think she will be better to put at team with 40 to 60 energy cost… Because you will do elemetal burst non stop… No need to dodge and elemental skill.. Just burst

  35. i gave my main Lisa a triple crown, and made her a lvl 90 DPS and gave my Diluc nobless artifacts. people are saying raiden is a support? thats very funny.

  36. mahn i should've watched this before pulling for her c2,,, i got c1 now and she feels benchable T T

  37. The most accurate review for raiden. A lot of people are overhypeing her and a lot of people are saying she's weak. She's balanced. Not op, not weak. The conclusion pretty much sums up her strengths and drawbacks

  38. should i pull for baal? I am investing most of my resources on keqing rn and idk if i still need baal. I am torn between baal or the next banners.

    I really like Baal’s aesthetic but damage wise, is she better than keqing?

  39. Finally, someone who wasn't afraid to say they cannot give a distinct answer whether Raiden's support capabilities are mathematically optimal as a sacrifice to her individual damage loss.

    Every single guide has been afraid to even dip their toes into a complex topic because it doesn't follow their straightforward thinking of more damage on a character = more dps.

    A lot of good and important notes, nothing less from a channel named keqingmains.

    You're doing God's work king, keep it up.

  40. After looking at Sara and Raiden they both seems to be built with Co-op in mind C6 raiden is awkard to get value off but in a co-op scenario if all 4 use their burst Raiden gives back energy/buff burst dmg and reduce their burst CD, meanwhile Sara's gets a lot of CDR on the Elm.skill giving ER/Electro dmg buff for the party.

    For now it is not necessary but maybe in the future, events or contents will require you to go Co-op into a huge raid, then Raiden would provide Buffs, energy and dmg no matter the elements your teammate brought.

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