BEST CHARACTERS YOU AREN'T USING! Most Underrated Characters in Genshin Impact -

BEST CHARACTERS YOU AREN’T USING! Most Underrated Characters in Genshin Impact

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The Most Underrated Characters in Genshin Impact. Some of these characters have been getting more hype recently, but they are still very underrated, and I explain why in the video. Hopefully this video helps! ▼ Catch me live ▼
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Why Characters Are Underrated (0:00)
Strongest Underrated Characters (2:14)
Honorable Mentions (14:32)


  1. Yes I had xiangling and Kaeya in my team and they were incredibly good.

  2. Is amber actually useful then or is her being looked over not for her being free?

  3. It think the biggest issue with Jean Is that she Is the Jack of all trades but Master of none.

  4. Me: mains kaeya, xingqiu, Noelle and razor

  5. As a beidou main: since i first got her (ar 20-ish??) shes never EVER left my team.

  6. When you think about it: every character can be underrated depending on how much you build them! 🙂 (their rating changes depending on how well-built they are)

  7. i only see geo mc and ppl rave abt geo mc 😵‍💫 i rarely see anything about anemo mc

  8. The strongest characters you arent using!
    me seeing the thumbnail and maining both of them

  9. Moral of the video: There aren't any shit characters, just shit players.

  10. I just play as who I like honestly. Beidou all day, I am going to try the fischl combo though

  11. I'm a fairly new player so I've a questions
    Often times you got a shield that looked like crystalize, without having a geo character in your team, how? Or am I seeing things wrong?

  12. This is so true If Kaeya wasn't free, he will be as popular as any 4 star support

  13. also mihoyo should update the MC, specially when changing the elements, at least they should do a unified leveling in the mc for the f2p players, and not have farming every regions materials

  14. I have recently started playing. I have 4 star chars, and only 1 5 star [Keqing]. But the thing is Beidou is always gonna be my main. Keqing is 2nd. But Beidou is always gonna be my main ♥


  16. zy0x: jean is a very great character
    me: happy jean main noises

  17. I use Beidou and Barbara as my main DPS. Once you can activate stormbreaker switch to Barbara and she can annihilate big bosses or mobs in seconds! She has an insane rate of fire and with Beidous support her damage increase massively. Due to the rate of fire critical buffs make even more sense.

  18. I think it has been shown in this game, that every character can work endgame even if they're not the best choice.

  19. And I am just playing this game for fun lol.

  20. them talking about beidou
    me who doesn't own her:

  21. i love jean sm she’s so useful and i feel so guilty for neglecting her for so long

  22. xinyan is amazing to me, she does rlly good damage

  23. damn you know, I was complaining about how these abysses are so hard because I don't seem to have a cryo DPS and I completely forgot about kaeya. the worst part is that he carried me in the early game

  24. Sooo my party is made up of 4 underrated characters: Rosaria, Xiangling, Barbara and Beidou. I love that XL Q + BD E combo!

  25. So my entire team is basically underrated

  26. 13:22
    As someone who has childe xiangling and childe beidou comp I feel validated T_T

  27. My Childe with C6 Beidou and C6 Fischl agrees with this

  28. I'm AR25 and i think I'm gonna need a translator for every second sentence 😂

  29. me, a dps Qiqi main expecting her to be in this video🧍🏻‍♀️

  30. I accidentally build Xiangling with a lot of ER

  31. That’s why I have beidou on my team

  32. I’m a Jean main and I love her sm! I never understand why people get upset if they pull a new Jean, like she is so amazing! I got her for my first five star so I’m also super attached to her! Her backstory, design, personality, and fighting style is all amazing! Gl to any Jean wanters btw!

  33. I don’t understand why Jean is on this list tho. I thought we were talking about underrated characters

  34. Disclaimer : It was very hard to determine who is really "underrated" — but every character in this video is very commonly undervalued. Even characters who have been on the rise recently, like Xiangling, are usually appreciated but often valued less than other characters (like hu tao/diluc in xiangling's case) which is why I deem these characters greatly underrated. So I included the STRONGEST Underrated Characters (including characters that are considered just "good" instead of "amazing").
    Also i asked my theorycrafter friends (basically Zajef77 lol) and they agree that these characters are significantly undervalued & underused by many/most.

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