BEST CHARACTERS YOU SHOULD USE IN PATCH 2.0! Strongest DPS & Support Characters in Genshin Impact -

BEST CHARACTERS YOU SHOULD USE IN PATCH 2.0! Strongest DPS & Support Characters in Genshin Impact

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Strong characters = ez game = fun time. i talk about a lot of really good characters, pretty much all of the top tier units overall for patch 2.0, especially for the new abyss. Enjoy!
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I really appreciate likes & subs ty
I stayed up for like 24h making this video idk why it took me so long but it did so i hope you enjoyed it

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Best Characters in Patch 2.0 (1:18)
Why I covered a lot of characters [Overall Info] (17:13)



  1. Determination too strong it keeps u up at night

  2. you need a team for everything
    But you need a Zhongli for every team.

  3. Procing, scaling, carry & enabler? I figured out E & Q already (PS5 player). There needs to be a Genshin Impact dictionary. Those 1 hit K.O. samurais are scary even with lvl. 20 artifacts for my DPSs. BTW, excellent video!

  4. As a xiao bias, and seeing you being xiao bias as well made my day 😭

  5. Dude u r absolutely amazing! Thank u for all of u'r work. I can't stop praising u) u made so much for the community. U have a very insane ability to breakdown any complicated things so anyone could understand. U made me in love in my Tartaglia again) thank u m8. Honestly. Take and happy bday)

  6. I really wish if they rework the entire dmg system in genshin, it would be cool if in order to deal dmg with any character you just have to increase the specific characters main stat like (razor and physical dmg) or (mona and ER) instead of having to farm infinitely just to get some crits and then throwing the non-crit artifacts, it would be cool if all 4 party members can deal dmg instead of just 1-2 dps and 2-3 support or whatever, it's really boring playing with the same dps/party that you have invested everything in for months.

  7. I know you say you don’t like making long videos but I absolutely love the long videos. Your guides are the best one ever. So informational and helpful. 😊

  8. So there is one of the biggest question when there will be ganyu rerun because i was not able to get her last time

  9. Have enough for Ganyu and another pity. Hope I get C1 Ganyu

  10. Which would be the best set for fischl support? I have her with amos and 4/4 milelith but i feel she isnt really good with it 🙁

  11. Ayaka is so strong I clear floor 12 like they are floor 9

    And I never bought gacha, nor do I have Kazuha and Mr.Zhong the dong

    PS. Yeah I do have CoCogoat and Venti

  12. always look forward to watching your videos <3

  13. Kazuha is the best thing that happend to me in genshin

  14. I remember clearing floor 9 with underbuild Barbara and Sucrose bcs Childe and Xiangling died in the first chamber. TT

  15. Guys don't forget, you can play any character you want 🙂 even if they're "bad"

  16. If they create more enemies that dashes and cannot be lifted then Venti is done (kinda sad)

  17. thank you so much Zy0x for all the content you give us 🙏 happy birthday!

  18. well explained zyox, great stuff as always

  19. You missed Sayu. Can be insane if used right too 😉

  20. when are you gonna mention that kazuha is amazing in vape/melt teams because he can swirl two elements, unlike sucrose and venti? are you even aware of that or

  21. @zy0x hey man can I make a request for a video that's a bit different. One where you talk about each gacha / BP /event weapon and explain who it is best for at various refinements etc?

    It happens quite often that we get say a lion's roar and we don't really know who it would be best for if anyone.

  22. Child will even get better after baal comee out

  23. The Baal banner was leaked and xiangling is there. I hope I get her c4 so I can pair her up with the new polearm that's coming up.

  24. Childe International Team is the best team for Spiral Abyss floor 12

  25. if it isnt too late, happy birthday! youve helped so many people progress in the game, i wish you the best

  26. would you make an updated guide for xiangling using the new set? i am curious about the stats etc, how much ER should i aim for the maximum buff from 4 set?

  27. may i please get a moment of silence for losing 50/50 on Kazuha banner to Qiqi 😔

  28. not a Zy0x video if he doesnt mention xiangling is the main carry in child vape comps

  29. "The current abyss is the hardest one"
    me who can't 36 in the last abyss but can 36* in the recent one: 🤫🤫

  30. I just wanna make sure which characters' BiS (or one of the best) is the Emblem set now:
    Am I missing some other characters?

  31. If you run emblem set on beidou do you still need a battery like fischl / mc electro?

  32. Idk why but when I finished watching this video, i immediately thought "polearm characters are rlly good, huh"

    P.s. this vid makes me want to build beidou now (have her on c3)

  33. Fun fact: stats show that Childe/Xiangling is the most popular team on floor 12 this abyss, even more than Morgana. Pretty interesting but I guess that's what you get when you make a floor full of enemies that are immune to CC effects

  34. Venti could be good. But new enemies have some or other powers which won't pull them in. Mirror maidens and nobushi are the example. I don't think mihoyo will add smaller enemies in the future so venti will be useless at one point.

  35. tysm, get enough sleep tho we need your brain to stay healthy

  36. idk why i stayed up all night editing this video but i was DETERMINED so i hope u enjoy it

    also my keyboard is a bit broken and it made me typo "sucrosse" @ 4:15 but u cant make fun of me, keyboard fault :c

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