BEST EULA BUILD! Updated Eula Guide - Best Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact -

BEST EULA BUILD! Updated Eula Guide – Best Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact

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Super detailed Eula guide for her rerun in patch 2.3. Also includes a c0 Eula Showcase as well as a DETAILED rotation guide.
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Special thanks to Sitri (# 9504) for recommended ER amounts
And also checkout Eula Mains (& KeqingMains) for helpful resources:

Shoutout to Zajef77 for the math behind the weapon ranking

This video took so long as I had to cut so much out and manage to include everything about eula who’s a pretty complicated character overall. Burst showcase could’ve been better but didn’t wanna reset for HOURS lmao. also… lisa’s actually pretty sick with eula/raiden… trust me…
Hope you enjoyed!

Initial Info (0:00)
Talents & Playstyle (0:44)
Artifact Sets (4:45)
Artifact Stats [How Much ER?] (6:05)
Weapons [ALL Weapons Ranked] (8:25)
Advanced Info [Optimal Combos, Rotations & Tips] (11:45)
Constellations (15:05)
Team Comps [Important] (16:39)
DPS Showcase [C0 Abyss 12 Clear] (21:12)
Overall Info (23:52)

Song: K-391 – Earth [NCS Release]
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  1. Yo can you help me build my team ? I’m lvl 32

  2. All I need is Diona! I joined in September, so I missed out on her being free. But she's in standard banner, so through BP and ascension rewards I'll get her eventually.

  3. I have just lost 50/50 Eula to a Diluc, also pulled wolf's gravestone on standart wish the same day… ogh well, guess Im Diluc main now

  4. Do you think Albedo is a good flex pick with Eula?? Or is it better to use Rosaria/Lisa??

  5. At first seeing her visual I don't think she's waifuable enough for me. But seeing her videos over youtube being an OP unit, I was just all the way wishing and thankfully got her.

  6. 'I do suggest keeping bennet for your other team'
    Laughs in hu tao

  7. hey there if someone has a world lvl 4 or 5 cyro hypostatis world I havent unlocked it, if i can farm there or have someone help me get it ill REALLY appreciate it!

  8. Didn't get her the first time but got SOBP, finally I have her now. <3

  9. just got her and willing to go broke on mora to build her. great guide as usual! thanks!

  10. I really had to watch this video afte getting eula because i wasn't hoping for a 5 star

  11. eula came home now i have to go start rolling very copium artifacts

  12. man look at the substats in the video. its like he traded his soul for those juicy stats

  13. I got eula on a random pull and even 50 50 so this guide is very helpful.

  14. Which weapon is better to Eula C1? I have Wolf's Gravestone but I'd like to get Song of Broken Pines…

  15. Questions, I got Snow tomb and Serpent Spine but my Eula really lacks crit rate with only around 19% because my artifacts doesn't got much CR in it, so should I use serpent spine to buff my crit rate or just retain my Snow tomb? Her kit like you said does involve Crit rate and Damage.

  16. Should i choose r1 skyward pride over r5 snowtombed?

  17. i got her accidentally while getting bennet cons ( i didnt get any bennet cons) she's insane so im building

  18. Ive got like 5accounts with eula haha, if anybody wanna buy one Lmk haha

  19. If we do have Raiden, will we still need a cryo battery?

  20. I was saving for xiao and was at 42 pity……..just tried to do one single pull to get rosaria c2…… EULA………..🥲🥲🥲..atleast she's not a waste since i have raiden

  21. So, i have a question about the 4-Piece Pale Flame. Does the 4 piece increase the 2 piece bonus to 125% or 100%?

  22. Today was not my day and then I opened genshin. I just wanted to condense resin. I got my 90 primos from the moon thing and I was like "imagine pulling Eula".
    I was at 70 pity. Got Tartaglia, so it was a 5050.
    I didnt think I would pull her, I only had 183 primogems. But then it turned gold. I thought: "imagine winning the 5050. I just want Eula. Please." And I got her. I cried.
    Today was not my day.
    But then Eula came home.

  23. Did a 10 pull and got eula at 24 pity. She's my 5th won 50/50 in a row on the event banners so now I'm excited to build another character

  24. So if I have no Zhongli and I’m trying to make a Hu-Tao team and a Eula team would Thoma or Noel be a good fill for either team?

  25. I got Eula trying to get C1 for Bennet so here I am

  26. Got eula and have the unforged but trying to get broken pine for the looks but instead got 2 of kazuhas swords 😭

  27. I tried to nuke the regisvine, etc. but idk why "R1 Lvl 90 Snow-Tombed Starsilver" hits harder than my "R1 Lvl 90 Skyward pride" when Eula ults…

  28. Just got her from my second pull (not even multipull guaranteed I just get hu tao like 2 pull away from her lol)

  29. Just got eula and Ficshel recently and I freaking love eula. I didn't know thst her burst dmg comes from how much dmg she can do during the period after using her E so that's useful. Pairing her with fischel is super useful because I just get superconduct for days, lol.

  30. I actually got lucky and got Eula 1st try after 2months of taking a break from gaming and I'm watching this guide

  31. Was saving for Ganyu rerun. Wanted to snipe bennet for 1st constilation. Got Eula and bennet in first 10 pull, not sure to be happy or sad, I have nothing prepared for her.

  32. Only bad thing about lisa is that her Elemental skill takes way to long to chatge

  33. Jst got her .The fortune slip with great fortune and naughty corner ritual worked in jst 10 pulls 🤌

  34. I just got WGS and I'm saving my primo for shenhe and Zhongli but i kinda hard to think should i get Eula and Zhongli and skip Shenhe or get Shenhe and Zhongli and skip Eula. This is hard for me to think, i got Diluc but i don't play him alot i just use him to get to the 11th floor of abyss

  35. My fave team comp is eula raiden xinyan zhongli. I have her tripple crowned c3 with broken pines 4 piece pale flame. I set her up with zhonglis shield/phys shred, and then xinyans shield/ phys shred, raiden ult (c4) raiden shock circle skill, then eula time. Eula tap her skill for stack then ult then tap skill for 2nd stck then hold skill for double boom with the skill hold and ult blast.

  36. Another thing about Rosaria is her c6 decreases physical resistance by 20%

  37. I just got Eula today, so Im here to learn 😎

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