BEST QIQI BUILD (2.3 BUFFS)! Updated QiqI Guide - Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact -

BEST QIQI BUILD (2.3 BUFFS)! Updated QiqI Guide – Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact

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Qiqi got a new artifact set in patch 2.3, and she’s finally a viable choice with stronger builds & teams. Who knows, you might need to build your qiqi after she comes home when you miss a 50/50… ▼ OPEN ME ▼

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New Ocean-Hued Clam Set made qiqi fill a MUCH stronger role as a driver in the taser team, as well as just a general healer who can now also deal damage passively while she heals.
I appreciate likes & subs ty

Initial Info (0:00)
Qiqi Buffs & Why She’s Better Now [New Set] (0:36)
Talents & Playstyle (2:52)
Artifacts [Sets/Stats] (6:29)
Weapons (10:10)
Constellations (13:12)
Team Comps [Important] (14:02)
Overall Thoughts On Qiqi (17:42)



  1. I have only one Cryo character,I need qiqi 😭

  2. Qiqi heals based on atk but the new artifact set makes Qiqi a main dps with extra steps

  3. another reason why qiqi is such a good driver for beidou comp is because her normal attack speed is comparable(if not faster in some cases) with polearm, which are designed to be fast yet light. If u look at the names, qiqi normal attack has some similiarity with keqing normal attack which are considered very fast. fast attack animation (or attack speed) are an necessity for beidou driver so beidou burst can be proc more often within its own time frame. aside from that the recommended build for qiqi so far is not much different from the new set. going your usual normal dps atk%/phy dmg%/crit or healing as she supposed to be your most onfield character might as well build her like that even for healing bot quickswap. change her weapon and/or artifact for energy recharge is still give her some benefit as her healing scale of her total atk. one thing to account is that the diminishing return of stacking atk%
    sincerely, soon to be qiqi main (havent got her yet)

  4. The only thing Qiqi is missing is the energy generation. I think if she created as many particles as diona, for example, she'd be a staple in cryo teams like Morgana or an Eula comp

  5. Before building Qiqi, I always wonder 'why do we need the low hp characters to do the damage? What if they got killed in the process?' After seeing her high healing scaling, I was like, 'Oh. This is great.'

  6. lol @ Qiqi being the biggest benefactor of Kopekomi’s set

  7. Qiqi's attack speed makes Oz into a freaking minigun turret

  8. Finally my first 5 star in game receiving some love. I will give her a cracked set. Finally, finally. Thanks for the guide.

  9. Qiqi was my first 5 star on the beginner banner before I even knew what a 5 star was and she carried me through until ~AR45. Been waiting for the video so I could make use of her again. Thanks!

  10. Finally my qiqi will be even better, time to farm 🔥

  11. Do you think that eula team still works if I replace raiden with fischl? Mainly the energy problem because fischl does give energy but not as much as raiden.

  12. Great video again! Question: What would be considered too much atk for Qiqi?

  13. @Zy0x totally unrelated but any plans for itto thats coming out soon? Could use a prefarm guide for him

  14. Super excited for this I just got a decent clam set debating if I should switch out cyro out for atk%.

  15. With the wolves' debuff, I feel like Qiqi can replace Diona in Eula comp. Although it's just a theory because I don't have Qiqi…

  16. I'm a bit sad that the 30k cap is there so Kokomi and Barbara are not eclipsed by Qiqi

  17. I run qiqi at 210% ER for stable rotations and use her since xiao release in a xiao comp for double cryo resonance. But atlast finally she can do more than just heal and apply cryo sometimes.

  18. hmm I think I'll try that Qiqi taser team for the new abyss. She doesn't have the new artifact set but she does a good amount of dmg with her normal atacks (for a Qiqi xd)


    Qiqi is always amazing, at least for me, because i have couple of DPS character so with qiqi my dps can tank almost everything. i equip her with favonious sword and get 200% ER so she can be a battery to herself while applying the talisman, she is 70/80, the only thing that holding me back not leveling up her to 90 is because she already over heal. And i equip her with gladi+NO:D

  20. Qiqi is the only standard 5* I don't have. Everyone seems to be getting her.

  21. I’ve lost every single 50/50, except on Ayaka, and Qiqi is the only one of the 5 OG I haven’t got yet, ehe

  22. People then: please win my 50/50 and not get qiqi
    After watching Zy0x's video: GIB ME QIQI NOW

  23. Wow, I got Qiqi from losing the 50/50 on Hu Tao and was pretty disappointed, but I’m glad she’s finally going to have a use! Now I just need Fischl to complete the team…

  24. My Qiqi equipped with this artifact and damn…. The artifact does more dmge compare to her normal attack ….also Barbara can now deal dmg to the Oceanids hydro mimic

  25. She was my first 5 star, I got her at c5 I can’t wait to play her more even more in coop now.

  26. I build my Qiqi with 4 pc Gladiator and Aquila Favonia

  27. Glad to see mihoyo addressing the problem with healers. These changes are really good no cap. Healers have place in this game now too <3. Thank you Mihoyo for listening to us!

  28. Why dont you add the constellations on the characters? Is it for testing purposes?

  29. Mini Eula go 27k or more per 3.5s
    Qiqi back to SS Tier Healer?

  30. A bit of fun fact, Qiqi currently have the most Defense out of any character in the game, more than Albedo Noelle and Xinyan.

    Before Itto comes out that is.

  31. I got Qiqi on my birthday and it's nice that she has a really good artifact set.

  32. So what's better for a hybrid Qiqi who's on field an off at times?

    Edit: what is a hybrid qiqi build? I probably missed it in the vid.

  33. I got qiqi then albedo and honestly I'm surprised this is my FIRST Qiqi after losing 4 50/50 😂

  34. I literally got Qiqi about 7 hours ago from a random standard banner wish, your timing couldn’t have been better

  35. I actually was thinking of how to build qiqi.

  36. Needed this, just lost my second 50/50 to qiqi and had to go to my guarantee. Didn't win my last one either 🙁

  37. Nice videoz but Qiqi still the worst 5* hero in genshin, i wish i don't have her at c2, I really don't need three Qiqi's at my account, please someone take her. I'd better get some 5* weapon for my diluc and Xiao

  38. Imagine getting 3 Qiqis in the standard banner…. Back to back…..

  39. I still kinda want her to have a better burst and a buffed skill. I won’t share too much information about what I think is best for her, I’ll just say I’m glad she’s finally getting the love she deserves. Qiqi really needed this.♡

  40. I think she could also work in a melt/reverse melt comp like Kaeya, Xiangling, and Bennet or an anemo character with VV(Sayu would be fun for this).

  41. I am running my Qiqi with Aquila Favonia and a Physical DPS setup with Ocean Hued Clam. It's still not the strongest damage output, but it's quite fun to say I built a main DPS Qiqi lol.
    Her crit stats are at 45% crit rate and 180% crit damage with 2100 ATK and 95% physical DMG.

  42. I wanted to build her for Eula. Can fischl replace raiden for f2p?

  43. I think My Qiqi will eternally stay in Lv.20, but i tried her after new artifacts come and she did nice off field dmg healer in my Eula party ( Eula, Raiden, Rosaria, Qiqi ). Not my favourite party but she become viable. Thanks Ocean Hued

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