BEST THOMA BUILD! Complete Thoma Guide - Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact -

BEST THOMA BUILD! Complete Thoma Guide – Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact

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A detailed guide for Thoma, regarding how to play & build him optimally.
Hope this helps!
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Initial Info (0:00)
Abilities/Playstyle & How Good Is Thoma’s Shield? (0:21)
Artifacts Stats [How Much ER?] (5:40)
Artifact Sets (7:25)
Weapons (9:05)
Constellations (11:22)
Teams [When is Thoma Good?] (12:52)
Overall Info (16:47)



  1. Would hu tao xingqiu thoma and sucrose be better than having zhongli instead of thoma?

  2. 4:05 for Thoma it IS a metric, you just said he doesn't do good damage or application so he has to be good at something.

  3. I swear to god Kazuha rerun will bring some crazy cash for Mihoyo

  4. I'm so glad you've made this, Everyone is all over the place but you never let me down😊

  5. I'm so disappointed that he can't replace xiangling in my childe team. such a shame

  6. Watching this even though I don't have him hope he's in ayakas banner

  7. me who pulled hu tao yesterday with c2 thoma ^_^

  8. me who i hate Hu tao and like thoma personally killing me. Nevermind. arr

  9. If you want to main dps Thoma, go for 2pc Pale flame/Chivalry and 2pc Glad/Shimenawa. Go for Crescent Pike for the physical dmg bonus and the weapon passive that can be proc with Thoma's burst easily.

    For the team comp i recommend:

    -Xinyan for pyro res that's gonna give you att bonus, and one of Xinyan ability is to increase physical dmg bonus by 15% under her shield (both E and burst).

    -Beidou is here to increase dmg output with her burst (with AOE) as well as proc supraconduct which is gonna drop enemies physical resistance.

    -Diona acts as a battery for the team, proc supraconduct with Beidou as well as providing healing. Shield galore here.

    As for now, with a level 70 Thoma with a level 80 Crescent Pike, a base attack of 1723 and a talent level 4 for normal attacks, his dmg is of 3k-4k with his autos and 8k with charged (i recommend charged but it's ok if you don't)((all of this is achieved with the help of supports, but further tests needs to be done))

    My crit rate/dmg is of 37%/163%, so all of this can be greatly improved

    The great thing about this is everyone got a free Xinyan, and a free Beidou not so long ago (as well as maybe pulling her on Childe's banner)

    And Diona is here on the banner, so you might already have her as well

    A pretty F2P friendly team, viable.

    Now none of this is absolutely ground breaking, far from it, but if you want to see Thoma's auto attacks animations this is what i recommend lmao

  10. I'm kinda disappointed and excited at the same time. He does less damage but he gives me a new interesting playstyle.

  11. Is Thoma's best team good with Diluc instead of Hu Tao? I really don't wanna pull for Hu Tao because I want Itto more and I already have Diluc as a Pyro Main DPS, My original team was pretty much Diluc, Xingqiu, Kazuha and Diona but I disliked Diona because she screwed me over when I wanted to switch from her to Diluc when next to the walls in the Abyss and I generally like Thoma's design way more

    I have Thoma but I wanted to know if Thoma frequently steals Diluc's Vapes and if it plummets the damage because of it

  12. I'm going to try using him to sub out for Zl and Bennett in my Yanfei team. I'll lose the healing (which I rarely need) and atk buff from Bennett, but I'll retain pyro resonance and still have a robust shield for her. Plus he can carry NO still, and leave me a team spot free in the process. That way both ZL and Bennett are available for another team in the abyss.

  13. I dont have Sucrose or Kazuha, but i have Venti and Jean, they can do the same thing?

  14. How about diona in place of kazuha in the hu tao team?

  15. Spent 30 rolls to get him, got 3 dionas instead. :((

  16. I don't understand why Inazuma characters are being shot in the foot with each release in some shape or form. Sayu is the only one safe here.

  17. Hmm
    Weak shield
    Weak dmg
    Aight time to build full Em thoma.

  18. A support that needs a battery and does nothing, but shield… Save yourself resources and use Xinyan.

  19. Intentionally gave him Kitain spear since I have six billets 😀

  20. Guys is a hp sand or energy recharge sand better for him ? I’m running hp sand for him rn

  21. We have too many characters that want noblese. I will build my thoma with the tenacity set. Hp% on the set and ER sands so the set bonus will compensate with the ER sands. Since his damage isn't that great and the 2 piece noblese is waste in my opinion. In this case thoma can go to any team comp with a dedicated 4 piece set Noblese user. I mean we have Kujo Sara and Bennett that will be using this set.

  22. Honestly I thought that milith set would work, cause since he'll be off the feild most of the time

  23. Hello, just a correction, and I hope you notice this… Favonius lance or any favonius weapon in particular will still be utilized even if the character using it is outside the field. The particles effect will still trigger even if it's another character that's hitting critical strikes

  24. the only thing i complain is the duration of his elemental shield is only 8 seconds, if he jave 10 or 12 seconds like others it would make him amazing

  25. i did about 135 pulls on this banner, i got 1 lion's roar, 1 favonius codex, 1 favonious lance, 1 sucrose, 2 stringless, 2 thomas, 3 sayus, AND 6 FUCKING DIONAS WHEN SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE ON THE BANNER I ALREADY HAD C6 ;-; i could've had a c5 or even c6 thoma with all those going to him instead i swear there's a hidden rng system to keep you from getting the 4* you actually want XD

  26. Here I'm watching this video while not being able to get Thoma nor Hu Tao 🙃

  27. Bennet+tohma +keqing(electro) is great
    Kazuha > sucrose swirl electro.
    Stagger that samurai easily, give great damage too from buff and shield

  28. Thoma passive is very good when you're trying to r5 The Catch cuz you can doubled the Pufferfish and the Angel fish(i dont remember its name cuz its painful everytime i go to its place to fish it). But the thing is that i've already maxed out The Catch(lv90 + r5) so pretty much thats a pointless passive for me 🗿

  29. I wanted to build him as a shield provider only.. THANK YOU for this. I never feel bad for subscribing to you. Your videos are amazing

  30. “Thoma and childe are aesthetically pleasing” 😂

  31. man his attack animation is so so fucking cool and unique,, i kinda wish he's a dps so we could see more of those cool animation

  32. is it possible to put a cryo unit in the hu tao team? i prefer melt reactions more than vaporize and personally it just does for me so im trying to think of a cryo unit to put in with hu tao but i don't know who

  33. Hope i could get him so i can use Yoimiya, Sara, Fischl & Thoma Team Comp for Overload Team

  34. the way i made thoma a phys dps because he actually is really killer the way i built him-

  35. on the artifacts what about 2 Tenacity 2 Retraicing if I just want the best shield, can I use that or would it be too much?

  36. What about 2 piece Tenacity and 2 piece bolide?

  37. How would Thoma be in a yoimiya fireworks team? Seems like he would do well there since he would give pyro resonance and a shield to Yoimiya to complete her combo while also saving Bennet for another team

  38. Me not having thoma: interesting

    My new diona: :,)

  39. Sooo…. Nobody's Gonna Mention the Hilarity of Putting Thoma in a Support role for Keqing? His Energy Needs would be Taken care of by the Electro Resonance Boost, and he'd Detonate an Overload basically every time his support attack goes off, Which would Encourage you to use the Crimson Witch Set with High ER… The Extra Damage output and Staggers you get out of this against Big Boy Enemies that won't go flying is what I Call Hilarious…

    Plus Keqing Kinda Laughs at the Idea of "Overload Knocking enemies away" as being a Flaw, she'll Just teleport right back at them, loosing no attack time in the process, and if you're not timed for Killing things(Which is most Content), the Knockback is Just Hilarious and means you get hit less often, it's a Win/Win really!

  40. You forgot 1 other team comp. Yoimiya + Thoma. They work so well together, Yoimiya can proc all the stacks as quickly as possible and the passive too. Plus, her biggest downside, which is being interrupted/flung away in her aa cycle. Thoma prevents this from happening. A character remains standing still while even 1 of thomas shield/stacks are present, so Yoimiya can completely use her aa duration.
    And ofc you can swirl pyro before switching to Yoimiya.

  41. I don’t have zhongli so I’m planing on using xiao, thoma, xiangling, sayu

  42. is skyward spine good for thoma? i have favonius too but its on my xiangling

    very small thing i noticed: i say "c3 and c5 will increase your damage", i meant to say they will increase your talent levels, obvious but wanted to specify.
    also: in hu tao xingqiu team, you can swirl both pyro and hydro if you also want to buff your xq (i covered this in some previous vids)
    -why Noblesse > 4 Emblem? Thoma's damage is so low that you'd MUCH rather buff your team with ATK%. EX in hu tao/xq/kazuha/thoma team, even just buffing your XINGQIU is way better than going emblem and buffing your Thoma (especially since you're going er/hp/hp, which is low dmg), since xingqiu does MUCH more damage than thoma. Same with other sets like 2 emblem 2 ToM being better than 4 emblem. It's viable but his scalings just don't justify running it over more supportive sets, especially since you have to run him on HP and ER to maximize his kit/shields.
    -why no ToM? e won't proc it's effect other than on the initial hit

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