BONES 2 IS AR50! HOW MANY 5 STARS? (Genshin Impact) -

BONES 2 IS AR50! HOW MANY 5 STARS? (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re doing a Bones 2 account review.


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0:00 Getting To AR50 and World Level 7
2:32 Summon History
4:26 Characters and Builds
9:23 Bones 2 Gameplay


  1. Your girlfriend has the best luck I’ve ever seen My luck is so bad I bought a amethyst crystal to use when rolling 😂

  2. i got beidou instead of keqing but its ok…and i got diluc when i was ar 18😁😁

  3. Moga: I'm happy for you
    Also moga: clenches fist

  4. I'm so sad that people actually get such good pulls and so many 5 stars without barely any work, then there's me who been working for months only getting Ayaka and no other 5 stars :,) This is fine.

  5. She took everyone's luck and I'm not even mad for that

  6. damn me and bones started around the same time and her luck is 200x better than mine

  7. I got Ayaka 6 pulls later a diluc then a 10 pulls and a yoimiya Also got Ayakas weapon on my 40 pull on the banner

  8. Me does a 10 pull get bell Bones doesn't a 10 pull gets 5 Star

  9. The fact that she has c1 noelle, no xinyan, no qiqi means I fully believe that she sucks the luck out of the whole genshin community

  10. Uhh…. Moga.. i think i recognize this name somewhere… wait! Mogawty?! 😳

  11. 11:2311:30 "Why am I getting one shot? what is this crap" "No this is impossible"
    The whole F2P community: We know

  12. He foddered a fillet blade for the mistsplitter…

  13. So now you know how is it for the new player who dosnt have Zhongli!!! . We have to be way more skilled than you zhongli users🤣😂

  14. Instead of saying oh god please give me a five star on this pull ima just pray to bones

  15. bones is actually insane. she is a legend at this point

  16. Moga at 4:41: Only missing Diluc and qiqi

    Subtitles: only missing diluccanqiqi 😂😂

  17. I've played since day 2 of release and I'm only AR 55

  18. Bet she took my luck because yesterday was the first time that I got a 4 star without a pity

  19. When Bones want something Bones get the thing

  20. Haha good one now wheres the actual pulls….

  21. i literally lost all my 50/50s to keqing and have one promo, and i am at ar 50

  22. Wth she has more five star while only playing for more than a month while i have played the game since launch

  23. Why do y'all keep going into frog dude with like half health? Maybe heal up at a statue first so you don't waste all your food.

  24. I got yoimiya and pulled on the weapon banner for her bow. On the 17th pull I got the skyward blade…

  25. i think you should let bones let wish for you

  26. 6 five stars… really ??… i 've been playing for more than 4 months and i only have 3… i mean… Zongli, Skyward Atlas (Using it on Yanfei), and Ayaka are decent 5*s but still… some people really have it easy huh ? even if she put money in the game… that's pretty god dam lucky :/

  27. me level 50 with only two five stars and no xingqiu

  28. I have two five stars at ar50 and that’s klee and a freaking book

  29. I'm so lucky that Bones didn't take my luck yet.

  30. weeb 《《《》》》《《《》》》 says:

    Yup i am sure she sucks the luck out of every single account on earth

  31. now you know the pain of not having zhongli

  32. I actually thought she would have c2 yoyimiya and c4 ayaka

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