Break The Cycle | Waymaker | Pastor Craig Groeschel -

Break The Cycle | Waymaker | Pastor Craig Groeschel

Elevation Church
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Often, we don’t give because we don’t feel like we have enough. But
what if there was another way? Pastor Craig Groeschel of
Life.Church reveals how to trade a mindset of scarcity for one of


  1. Made a way for me too, I watch and I am in inspired and encouraged by each sermon to get closer to Jesus and his word. Thank You!

  2. Thank you Lord for this message! Its so powerful, awesome, and amazing! 😊❤

  3. I loved the song at the beginning of this Sermon. It was Overcome but with a female vocalist. I hope it’s made available I absolutely loved it.

  4. thankyou elevation church… you all give me hope to my once hopeless life.

  5. Why does he keep trying to be funny ?! Its frustrating .. And FYI i never thought sinning was fun .. Im glad Jesus got me out of that

  6. Steven I look up to you for confidence worship and praise

  7. This message was so powerful..thank you for it..My goal is to be apart of the WE..Pray that I follow my goal and start tithing my income. Thank you jesus

  8. this message was for me !! thank you so much.

  9. Great message. Please listen to it. you wont be the same!

  10. Powerful this blessed me to know of how I have my you version Bible! Bless God

  11. I guess this is the answer to all my struggles financially right now. Im always worried about how im gonna buy food for my house && my children. TITHE && learn to have FAITH that God WILL PROVIDE what we need. Thank you!

  12. I thank god for life everyday. All my struggle I have been thought and I am still alive and well!!!! Thank you Jesus 🙏😊😊😊

  13. Love the messages from Elevation, the praise and worship awesome 👏🙏👏

  14. Amazing! When we put our trust in HIM! HE faithfully makes a way! And Tithing is putting our trust in HIM! Praise God!

  15. I am in tears. Thank you God for the blood.

  16. The Youversion App has blessed me. God bless you Pastor Craig.

  17. ..i cant connect with anyone else but pastor steven.. Lord forgive me my weakness..they are all Your children..all blessed in worship…but Pastor SF speaks to me at a higher level..

  18. Pastor Steven Thank You. I just watched this video in Massachusetts and wanted to share what I shared on Facebook my details may be off a bit but to come across this topic is one I personally struggle with my husband is not saved and is from a different country and was not brought up with the 10% giving in a C… Church or in his culture un Europe over 40 yrs ago. But here is what I shared on Facebook and wanted to thank you and Pastor Craig. Ps my son was in a fraternity I can relate 😱.
    My Post: I wanted to share this video with you. I came across this church through someone sharing a sermon through Facebook. I looked up in their sermons obedience from the various topics they list sermons on. This is the second one I have watched in the series. It blew my mind that someone who was a frat guy ended up here and instead of charging $.99 on the Apple App Store for the You Version FREE Bible App they created I believe through his church I use and connect with fb friends for free. There are now over I forgot he said 2 million or billion people using this free Bible today. His story of how and why he got involved is humorous but real that most people who have been in a fraternity or knew/know someone in one can relate to his story. His frat got in trouble he was the VP he tried to do some positive PR and said we are gonna have a bible study his brothers thought he was crazy then on the way to a class he realized he didn’t own a Bible. Watch the video to see the rest of his story. God is So Good We Take So Much For Granted Compared To Others in The World. I am Blessed to have watched this and it has given me a new perspective on life. Rather than hoard say clothes I have but never wear I can donate them if they sat there for 2 yrs and aren’t needed God will provide what I need in the future if I let go of what I DON’T NEED today! Hallelujah Thank You Jesus for Blessing me and my Family and friends whether you see them or don’t talk to them or don’t but are friends on Facebook please share this message. It IS NOT A CHAIN LETTER IT IS A CHAIN BREAKER! Keri thank you for sharing this app so long ago and also a sermon from this church in South Carolina that has grown online and to Canada and farther. Amen

  19. I thought for sure someone was going to mention his strong resemblance to Tom Cruise

  20. Phenomenal Tithe teaching! Love it thank You!

  21. This is not even CG's church, so his preaching on tithing is not ridiculous

  22. Such a powerful, penetrating message. Thank you, Lord!

  23. Pls pray for me, i am willing to follow and put God first. I am 42 yrs old, need to find a full time job, not much working experience, plus the economy is slow. But i trust God could make a way

  24. "Most of us think we are generous and we are not. Giving and being generous are two different things." MESSAGE!!! Amen!😮😮😮

  25. Wow this was my first time hearing pastor Craig preach!! Thank God for his faithfulness and how he’s used him to touch many ppl thru the Bible app🙏🏽

  26. I was literally having an abundance talk with some close friends….. and what’s the first video that was in the main scroll….. this was not by accident. The lord is present.

  27. Pastor Craig, You version saved me. It saved my life and I will forever be grateful to you and to God for it. Thank you!

  28. I recently got back to salvation and I have been watching elevation church on all social media sites and I downloaded the YouVersion bible app to guide me on my bible study and then i just watched this video and I can't believe how powerful your acts of generosity touched my life and so many more people across the entire world. My prayer has always been that I may be a blessing to others but many are the times when i get blessed i start feeling like I cant do it,like its not enough for me and others. But after watching the entire #WAYMAKER series i got an eye opener and now I pray to God to use me and make me a cheerful giver not just a generous person and to always remember that I am not helping God but instead its God who helps me by choosing me to be a blessing unto others. May God bless you all abundantly to continue spreading the gospel across the nations

  29. I love my Bible App, the Bible Lens App. I am Blessed by them both everyday, and I share those Blessings

  30. I have been tithing for over 5+ years, and I haven't been without anything

  31. I'm so happy I found this you all

  32. Yes I agree giving out a act of worship amen

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