BREAKDOWNS OF ALL 2.4 BANNERS! A Look at SHENHE and her WEAPON | Genshin Impact -

BREAKDOWNS OF ALL 2.4 BANNERS! A Look at SHENHE and her WEAPON | Genshin Impact

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Thinking about saving for Ganyu or Zhongli? Check out my video weighing your other 2.4 options


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Intro 0:00
Weapon Banner 0:55
Character Banners 9:15
Outro 14:17

Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)

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  1. shenhe buffing cryo damage dealt with her skill kinda makes chongyun being on the banner make some kind of sense if you wanted to do some weird cryo conversion comp with some characters that maybe cant do it themselves like rosaria. not saying it would be the best idea, but its certainly a possibility

  2. I'm kinda sad that I'm skip Xiao's banner and going for zhongli banner so I can get a better shielder and possibly get xingqiu for a better team comp for my hu tao

  3. as a Ganyu wanter who uses Beidou-Childe and Xingqiu-Hu Tao, AND whose first real DPS was Yanfei, this is looking _good_. Even if I don't really use Yanfei any more for anything but specter hunting I'd love to finally get her last 2 cons.

  4. Aunty Shenhe with her Nephew on the banner

  5. Calamity Queller seems good at Xiao with an Atk Goblet since It gives Elemental Bonus DMG.

  6. The reason Chong Yun, Ningguang and Yun Jin are in the first banner is because their initials spell out CNY

    Chinese New Year

    Haha funny

  7. @Xlice Hi there could you help me wish 4 Xiao/Shen He/ Yun Jin when their banners come out? You can decide which banner to wish on 4 me

  8. Chat going crazy with pepeDS with chill music in the background is very fun to watch

  9. As someone who doesn't use Yanfei, already has C6 Beidou & C0 Zhongli, and will be wishing in Ganyu's banner, I just hope to get 2 Xingqiu copies to have C6.

    Also, I don't have Raiden so if she is really coming in 2.5 first half, then I need to lose the 50/50 right away, similarly to how I got Qiqi 20 wishes after getting C1 Hu Tao~

  10. Get Shenhe. Get a weapon for Xiao. Skip Zhong/Ganyu for Yae.
    Got it.

  11. I’m so excited for shenhe and her polearm!
    Can’t wait to add her to my current party of ganyu, venti, and kokomi

  12. waiting for the math ppl to do their thing and see if i should pull on this weapon banner for my xiao or not

  13. Not weird..some ppl just lucky with pulls even as low invested player

  14. Freakn bars man. You spit so much fire it's ridiculous

  15. i will have to hope that luck is on my side rn. i have enough pulls saved to get to 90 pity and i'm going for xiao and zhongli— xiao is my #1 priority since i already have diona and noelle built, so i'm glad his banner is first. any extra primos +lantern rite stuff will go towards zhongli.
    i was gonna go for c1 xiao but after seeing zhongli phase 2 i decided otherwise. maybe 2023 will yield me a xiao constellation…

  16. 2.4 banner is really good

    My c6 yanfei gets 90k per charged without food and lvl 80 R1 BP weapon,
    Bennett Xinqui Kokomi Yanfei composition..

  17. i’m having a dilemma right now because i want xiao and i have him guaranteed, i would do anything to get his weapon. but i already have blackcliff pole waiting for him and i want zhongli so badly too. cries in f2p 😭💔

  18. you just changed my option from xiao to zhongli, gonna make him my main dps :>

  19. 🌸😹It could be uttered, “the utter breakdown of the f2p player”! One could say, they shall suffer an abundance of options they can never fully take advantage of!😹🌸

  20. I actually one of those who have Summit Shaper and invested to geo Traveler

  21. "how the hell do you invest in geo mc and have the summit shaper on the same account, that literally makes zero sense."

    Me: well yes, but actully no

  22. I want an in-depth analysis of Calamity Queller on Xiao. If it's good, I might roll on the banner!

    Xiao's f2p stuff is garbage sadly…

  23. do u have an ult acc, could i pls have it. my main got hack.

  24. Not really relevant to the video, but the login event made me realize that the daily check in gives less than half of a single pull over the span of a month… and it’s not even in game, you have to go onto the website to get it


  26. as a xingqiu and yanfei owner and a beidou wanter, the zhongli/ganyu banner is very very tempting…
    saving for kazoo though-

  27. I kinda understand why they had the 4 stars for Shenhe/Xiao banner is. Yun jin being the new character is great to be partnered with the a new character too. Chongyun is kinda related to Shenhe for lore and Cryo buff for normal atks in which Chongyun excels giving. As for Ningguang, I get that she's having a new skin but the skin doesn't drop until lantern rite which happens at the 2nd half of the patch. Which begs the question why didn't they just swap Ningguang's spot to Yanfei's? Makes much more sense to me but I don't know.

  28. I’m going for Zhongli cause I need a shield and I’m going for Ganyu last minute cause I’m only doing 4 pulls on Zhongli banner before I get him and I need my baby girl Beidou at C6 (currently at C2-3) and I need constellations for Xinqui might make a freeze team with Ganyu and Xinqui and Geo team with Ninguang which i already own

  29. C-Chongyun
    = CNY – Chinese New Year

    I guess, that's why they're in Shenhe/Xiao's banner 😊

  30. "Ningguang mains, you guys probably have C6 Ningguang already."

    Me, a C0 Ningguang main with MoD who has been playing since launch: I wish.

  31. Ok hear me out F2P gamers Xiao is not worth it unless u r just stubborn af. Xiao is the most forgooten DPS than Diluc lmaooo he didnt get anything starting from artifacts, weapon for plunge, suppport he literally the epitome of P A I N in this game wait for at least an artifact plunge dmg that doesnt decrease ur energy and need E to proc (yes im seeing u Shimenawa)

  32. Will be interesting to see how a Shenhe + Chongyun comp would look like

  33. New polearm comes out
    Endgame players: HAHA new xiangling weapon goes brrr brrr

  34. as an F2P blackcliff pole Xiao main, I'm about to cry. RNGesus, please don't let me lose 50/50, I still want to roll for Shenhe 🙁

  35. does anyone know the name of the song that u hear in the background from 5:32?

  36. Damn zhongli banner rlooking noice, too bad I don't think I have the primogems for my mans :'(

  37. I wish the banner order was reversed. I wanted to try to get Zhongli and Xiao, but now I probably have to skip his banner to guarantee Zhongli since I've only beat 1 50/50 before.

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