Breaking the Cycle of Violent Conflict with Johan Galtung -

Breaking the Cycle of Violent Conflict with Johan Galtung

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A noted pioneer in the field of Peace Studies, Johan Galtung makes the case for incorporating human rights as key to successful peace building around the world. [1/2011] [Show ID: 20036]

More from: Peace exChange — Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego

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  1. Taliban is changing… Well, that didn't age well…

  2. @DarnellJohns – I saw your comments on this video and thought the same thing (lol). This man has immense wisdom and what he says makes perfect sense. I'm adding it to my favorites. He's like a fully intellectualized Buddha that understands the politics as well as the human element and gets to the heart of matter. With such a complex set of issues, his words walk the middle way so beautifully and sincerely demonstarating and actualizing the peaceful possibilties.

  3. Thanks God for the giving me the apportunity to listen to this great video!

  4. Thanks God for giving me the apportunity to listen to this great video!

  5. This lecture should be translated into Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi ,and put on the school and university curricula throughout the Middle-East

  6. I guess WW1 or WW2 would be more along your line of thinking.. this was, what 200m dead? And WW2 finally ended with the roasting alive of about 200,000 people in japan. This was followed by Korea and Vietnam.. more millions slaughtered. Is this a fair compromise, something more pleasing, more satisfactory to you..?

  7. What a joy to find this! When I see and hear this man I know there is hope, – human beings have the potential he models for us, to use gentleness, humour, intelligence and creativity to find non violent ways to resolve conflict

  8. oh god i have to watch this for my final.. youre kidding me.

  9. how and in what did he do graduate work in ?    What was his doctorate upon ? Where did he study? 

  10. Not really….there is also violence for the sake of violence. It doesn't necessarily need a conflict. Violence can go beyond means and ends.

  11. Some conflicts can only be resolved by winning them.

  12. It was great to hear Johan Galtung giving us a series on peace and violence conflicts…..Wish he came to India for the same talk. ….

    I love the way he spoke about the taliban and their goals. …..

  13. Conflicts cannot be solve through conversation or communication. ..

  14. Ayn Rand said capitalism would put an end to violence,force,and wars. Capitalism is now reigns in every nation upon the world. Horrendous wars are now raging as bad as WWII. Fu__k Capitalism; the love of money is the root of all evil. And the most violent nation is that champion of Capitalism, Tthe USA.

  15. Thank you Mr. Galtung for the clarity and inspiration I have gotten from watching this.  All is not lost!  There is much work that can be done.  Anybody can be a mediator in the conflicts around them.  You don't have to like what America has done or what the Taliban have done or what ISIL have done.  You just have to get people to talk about what their vision is of what they would like to have.  This man is one of the great mediators of our time and I didn't even know very much about him.  Thank you University of California for uploading this.

  16. 00:00 Introduction
    05:33 A TRANSCEND Model – table intro
    05:48 Galtung's basic thesis
    06:59 Mediation (dos and don'ts)
    09:22 Mapping
    11:04 Legitimizing (law/human rights/ethics)
    28:09 Bridging (intuition/creativity)
    31:49 Summary
    32:32 Triple C (constructive/concrete/creative)
    33:34 Example: Washington – Afghanistan
    55:57 Outro

  17. What does this man say to terrorist groups that only want conflict to go in their interest? They do not want resolution. They want total control and would gas innocent people to get what they want.

  18. Still relevant today 11 March 2020. Johan Galtung truly transcends the normative thinking and perspectives.

  19. vegetarians make good karma to avoid pain of war,peaceful pure heart peaceful pure land

  20. 13:01 The United States didn't care for the economic and social rights because, lets be honest, it is a rich capitalist country where the rich rules and nobody gives a shit to the poor.

  21. Thank you, Professor Johann Gultung, for your clarification of the world with hard work, creativity and fear of yourselves, but confidence in yourself. The inhuman recourse to pillage and kill innocents and steal their resources with wars against them, by deluding the non-sophisticated minds in advanced societies financially, not intellectually and spiritually. Praise be to God for the blessings of Islam a name in the name of freedom and safety.

  22. Où sont les intellectuels français pour nous traduire ?

  23. I have just discovered and it is a pleasure to listen to you. thank for this approach of peace.

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